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I’m not going on vacation, but I am going away, into writing more of the SourcePoint book land. The next few sweet end of summer weeks are going to be devoted to finishing up the first draft.

If you’re new to this page, please enjoy our archives. I usually post every week so there’s lots to explore. Longtime practitioners or new visitors, if you have any questions about SourcePoint Therapy, please leave a comment to this post, and I’ll be checking and will respond. Otherwise —

See you in September 🙂


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In a complex world, simplicity has great power. This is one of our themes in SourcePoint. However, as most of us know, in a complex world, simplicity can also be complicated.

The Buddha elucidated many habitual tendencies of the mind. One is the tendency toward proliferation. One thought leads to another leads to another. As human beings we always want to improve on things, to understand things better, to build a better mousetrap, or a better anything. The creativity of the mind is awesome. However, that tendency of the mind to proliferate and elaborate has created big trouble for us humans and our existence here on earth. Anyone who has ever meditated for even a few minutes knows how powerful that tendency is. Simplicity of mind is a huge challenge.

We are experiencing the challenge of keeping SourcePoint simple. There are the basic points, a few other basic protocols, and really that’s all that necessary. Probably the Source Point alone is all that’s ultimately needed. Probably our minds alone are all that’s really needed. But we’re not there yet as practitioners or clients, or in our desire to heal ourselves. We need help to enter into the stream of universal energy, we need help to open up and receive the energy and information that surround us at every moment. We need help to live in the Flow of Order, Balance and Harmony that is manifesting around us and in us all the time.

So as we continue to practice and teach SourcePoint, more information continues to emerge. Some of this information emerges in response to people’s questions and experiences with the basic three training modules. We are in the process of creating advanced modules to share our continuing explorations with those who have attended the basic three modules. Some of these will be in place by 2011. Always, we keep the word simplicity in our hearts and minds. We work with the question: How do we respond to the need for more information and exploration without falling into the trap of elaboration?

Working with the intention of simplicity is powerful. When meditating with the Diamond Points, or working with the Guardian Points, or scanning for the blockage, go into it with the underlying intention of simplicity. Just the phrase, “Keep it simple,” is a useful reminder. Watch the mind’s tendency to complicate things, to analyze, project, judge, opinionate, manipulate, control, and, above all, know ”“ how things are supposed to be and what is supposed to happen. Letting the information of the Blueprint do its work is much easier said than done.

Recently Bob and I had dinner with a good friend who is a gourmet cook. We were talking about the trend toward elaboration in trendy restaurants, increasingly exotic and actually kind of weird combinations that can arise from a chef’s almost painful determination to be innovative. Our friend had just returned from France, where she goes frequently, and she talked about the simplicity of really, really good French cooking, describing her delight at the “perfect boiled potato” she had at dinner one night. I asked her to describe its perfection and she found it difficult to put it into words. It was just perfect in its simplicity and “potato-ness.”

I’ve been reflecting on this potato as a lovely and tangible metaphor for a session of energy work. It takes what we do out of the realm of the esoteric into everyday life, which is where energy medicine belongs. In our energy work, in any given session, when is the potato perfectly boiled? When is it enough? Is more needed? Can we be content with a very little butter and salt, or will we end up adding more ingredients and spices that will mask the flavor and the essence of the potato? Will we throw in a lot of our own ideas and opinions and questions and doubts? Do we feel the need to innovate, to do “something new?” Will we elaborate and complicate?

Can we appreciate simplicity, and let it be? Or are we, in our culture of today, so geared to elaboration that we can’t leave well enough alone?

©2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


Rhythm and Flow: The Crescent Moon

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The Triple Goddess

Dave, thank you for asking me to say more about the crescent moon here. It led me to a time of reflecting on and meditating with the moon in all its phases ”“ just a few days before the new moon/solar eclipse occurring on July 11. What a lovely synchronicity that you happened to ask about this just now 🙂

You asked me to say more about the crescent moon’s symbolic history and how to use it in your SourcePoint Therapy practice. The configuration is taught in Module Two. It is also one of the energetic structures we work with that can easily be used in meditation and visualization. So, here is more about the crescent moon including a meditation.

