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Ida Rolf: Structure and Spirit

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Dr. Ida Rolf

Dr. Ida Rolf

I’m reading “Rolfing and Physical Reality” by Ida Rolf. SourcePoint Therapy seems to resonate with Structural Integration practitioners and I am looking for points of resonance. One of them certainly is the emphasis on structure.

“”¦ Structure determines function.” Dr. Rolf became interested in this principle of osteopathy as a result of an injury she experienced and the subsequent osteopathic treatments she received. She says: “The basic law of Rolfing is that you add structure to the body. In so doing you are demanding a change in function.” From the SourcePoint perspective, structure is profoundly important. The energetic structures we work with are the direct manifestation of that fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow necessary to give rise to and sustain life. It’s a basic principle of SourcePoint that as we work with these patterns and structures, as we connect with the information they carry, we facilitate the inherent health for the individual. In SourcePoint itself we aren’t working physically with the physical structure of the body. We are working with the energetic Blueprint that “in-formed” that body. We are working with, as Dr. Rolf herself called it, “the blueprint for structure.”

In this next quote, she’s talking about how you can’t, as a human being, ignore the force of gravity, or the fact that you are a physical body and not spirit only: “Well, a spirit is in charge of the situation, but not in the way many people think. The spirit is in charge to tell the individual that he can so organize his body that he is now in line with a supporting force.” SourcePoint Therapy is a system of energy medicine, but we know you have to take the material world and its forces into account. (And certainly gravity is one of the defining forces of the material world). Change isn’t going to occur at a “spirit” level alone. But there is “spirit” and, according to Dr. Rolf, it tells the individual how to organize his (or her) body. In other words, spirit contains the information of a greater order. This is really the perspective of SourcePoint. SourcePoint practices also bring that information of greater order, and they are meant to support modalities that address the realities of the physical body and the material world. When we connect with the information of the Blueprint we are connecting with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow that re-organizes the body so it is in alignment with that Blueprint and can function better in the physical world. If we make a division between energy and matter, spirit and body, we are in trouble. If we forget spirit, we aren’t going to be as effective as practitioners. If we ignore the realities of the physical body and material world, we aren’t going to be as effective as practitioners.

I think Ida Rolf had an incredibly balanced view of the body and what is needed for its transformation. I think she saw body and energy as inseparable. And that’s the key to working with body and energy.

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Finally, she said of Rolfing, “I don’t know why it works, I only know that it works. I invent all these explanatory rationalizations later on.”

I can relate to that 🙂

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Invoking the Guardian Energies of the Earth (audio meditation)

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If you have fifteen minutes to spare, please consider participating in this meditation. What we are doing here is invoking the guardian energies of the earth by connecting with that fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow present in the universal energy field. We do this by using the Diamond Points of SourcePoint Therapy in relation to the field of the earth’s energy. In case the guidelines are not immediately clear when listening to the meditation, the basic idea is this:

Visualize the earth (or use the actual image above)

Imagine the Diamond Points around the earth, beginning with the Source Point on the right. This means the right side of the image as though it were a person facing you, or as though you were standing on its ride side holding the point.

Visualize each point in turn (you will be guided through this in the meditation) as a small point of golden light. Connect the points with a golden line as you go. You will end up with a golden diamond shape around the earth.

It’s not going to make the oil go away. Would that it could. But as is said in the meditation, the deep intention here is to re-connect the human consciousness, the earth consciousness and the cosmic consciousness, for the sake of our own health and that of this beautiful earth that is our home in the cosmos; to connect with the healing light, energy and information inherent in the universal energy.

Guardian Energies of the Earth

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St. Marks Refuge, Gulf Coast, Florida

Photo by Francie Van Aken Stoutamire

“This well just did not want to be drilled”¦it was like we were messing with Mother Nature…” Statement from a worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig about the obstructions encountered from the beginning of the operation.

The earth has consciousness. It is a sentient being. It feels what is done to it and it reacts. That vast information-energy-consciousness field that gives rise to us as humans gives rise to the stars, suns, planets and our very own earth. The earth has its blueprint. The ordering forces are always at work to sustain the life of the earth, to return it to balance, to bring order, balance, harmony and flow.

