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I’m going to explore a question posed in a comment to a previous post: In the manual for Module Two there’s a statement that the Sacral Points help the body move through the phases of evolution at an energetic level. The question is, what are the phases of evolution and why is this important?

The body holds memories of ancestral experience, not just from our human ancestors but also from the evolutionary experience of life on earth. The sacral points connect to that memory. All the momentum of that experience, as single cell, bird, reptile, fish, animal, all the energies of those experiences, are available to us, and working with the sacrum awakens those energies.
It’s not about “moving through the phases,” it’s about remembering and connecting to the energy of the process. The sacral point connects us to our history of incarnation from an ancestral, physical, evolutionary point of view and releases fixations that block those energies. This can include blockages in sexual energy and issues relating to incarnation and survival. The term “phases of evolution” refers quite literally to physical evolution, to all the multitude of forms life on earth has taken and continues to take. There’s a lot of energy in that ongoing manifestation into form, and the sacral point helps us access it.
Then there’s what come next. We have some idea of where we have been in this evolutionary process, but what’s the next phase?
To me, we’re at a point where the old view of evolution has to shift. There’s been a premise that our evolution depends on being constantly in survival mode. It’s a model based on control, domination and aggression: “I’m going to protect myself and mine at all costs, and survive.”
My sense of the next phase of evolution is that in order to survive as a species, for the earth and all the life on it to continue, we as humans have to shift into seeing that our survival depends on co-operation, sharing, communication, and working together for the greater good, not on fear, aggression, domination, control and individual survival. That’s a huge shift.
So. I think the deep intention of the sacral points is to connect people to their history of incarnation, of life on this earth, help them to honor it as supremely precious, and to take that next step in evolution as described above.
I think the deep intention of those points is not to transcend the root chakra energy of survival and incarnation but to transform it, so that one’s liberated consciousness remains rooted here on earth and continues to evolve in a way that supports the life of the planet and the other beings on it as well as one’s own life.
On the way to that, I think these points access a lot of vital life force energy, stabilize the body in its existence and movement in the material world, provide support and reassurance and relaxation, help to gently release that core contraction that comes from survival fears, and help us to honor their incarnate and embodied selves – but each person’s experience of them will be unique.
Again, the diamond points are essential for providing a container and a structure.
I’m interested in further discussion about this and will be reflecting further on the topic. Let me know what further clarification or expansion is needed.

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Blueprint and Source

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Here’s my comment on the question I posed on the previous post: What is the Source we connect with when we use the Source Point? Is it identical with the Blueprint? Why do we as practitioners need to reflect on this? Oversimplifying things for the sake of some brevity:
Source is the energy of all possibilities from which all phenomena arise. Life and death, healing and illness, good and bad health, are not separate from this Source. There’s a universe full of all kinds of information that arises from that Source. When we connect with the Blueprint we access specifically the information of health for the human body. We access that information of order, balance, harmony and flow that nourishes the human body and its life, health and well-being.
In using the Source Point, yes, we contact that primal life vital energy, but it is filtered through the information of the Blueprint and its ordering principle. The Blueprint directs the energy where it needs to go to be most effective.
As a practitioner of SourcePoint it is important to be clear that when you use the Source Point you are not somehow channeling or radiating the divine Source energy or light to the person you are working with. You are connecting to the Blueprint and allowing it to do its work. Your work is simply to hold the point with the intention of connecting to the Blueprint.
More soon on light and dark in healing, and a brief look at chaos, order and SourcePoint.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei




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