The crescent moon has been worshipped for millennia. In every culture, in every spiritual tradition, in every pantheon, there is a god or goddess of the moon. In one of my all-time favorite books, The Myth of the Goddess by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford, it is said, in the chapter on the Paleolithic Mother Goddess “ [the moon]”¦in its dual rhythm of constancy and change”¦provided not only a point of orientation from which differences could be measured, patterns conceived and connections made, but also in its perpetual return to its own beginnings, it unified what had apparently been broken asunder”¦Duality, imaged as the waxing and waning moon, was contained and transcended in her totality.” The archetype of the moon can be a powerful transformative energy..

In many cultures the moon was worshipped as the triple goddess, the maiden, mother and crone, who in her triune nature reflected the phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning. The moon reflects this fundamental trinity of all incarnation, all creation. The information of order, balance, harmony and flow that we access by connecting to the crescent moon is about this constant rhythm of waxing, fullness and waning. In Buddhist terminology it is called “arising, staying, ceasing.” And arising once again.

Often the moon and its phases are interpreted symbolically as the cycle of birth and death. But literally, this cycle happens every month; every moment, with the breath. It is constant change; yet there is continuity and stability in the constancy of the rhythm. This is why this practice/meditation is good for our times. It brings stability in the midst of change. It connects you to the continuity of universal energy flow, to the support of the universal energy that is present always as we experience the changing circumstances of the every day world. Maiden, mother, crone. Waxing, fullness, waning. Arising, staying, ceasing. The constant rhythm.

The goddess, even the Lady of Guadalupe still, is often shown with the crescent moon beneath her feet. The crescent moon grounds us in our spiritual dimension or self. Every night the moon reminds us that the universe is vast and mysterious. If we pay attention, it whispers to us of our intimate relationship to the cosmos. The sun reminds of our life in the material world; we feel our vital life force energy flowing in its presence, and our connection to the world around us. The moon reminds us of spirit, of the unknown, of mystery. It is a portal between worlds. When I think of the crescent moon of SourcePoint providing support and stability for moving through challenging times, I get the image of the goddess kind of surfing on her crescent moon, through all the waves of change, all the rhythms, the days and nights and months and years”¦. As we are asked to do every day, to navigate the waves of change, and can’t we use all the help we can get”¦

People often speak of the new moon as a time of new beginnings, for intention and manifestation. Yes, and yet consider that it isn’t about making a list of everything you want to accomplish. Really, there is no new beginning; there is continuity, the rhythm, re-weaving. The archetype of the crescent moon is intimately related to the archetype of the weaver and the web, the great web of universal life, and the web of one’s own personal life. The threads weave together, come apart, and are re-woven. If you are attuned to the moon’s rhythm, then at the waning of the moon, you review the tapestry of your life, you look for the tears, the gaps, the knots, what you wish to re-create. At the new moon, you re-weave, using the threads of the past to create the present. The new moon is a time of awareness, to feel the rhythm of your being, to ask yourself, what is the rhythm of my being now, what is its ebb and flow, what streams and tides do I need to follow? What is the flow of my being, and where is it taking me? At any phase of the moon, it is good to take time to sit with the rhythm and flow of your being. As always, simply being aware of the breath is a wonderful way to do this.

The new moon, the full moon, and the waning moon are all times for heightened awareness, when the “veils between the worlds” are thin, good times to tune into yourself in a wordless, deep way and let the information of order, balance, harmony and flow attune your energies to the cosmic rhythm. Many people find it hard to sleep at the full moon. That’s because spirit is calling us to wakefulness, awareness; it is calling us to listen to the cosmic rhythm. We ignore spirit at our own risk; hence the ancient legends of people driven mad by the moon. The waning moon turns us inward, to rest and nurture the spirit within. The new moon asks us to turn outward and tend to our lives on this earth, those we love, and the earth itself.

