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“There is a geometry in the humming of the strings. There is a music in the spacing of the spheres.” Pythagoras

We can describe the process of SourcePoint Therapy® in many ways. We connect to the Blueprint. We align ourselves with the information of the Blueprint. We clear blockages to the free flow of that information. And we attune ourselves to the fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The ancient Pythagoreans believed that “everything that existed had a voice and that all creatures were continually singing the praise of the Creator.” We as humans don’t hear that song because we have attuned ourselves to a different frequency, the frequency of dense matter. The Pythagoreans believed that when we attune ourselves to that universal frequency, “harmony recognizes harmony” and the music of the spheres is heard.

Goethe referred to architecture as “crystallized music.” If we expand our notion of architecture to include the inherent structure of each individual being, if we think of “the architecture of bodily existence,” as Robert Lawlor called it in his book Sacred Geometry, then we ourselves are crystallized music, the perfect pitch of the universe manifest into bodily form.

As we work with SourcePoint, harmony recognizes harmony. Our bodies, physical, emotional and spiritual, are reminded of their inherent Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. We attune ourselves to the inherently perfect pitch of the universal energy, that frequency which gives rise to life. We are in tune with ourselves and with the universal community of song/music in which we dwell.

This word attunement is useful in all kinds of situations. Ask yourself, “How can I attune myself to this situation?” Take a moment to go inward and simply breathe consciously and ask yourself that question, allowing your body to answer in the way it relaxes, in the shift of rhythm you can feel. Whether it’s a person, place or event, take time to harmonize with it energetically. I’m not a musician, but I’ve seen enough music played to know there are a lot of things one can learn from watching, for example, an orchestra: how one section waits, poised and ready, for its time to come in. Timing is an important aspect of attunement. If you take the time to attune, you will be much more aware of timing and pacing: are you pushing too hard in a given interaction? Did you miss your entrance? Is it better now just to sit back and say or do nothing, to be silent?

The practice of attunement can guide us in our approach to energy work with others. When we hold the Diamond Points, this helps to harmonize the relationship between the practitioner and the person receiving the work. When those two energies are attuned to each other, the work of connecting to the Blueprint, finding the appropriate entry point, locating and clearing blockages, can all proceed with greater ease.

So, in some situations it’s helpful to think, “How can I attune myself?” and to work with this intentionally. Other times, as when holding the points, you can simply… let yourself be tuned.

Working with SourcePoint, we connect, clear, align and attune — and then, transform.


©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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For three weeks of June 2011 on the SourcePoint blog I’ll be offering a free series of audio talks and meditations based on my book The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively (Sentient Publications 2006). These meditations are simple, practical methods of working with energy for your own benefit. This book preceded the emergence of SourcePoint Therapy, so the SourcePoint perspective will be an added element in this series for those of you who are already familiar with the meditations. Each week I’ll be discussing some basic principles of working with energy, and leading a guided meditation. You can listen at your leisure; everything will also be available for download.

I’ll be posting every Thursday; here’s the schedule with topics:

June 2: You Are Energy

June 9: Conserving Your Energy and Setting Boundaries

June 16: Recharging Your Energy

I hope you will join me and experience the benefit of working regularly with your energy. I’ll be taking questions through the comments so although we won’t be interacting in person I can give some guidance if needed. I’ve said before, and will say again: meditation in today’s world isn’t an esoteric practice; it’s a survival skill!

There will be regular post next week but then I won’t be posting again until June 2.

Note: this schedule was delayed. The first entry was posted as scheduled but the other two were posted in August 2011.

The Radical Redefinition of Self

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Albert Einstein said, after the explosion of the first atom bomb, “Now everything has changed but our way of thinking.” Almost seventy years later this is still true. We have more and more new technologies,and yet we continue to act from the same old belief systems. However, I can’t look at the outside world and make a judgment about that. In the course of my life I’ve acquired many “technologies,” tools for changing my mind and my perspective, and yet, like everyone, I continue to experience that my actions often arise from the old patterns, the old stories, the old way of thinking.

I’ve said many times the path of energy medicine demands a radical re-definition of self. When you’re working with energy, you have to perceive the individual, whether yourself or another, as an energy field, a flow and pattern of energy and light and information. You have to shift your perception of yourself, or another, as a solid “thing” in a world of other solid things. You begin to understand everything as a flow of pattern and information and energy, giving rise to physical manifestation. You begin to understand the significance and absolute accuracy of the Sanskrit greeting “Namaste:” I honor the God in you. You see others and yourself as an incredible, complex, exquisite expression of the universal energy. From these experiences, your way of thinking begins to change.

You work on the premise that we all arise from a common Source, we all have a common ground. No matter what the individual’s perception of that Source is, no matter what the religion, or worldview or belief system, that individual arises from the same Source you do. It becomes more difficult to maintain a sense of opposition.

In relating to others, whether at the individual or group level, you look for the energy blockages. You perceive the flow of energy; you seek Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.You look for communication, connection, alignment. You begin to perceive existence as a dance of opposites rather than a battle of opposites. You relate to others from this perception.

As we seek to change our thinking, as we explore different “technologies of transformation,” defining the transformation we seek is important. The stated intention of SourcePoint, at the deepest level, is to help each individual realize their full potential as a human being, and that full potential involves the development of a conscious self, the transformation of the self to be in alignment with the universal Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

This transformation, this shift in the perception of the self, begins in such a simple way. You hold the Diamond points for someone. These points are off the body. There’s no visible connection between hand and body. In a world of solid things, there’s no reason why anything should happen to the body. The person feels something; there’s an effect. This person has never thought of himself or herself as something other than this physical body, mind, emotions, this particular self. Now, with this experience, something happens inside, a subtle shift, an opening, a questioning: such a small thing, really, in the course of world events, but huge for that person. A door of perception opens, new information comes in, a new understanding of self becomes possible. A seed begins to blossom.

Questions arise: How has my way of relating to a perceived enemy, a perceived threat, changed, as a result of my understanding of energy and flow? How am I still acting from old patterns and information in regards to this? I deeply believe it is the responsibility of each human being to change their way of thinking, perceiving and relating to the world, and that’s how change is going to come. For some people, due to their karma, their change will affect a larger field. For others, it will affect themselves and a few around them. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the ongoing transformation, walking the path of transformation, the transformation of the self and the understanding of the self. In SourcePoint Therapy we are working with transformation.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei