Ida Rolf: Structure and Spirit

I’m reading “Rolfing and Physical Reality” by Ida Rolf. SourcePoint Therapy seems to resonate with Structural Integration practitioners and I am looking for points of resonance. One of them certainly is the emphasis on structure. “”¦ Structure determines function.” Dr. Rolf became interested in this principle of osteopathy as a result of an injury she […]

Invoking the Guardian Energies of the Earth (audio meditation)

If you have fifteen minutes to spare, please consider participating in this meditation. What we are doing here is invoking the guardian energies of the earth by connecting with that fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow present in the universal energy field. We do this by using the Diamond Points of SourcePoint Therapy […]

Guardian Energies of the Earth

Photo by Francie Van Aken Stoutamire “This well just did not want to be drilled”¦it was like we were messing with Mother Nature…” Statement from a worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig about the obstructions encountered from the beginning of the operation. The earth has consciousness. It is a sentient being. It feels what is […]

SourcePoint or SourcePoint Therapy?

Here’s a question we just received (posted in the comments to the “Questions” post) that comes up frequently: You talk sometimes about SourcePoint rather than SourcePoint Therapy. What’s the difference? The basic answer is simple: we talk about it so often and are so used to it that we just use the term “SourcePoint” interchangeably […]

More on Athletes and SourcePoint Therapy

After the discussion last week, I received this input from a Rolfer in Japan who also works in the Sports Medicine Field and has been integrating SourcePoint Therapy into his work: Bob, I read your blog and I want to share my experience working with athletes. Because of my Athletic Training background, I work with […]

Showing Clients the Points

Here’s a good question that arises in a lot of different forms. “What specific SourcePoint Therapy protocols do we have permission to teach our patients and, if OK, do you have any caveats and/or recommendations for how to do this, for example, can we copy your handouts, etc? I have clients who could benefit by […]