When we practice energy medicine we know that when the body is out of balance it will seek to restore its balance, and often that attempt will look like illness. Through accumulated experience, through accumulated karma, illness will develop; obstructions to the flow of healthy information from Source will develop. The earth is now a body out of balance. It has its own karma, its own accumulated experience, which includes centuries of abuse at this point. Greed, anger and ignorance are the forces that block the information of order, balance, harmony and flow, whether it is within our own minds, or played out at a global level. From this perspective the tidal waves, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions and the oil spill are not isolated phenomena. The energies of order, balance, harmony and flow are responding to the obstructions, blockages, disorder, imbalance and conflict present in the earth’s field.

These events are indications that the earth’s blueprint is at work; that the earth is deeply connected to the information of order, balance, harmony and flow, and it is not in the nature of those forces to tolerate the abuse the earth continues to receive from us human beings. The body has guardian energies. So does the earth, and the guardian energies of the earth are doing their work. The earth will be around for millions of years to come. It has the power to heal itself. The cycle of life will continue, but the question is: will human beings choose to participate in that cycle of renewal, transformation, rebirth that is the activity of the blueprint? Or will we destroy ourselves?

What I understand when I tune into that information of Source is obvious to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It’s nothing we all don’t know already, except for all those who don’t seem to know it. All these events, with the loss of human life, plant life, animal life, the life of the ocean itself, are saying to us: You have to STOP. You have to radically redefine what human life is about, or there will be no more life as you have known it on the earth.

What does it mean to “Stop?” I can’t even imagine. I have to believe that bringing in that information of Source in healing work, in my personal life, and in every way possible is the best thing I can do for the earth right now. I feel this especially deeply in relation to the oil spill. This event has helped me realize how the landscapes of our childhood are mapped in our body-minds. I grew up in the Florida Panhandle and days at “the coast” are woven into my memory body. I can remember the feel of the sand under my feet and the endless miles of shallow, warm, clear water. You could wade out into it forever, and you could see every grain of sand under the surface. It was that clear. I bring that map to my meditation daily.

I believe profoundly that what I do to the web I do to myself, and what I do for myself I do for the web. That means every time I work with the Diamond Points, I am making that connection to the energies of order, balance, harmony and flow not only for myself but also for the earth. And every time I invoke the guardian energies of the body, I am also invoking the guardian energies of the earth.

Next week: a SourcePoint meditation with the Guardian Energies of the Earth.

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SourcePoint or SourcePoint Therapy?

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Here’s a question we just received (posted in the comments to the “Questions” post) that comes up frequently: You talk sometimes about SourcePoint rather than SourcePoint Therapy. What’s the difference?

The basic answer is simple: we talk about it so often and are so used to it that we just use the term “SourcePoint” interchangeably with “SourcePoint Therapy.” It’s just an abbreviation. With either term we are talking about work done according to the SourcePoint (or SourcePoint Therapy) principles, the SourcePoint Therapy approach to energy medicine.

However, if we examine the use of the word “therapy” as we are using it, we see that we are not using it in its technical meaning of “treatment of disease.” We don’t treat or claim to cure physical symptoms or disease. We recommend always that people seek help at the physical level from appropriate healthcare providers for their physical symptoms. We focus on supporting the inherent health of the body through connecting at the energy level to the Blueprint of health for the human being, assisting the natural order, balance, harmony and flow of the body. So why the word “therapy?” Because it implies a specific set of procedures, and SourcePoint does work with very specific and precise methods. With our work, these methods are not methods of treating disease, they are methods of supporting and maintaining health at an energetic level. But there is a method, there are specific ways of working with energy that constitute SourcePoint Therapy and differentiate it from other energy therapies.

As I think about this more, I begin to realize that there is also a “SourcePoint” approach to life that is not only about these methods, but how I align myself from day to day with those fundamental energies of order, balance, harmony and flow. SourcePoint, for me personally, in my day to day life, can move beyond the methods we practice. It’s not only about a series of techniques that are useful in many situations, but about my understanding of the nature of self, universe, and healing. The SourcePoint principles are providing me with useful guidelines in many life situations.

