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Don’t Forget the Guardian Points

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For those of you who have attended the Module Two training and have learned the Guardian Points, or been shown them by your practitioner: you have a valuable tool as winter gets deeper and colder. I do the Guardian Points on myself every day and can feel them strengthening me at every level. Especially if you are a health practitioner, it’s good to strengthen yourself energetically and psychically as you encounter so many people daily in varying states of health. These points can help you maintain a strong center; they are another direct and immediate way to connect with the Blueprint and its information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. That information is our ally in maintaining health. The Guardian Points are simple to do for yourself, so remember them when your energy is low, you feel something coming on, or that you have been exposed to something.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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Yesterday morning I awoke as the sun was rising. Indigo sky, bright morning star, streaks of deep red in the east — clouds the color of glowing embers in a banked fire. Looking out the window, I wonder how I could ever doubt the presence of an underlying Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. All this beauty is a manifestation of that Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. This universe, this world, are wondrous in their beauty. Someone told me once that when the Navajo speak of “The Beauty Way” they are referring to that fundamental balance. To walk in beauty is to walk in harmony with everything, in balance with a world in that is in balance.

As I make a fire, drink my morning tea, wash last night’s dishes, the word beauty keeps working in me, the remembered image of star and sky echoes in my heart/mind/body. I experiment with the thought, When I connect to Source, I connect to beauty, I am surrounded by beauty, I live in beauty. I remember the pictures I’ve seen of nebulae, galaxies, planets. I remember the mountains above me, the stream below. Everything of nature that I see around me is that Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow at work (or play…)

When I am aware of the beauty of this world, this universe, the beauty and precision of this human body, and indeed, every body, be it plant, animal, mineral, one-cell, vertebrate or invertebrate, of sea or land or sky, when I think of the sunrise and the sunset, stars and moon, the ravens who call to me in the morning for leftovers, and circle around my head when I bring them out — then I trust ever more deeply in that fundamental energy of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

Yes, all this beauty has its destructive aspects, in storm, and fire, in the chase of the predator and the ravages of drought and many other manifestations. There’s been a balance, the beauty of creation delicately balanced by its inevitable destruction. Now we humans seem to have thrown things out of balance with our greed and violence, our destructive energies. The scales tip towards the destructive energy. As the destructive energy seems to grow in power, though, in the natural balance, so does the creative energy. So does the healing energy.

The healing energies of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow are so available to us now. They are strong, and clear, and present at every moment. There are so many portals, so many openings. A moment in the morning with the sunrise. A breath. The sadness that arises when reading the news. The laugh of a child, the warmth of a fire. Beauty of heaven and earth, soul and body, as one. Beauty of thought and feeling, joy and sorrow. Beauty of image, word and sound. Beauty beyond image, word and sound. Beauty of what is.

In these times, beauty sustains us and nourishes us. Heals us.

“In beauty may I walk

All day long may I walk

Through the returning seasons may I walk

Beautifully I will possess again

Beautifully birds

Beautifully joyful birds

On the trail marked with pollen may I walk

With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk

With dew about my feet may I walk

With beauty may I walk

With beauty before me may I walk

With beauty behind me may I walk

With beauty above me may I walk

With beauty all around me may I walk

In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,

lively, may I walk

In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,

living again, may I walk

It is finished in beauty

It is finished in beauty”

(From the Navajo Nightway Ceremony)

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei



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It is as if we were confronted with a pre-existent ground plan, a kind of Pythoagorean tetractys. I have frequently observed the number 4 in this connection. It probably explains the universal incidence and magical significance of the cross or the circle divided into four. C.G. Jung

Jung said that he studied and worked with 64,000 dreams (and many dreamers) before he began to venture into interpretation of dreams in a more general way. He noted the recurring themes and patterns, and, particularly for our interests, the prevalence of powerful geometric mandala designs that he encountered frequently in dreams. He felt the dream mandala was an archetypal representation of the self. And he noted that there was a “clear insistence” in the dream on the four-rayed mandala, what he called the “quaternity.” Said Jung, “”¦the phenomenon of four is a spontaneous product of the objective psyche.”

I like the term “objective psyche.” It implies a consciousness beyond but not separate from our individual psyche, a consciousness that contains universal information accessible to all, shaping all, common to all. Jung recognized the existence of the mandala in the objective psyche, with its power to manifest order from chaos. Edward F. Edinger, author of Ego and Archetype, says: “Quaternity mandala images emerge in times of psychic turmoil and convey a sense of stability and rest. The image of the fourfold nature of the psyche provides stabilizing orientation.” It is an archetype of wholeness.

So, from this perspective we see once again that when we work with the four Diamond Points and the energetic pattern, or mandala, that the points evoke in the energy field around the physical body, we are working with stability, orientation in time and space for the physical being, and an archetype of wholeness. The four Diamond Points form a classic archetypal “quaternity.” Jung also said of mandala that it represents the path to the “centre” or self, and is a key to the process of individuation. He notes that working with mandala brings a new kind of centering. I can see a resonance here with the qualities of the Diamond Points: we connect with the underlying Order of Source, which brings Balance and Grounding to the individual body/psyche. The activation of the information of the mandala brings Transformation ”“ what Jung refers to as a new kind of centering.