Lie down in the dark. Imagine the phases of the moon unfolding before you, beginning with the crescent moon facing your left, the full moon as a circle, and the waning moon facing your right. Allow them all to dissolve into the dark phase of the moon, where the moon itself disappears into a vast darkness with infinite points of light, the stars, where the individual self is merged with the great cosmos. Allow the cycle to repeat itself: waxing, full, waning, dark, and back again, silver to gold to silver, to dark. Let the image change whenever and however it needs to.

Then imagine that crescent moon under your feet, supporting you, connecting you back to yourself, here now, this moment. When you meditate with the moon, you do not see yourself surrounded by light, but by radiant darkness. It is all about the rhythm of light and dark, appearance, manifestation, release and letting go. This meditation is for all the phases, the new moon, the full moon, the waning moon, and the dark of the moon.

Pay attention to the rhythm of the moon. Mark its phases on your calendar. Take time to listen to the rhythm of the universe, the tide of yourself, to experience the light and dark, the in-breath and out-breath, to feel continuity and presence in the midst of never-ending change.

Next week: I’ll talk about the specific uses of the crescent moon configuration in SourcePoint Therapy. As always, any questions or comments on this theme will be addressed.

©2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

For further, very detailed reading on the history of the moon goddess, see M. Esther Harding’s classic, Woman’s Mysteries. She was a Jungian analyst and the book was written in the 1930’s. The terminology and perspective on masculine and feminine reflect the time, but it is truly a classic with a huge storehouse of information.

Invoking the Guardian Energies of the Earth (audio meditation)

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If you have fifteen minutes to spare, please consider participating in this meditation. What we are doing here is invoking the guardian energies of the earth by connecting with that fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow present in the universal energy field. We do this by using the Diamond Points of SourcePoint Therapy in relation to the field of the earth’s energy. In case the guidelines are not immediately clear when listening to the meditation, the basic idea is this:

Visualize the earth (or use the actual image above)

Imagine the Diamond Points around the earth, beginning with the Source Point on the right. This means the right side of the image as though it were a person facing you, or as though you were standing on its ride side holding the point.

Visualize each point in turn (you will be guided through this in the meditation) as a small point of golden light. Connect the points with a golden line as you go. You will end up with a golden diamond shape around the earth.

It’s not going to make the oil go away. Would that it could. But as is said in the meditation, the deep intention here is to re-connect the human consciousness, the earth consciousness and the cosmic consciousness, for the sake of our own health and that of this beautiful earth that is our home in the cosmos; to connect with the healing light, energy and information inherent in the universal energy.


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No matter what teachings I receive or what practices I follow, the question for me is always: how do I integrate this into my daily life? How does this become a part of who I am, not just something I experience while meditating or working with a client or in a workshop or retreat?

So, how can the principles and practices of SourcePoint be applied in everyday life? You can practice it by using it in your work with clients, family or friends. You can visualize the points to experience connection to Source. But how does it help in those every day situations of stress and conflict we all experience?

Look at things from the perspective of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Take time to question: what does this situation need to bring a greater balance to it, a greater flow? An answer may immediately appear. More likely, you will just hold the question in your mind and let it guide you. Once you have asked that question, your deep intention becomes to act in alignment with that fundamental flow, and that will have its effect. The question itself opens a door into insights, into awareness. To be able to stop and ask the question in the midst of a conflict is a moment of detachment, of awareness.

In any given situation, you can ask yourself: how do I stay connected to Source in this particular situation? How do I ground myself? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I activate that information of Source in this situation? No matter what the circumstance, you can take a moment to visualize the Diamond Points around yourself. Ask yourself: what point does this situation need the most? Is it connection, or grounding, or activation? Any difficult situation wants transformation, that’s a given, but which of the other three points do you need to dwell on, spend some time with, in order to bring that transformation? As you visualize the Diamond Points for yourself you bring that energy into the room, into the situation. Human health isn’t just a matter of individual health: it’s the health of a relationship, a community. As you visualize the points for yourself you remind yourself of a simple fact: change begins with you, not with what the other(s) may or may not do.