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More on Athletes and SourcePoint Therapy

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After the discussion last week, I received this input from a Rolfer in Japan who also works in the Sports Medicine Field and has been integrating SourcePoint Therapy into his work:


I read your blog and I want to share my experience working with athletes. Because of my Athletic Training background, I work with athletes quite a bit. I feel pretty much the same as you said about working with athletes using SPT, but here are some things I have been noticing.

SPT definitely helps a lot to work with athletes from my experience so far. As a rolfer, one of the biggest benefits of SPT is that we can do great Rolfing sessions without following the recipe (sometimes following the recipe does not cover the place where the athlete needs work at that time). I do understand the effect of the Rolfing 10 series, but athletes most of time do not have time to wait for 10 sessions (the season might get over!!). Doing 10 series sometimes throws off athlete’s balance, but SPT session does not do that much. I mean athletes can finish the session with a more integrated state, and I can get more result in one session. Most athletes can feel the benefit of the session immediately.

The Diamond Points help to align body structure and the energy charge associated with the navel point seems very helpful for athletes who are tired due to long hours of practice.

Rectangle points help the healing process and also are helpful to see which diagonal line the athlete is having problem with. Improved ROM and effect of intervention seems to last longer with points.It also works great with swollen extremities!

The energetic line of the stick figure seems to get cut with fractures. Re-connecting the stick figure has helped athletes to regain sensation, movement, and whole body integration. I have used the scan/stick figure and indirect technique to immediately fix a sprained finger or mild injury so many times, so I believe it is helpful to have that sense of energetic touch to work on athletes. Once I get used to having an intention and where to see in the limited time, I can even work on acute injury gently on the field.

Seeing the athlete’s movement/structural balance with the geometric pattern shown in SourcePoint also seems helpful and I have been trying to work more with it. It helps the Rolfer’s eye as well.

My list can goes on and on,,,
But the bottom line is that with the combination of right intention, touch, and source points, athletes can benefit a lot.



Showing Clients the Points

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Here’s a good question that arises in a lot of different forms.

“What specific SourcePoint Therapy protocols do we have permission to teach our patients and, if OK, do you have any caveats and/or recommendations for how to do this, for example, can we copy your handouts, etc? I have clients who could benefit by doing certain SourcePoint protocols on a daily basis. I have shown some people how to do the Diamond Points and wonder if it is ok to teach a partner in a couple how to do the stick figure and sacral protocols and guardian points?”

It’s our intention for SourcePoint to be simple enough for practitioners to share with their clients, especially the material in Module One. By all means share the Diamond Points and Navel Point with any interested patient. We ask that you tell them where it comes from and encourage them to read about the principles of SourcePoint Therapy on the blog and in the introductory articles on the website, in addition to introducing them to those principles briefly as you show them how to do the points. The most important “points” about the Points are the concept of the Blueprint and the fundamental prinicples of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The “SourcePoint Audio Meditation” on the blog is good for clients who want to work with the points themselves. The manuals are meant for workshop participants. We’d prefer you referred people to the website and blog for background information.

With both the Guardian Points and the Stick Figure, it’s best to show them to the person who needs them and let them work with these points, themselves. The Guardian Points can be easily and effectively done on oneself. The Stick Figure is a powerful visualization tool and I’d say it will be more effective to let your clients do it for themselves rather than teach it to their partners. The Guardian Points are most easily remembered if you show them to your clients and have them practice them on themselves.

It’s good to wait a while after learning the Points before sharing them. Make sure you have worked with them and tracked their effects, especially the Guardian Points.

The Sacral Hold is taught at the workshop, and I think with that you are better off telling people that it can be very healing and supportive to have someone with whom they feel comfortable simply place their hand below the sacrum and cradle it, and let the lower back relax into it, rather than teaching the sacral hold.

In general we’d say to practitioners who want to show their clients the Points, just remember that you are sharing the process with them, not teaching them how to do it. The difference is this: people come to workshops to learn SourcePoint Therapy, and the protocols are taught in a context. There’s a particular energy field of information out of which SourcePoint Therapy arises, and a workshop is an intensive experience of entering into that field. When you practice it in your office, you are connecting with that field and so it makes sense that it works to share the points with people who have experienced that field with you. But it is a different experience than working actively with those points for two days or more in that field. People may have varying experiences working with them on their own, so if you share them, track what’s happening.

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