If we add the four Golden Rectangle Points to the mandala of the Diamond Points we have a double quaternity. According to Jung, “the double quaternity”¦ stands for the totality, that which is at once heavenly and earthly, spiritual and corporeal.” What we know about the Golden Rectangle Points from the SourcePoint perspective is that they help to further ground the information of the Blueprint in the material plane and the physical body, enhancing the connection that happens with the Diamond Points.

Jung speaks of the Pythagorean tetractys. The number 4 was considered by the Pythagoreans to be the primal number, the root of all things, the most perfect number.

The tetractys is a configuration of ten dots arranged in a triangle that represents the organization of space. The first row represents zero dimensions ”“ a point. The second row represents one dimension: a line of two points. The third row represents two dimensions: a plane defined by a triangle of three points, and the fourth row represents three dimensions: a tetrahedron defined by four points.

If I allow my imagination to take flight, which it loves to do, encouraged by Einstein’s saying “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” I can imagine a relationship to SourcePoint here. I can wonder, would Pythagoras place the Blueprint in the third row, perhaps? Or does the BluePrint manifest from point to line to plane? And ultimately to the three dimensions through the four Diamond Points?

We weren’t thinking of any of this when we first discovered the Diamond Points. They simply revealed themselves, and we began to work with them, and they demonstrated their power. Now I find it interesting to discover resonances and correspondences in the “objective psyche.” That journey has taken me from Jung to Pythagoras this week, deeper into the quaternity. And, as the Pythagoreans used to pray:

“Bless us, divine number, thou who generated gods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation!

Sources for this article, unless otherwise noted: The Portable Jung, edited by Joseph Campbell

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Connecting with Your Deep Intention

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On New Years Eve Bob and I meditated for a while and then asked the greater Awareness for some words on intention for the new year. Here is what came. I’m including both the audio and the transcribed version, to listen to as you wish or read and contemplate. I recommend listening. There’s an energy that comes with the spoken word.

The topic of intention seems timely for this eve of Epiphany, the day when it is said the Sages found the Divine Child, guided by the light of the star. That guiding light resides not only in the heavens but in ourselves, and that is the theme of these reflections/meditations.

Intention is not a matter of will. Deep intention is an energy you align with, not something you decide to do with your ego mind. You are born with your intention imprinted in your cells. There is no division between body and soul. The body is the expression of the soul and when aligned with its true nature, carries out the intention of the soul.

When we sit quietly, breathing, letting the mind settle and free itself from discursive thought, then there is space for that intention to work in you and through you. You connect with your intention. You do not set intention; you enter into it: you connect with it. It is already there, waiting. You may not even know consciously what it is, but sitting quietly, you enter its flow, begin to move with the wave, you are in the rhythm of that deep inherent intention.

That individual deep inherent intention that is your birthright is connected to and aligned with the deep inherent intention of the universal energy, the earth energy, the sky energy. You are never alone in your intention when you are aligned with yourself and therefore these greater energies.

When you connect to the Blueprint through the Diamond Points, you are connecting with your own deep intention, that energy pattern in the universal energy field that bears the information of your greatest potential.

So take a moment now, sit and bring your attention to your breath. Feel the breath rise and fall. Be aware of the inhalation and exhalation. Experience the rhythm of your own unique being. Imagine the Diamond Points around you. The Source Point to your right, at the level of the navel, about 18 inches out from the body, a tiny golden seed of light. The Grounding Point below your feet, the Activation Point to your left side, and the Transformation Point above the head, and back to Source. As you bring your attention to each point, you connect with your deep intention, and it connects with you.

At this time of long nights, the winter dark, it is possible to enter into deep silence and experience the rhythm of your being communicating with you, nourishing you. It is possible to enter into your own deep intention. Intention is an energy. It is energy-information that you connect with, that you feel, that you align yourself with through inner silence and attention. Intention is a palpable presence; it is that which informs you. As you enter into it and dwell in it, goals, visions, desires, directions may emerge.

Take a moment and feel deep inside yourself: you know where you are going. Your whole being is imprinted with the knowledge of where you are going and what you are doing. Allow yourself to settle into that knowing, silently, without words, simply by feeling your breath, being aware of your breath. You know. You know.

Allow yourself to let go of needing to know in your conscious mind. Enter into the state of knowing. Rest in that wordless knowing that is your nature. The more you let go of the need to know in the usual sense, the more your inner knowing can manifest.

At this very moment, you are surrounded by intention, embraced by intention; you breathe in intention and you exhale intention. This entire universe is an expression of intention: the intention to be, to manifest, to take form, give birth. You are a part of that. You are a manifestation of divine intention.

The deepest intention can never be put into words. It is simply there: Be. Manifest. Arise. Live. Grow.

When you focus your mind you experience your entire being as focused intention.

You become a bindu, a seed point, a point from which your life flowers as a manifestation of your soul, your spirit, your essence, your deep intention.

Attention, intention. Attention, intention.

Yes, yes, yes.

When you enter into intention, you receive the blessing of Source that says:

You are never separate from me, you are always one with me. Remain aware of yourself as energy, as intention, as love, as manifestation of the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of Source.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.