Don’t Forget the Guardian Points

Photo by Josh Schrei For those of you who have attended the Module Two training and have learned the Guardian Points, or been shown them by your practitioner: you have a valuable tool as winter gets deeper and colder. I do the Guardian Points on myself every day and can feel them strengthening me at […]


Photo by Josh Schrei Yesterday morning I awoke as the sun was rising. Indigo sky, bright morning star, streaks of deep red in the east — clouds the color of glowing embers in a banked fire. Looking out the window, I wonder how I could ever doubt the presence of an underlying Order, Balance, Harmony […]


It is as if we were confronted with a pre-existent ground plan, a kind of Pythoagorean tetractys. I have frequently observed the number 4 in this connection. It probably explains the universal incidence and magical significance of the cross or the circle divided into four. C.G. Jung Jung said that he studied and worked with […]

Connecting with Your Deep Intention

On New Years Eve Bob and I meditated for a while and then asked the greater Awareness for some words on intention for the new year. Here is what came. I’m including both the audio and the transcribed version, to listen to as you wish or read and contemplate. I recommend listening. There’s an energy […]