The activation point is very helpful in a common pattern: when we know what we should do, or want to do, or have learned we need to do, but we stay stuck in acting according to the same old patterns. The information required for transformation is there, but it still isn’t activated. In these instances you might find yourself moving quickly through the source point, pausing a little longer at the grounding point, and spending a long time with the activation point before moving onto the transformation point. This can be done in meditating with the points for yourself or doing them for someone else.

Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation: these points are not abstract concepts. Every day I feel them creating an energetic structure that supports me in so many different situations: the loom upon which I weave the patterns of my life.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

More on Getting Out of the Way

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Another useful practice is, when holding the points, pay attention to what you are feeling in your own body rather than focusing on the client. This helps you to just let the blueprint do its work.

Sometimes, of course, images or insights about the client will come to you. Watch out for the phrase, “This is what I see in your energy.” What you say to them becomes a reality for them. Begin by asking them what they are experiencing. File away what you have seen as something that may or may not be relevant as the session unfolds. If you share what you have seen, offer it as a question to see if it resonates.

You can consciously withdraw projections at the end of a session. Bob does this regularly and feels it helps keep things clear between him and his clients. Simply say to yourself something like, “If there is anything I have projected on to this person, may that be released now into the light, and may the work done today be for his/her greatest good.”

Understand it’s impossible to get out of the way one hundred percent. There’s no such thing as total neutrality. At every moment you are bringing your own vocabulary, knowledge and experience to every situation. That’s why ongoing self-inquiry and awareness is an important aspect of doing energy work.

This subject is covered thoroughly in Module 3.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Intention and the Diamond Points

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The four Diamond Points that are the foundation of SourcePoint practice clearly express the intention of our energy work. These four points are the Source, Grounding, Activation, and Transformation Points. In SourcePoint Therapy our intention is simply to connect to Source and its information of order, balance, harmony and flow; ground and awaken that information on this plane of existence, particularly in individual human beings; and activate this information in the human body to bring transformation and balance.

Intention and activation are closely related. Attention is the essence of intention. When you focus on something, you activate it. (As a metaphor, think quantum physics here: a particle comes into being when it is observed). When holding the activation point, be aware of your intention to activate the information of Source in this individual being. It can be helpful to actually say to yourself (or the client if appropriate) at this point: our intention here is to activate this information in the physical body for the purpose of positive transformation.

Again, the natural intention of the blueprint is to maintain order, balance, harmony and flow. From this perspective, intention isn’t something you do; it’s a natural flow you enter into.

We’ll look at specifics of getting into and out of the way of that flow next week. I’m trying to keep these posts fairly brief, as I know how precious time is these days.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Dots, Lines, and the Mandala Realm

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I said I’d talk next about intention. I am not so good at sticking to announced agendas. I promise I will spiral back within the week to talk about it more fully. However, any talk about intention in SourcePoint Therapy needs to be grounded in experience of and connection with the blueprint. That information of order, balance, harmony and flow is, in its nature, focused and intent. In SourcePoint our intention is to connect with the intention that is already there! Maybe deep intention isn’t a creation of our human minds, maybe it’s alignment with the intention of the energy-information field we are connecting with through the source point. So let’s immerse ourselves a little longer in that field.

Take a look at the video we’ve posted. It’s all about how form evolves from dots and lines, and how the blueprint we talk about is not a fixed, static pattern, but one that is constantly re-forming itself from its elemental structures of dot, line, and wave, to name a few. The video is a visual metaphor for the dance of pattern/information we call the blueprint. It’s a basic premise of SourcePoint Therapy that form emerges from these energetic patterns. Sometimes this can sound abstract and impersonal. It isn’t. Those dots and lines, ribbons and waves, shapes and sounds, geometric patterns, are pulsing, living, vibrant realities. When Bob and I talk about this dimension, it’s not just words to me. I see it, feel it and dwell in it for a time. It’s as real as you, me, or the chair I’m sitting on. It is you, me and the chair I’m sitting on! We’re a part of it; it’s a part of us.

