It’s About the Work

Ellsworth Kelly: Red and Blue from the series LIne Form Color Ellsworth Kelly speaking about himself and Agnes Martin: “Agnes’s and my art share a love of the anonymous, of doing the work. The work itself is what’s important. We don’t want our personality in the art. We all had to get over Picasso, because […]

The Rainmaker

This week I’d just like to tell you a simple story. You could consider it a bedtime story if you also listen to the track above while reading 🙂 I found the story in F. David Peat’s book, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. He attributes the story to Richard Wilhelm, the original translator […]


Wolfgang Pauli’s Dream Image of the World Clock Artist: W. Beyers-Brown, Originally Published by C.G. Jung I am reading a fascinating book by physicist F. David Peat, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. I’ve gotten as far as his definition of synchronicity as “an acausal connecting principle” and his story of the exploration of […]