As we talk about the blueprint we enter the field of that healing energy, light and information. The more time you spend with the blueprint, feeling it, imagining it, discussing it with others, exploring the concept, playing with pattern and mandala, the more that connection to the blueprint gets established for you, and the more established it becomes, the more you feel its support. It reminds me of Indra’s Net, a metaphor used in the eastern traditions to describe the nature of consciousness and the universe. Imagine a net extending in every direction, with a mirror at every corner of the net. Every one of those mirrors at every corner is connected to and reflecting to every other mirror.

I like to think of the field of energetic pattern that contains the blueprint as the “Mandala Realm.” The root meaning of the Sanskrit word mandala is “containing the essence.” Mandalas have been used in virtually every culture for healing and meditation, ceremony and ritual. What if mandalas are not creations of the human mind, but rather reflections in the human consciousness of patterns that exist in what physicist Ervin Laszlo calls the Akashic Field?

Ceremony and ritual utilizing mandalas have traditionally been performed to maintain and restore balance, order, harmony and flow in this plane of existence by connecting to the order, balance, harmony and flow of the greater cosmos. At this juncture in human history when traditional religious and cultural forms are changing it’s important to find new ways to connect to that information of balance, order, harmony and flow. We need a deeper connection to and understanding of the blueprint and the larger field we are calling the Mandala Realm. Like Laszlo says, we have to apprehend our “informed universe” with our hearts as well as our brains and, I would add, our imaginations as well as our intellects.

(The book referenced here, which we refer to often, is “Science and the Akashic Field” by Ervin Laszlo)

©2009 Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson


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When we do energy work, bodywork, or any other form of work with people it is important to look at whether that work energizes and recharges us, strengthens us, or whether we feel drained by it. This is where the integration of SourcePoint Therapy into other modalities can be very helpful, because it is a simple fact that when we are simply holding those four fundamental points, Source, Grounding, Activation and Transformation, if we attune ourselves, we are also being supported. We are getting nourished.

During most of a session with a client you are focused consciously on the client, working actively according to your modality to release blockages and facilitate the flow of healing information. During the scan your focus is certainly on the client. However, any time when you are holding the points, your focus should simply be on the points, the blueprint, and the flow of information. Then you also benefit.

In holding the points, especially the Source point, actually withdraw your conscious attention from the client, and focus on your body, specifically the palm of the hand as you hold the point. Notice the sensations. It may not be anything dramatic. There may sometimes be warmth or tingling or some other sensation, but that’s neither good nor bad, desirable or undesirable. Just feel yourself holding the point. Feel your mind touching the palm of your hand, resting in the palm of the hand.

As you hold the point, regardless of whether you say it to the client or not, be aware that you are connecting to the blueprint of health, and that information is flowing freely, not just to the client but to you. It is doing what it needs to do for the client and it is doing what it needs to do for you.

You can meditate with the blueprint and immerse yourself in it even when you are not holding the points. From the SourcePoint perspective, the body is a manifestation of the blueprint, of that information of order, balance, harmony and flow that gives rise to life and sustains life. The body itself expresses the delicate balance, the amazing flow, the precise information that is the nature of the blueprint.

When you immerse yourself in the experience of the natural rhythm of the body, you are immersing yourself in the blueprint, and the simplest way to do that is to pay attention to your breath. This is the key to connecting with the blueprint on your own, for yourself. As you focus on the rhythm of the breath, the in-breath and out-breath, just being aware of its natural rhythm, watching it slow itself down or speed itself up, you are immersing yourself in the blueprint, the fundamental pattern of order, balance, harmony and flow that supports life.

Just as you hold the four points for another person, when you want to immerse yourself in the blueprint, you can also imagine the four points around you. It’s easiest lying down but possible otherwise. Let your mind dwell briefly in each point. Imagine your mind is your hand; hold the point in your imagination just as your hand would hold the point for someone else. Your mind moves to each point. Your mind rests at that point and moves on.

A fundamental gift of learning and practicing SourcePoint Therapy is that it directly nourishes you as well as your client.

©2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei