Dreaming the New Year

The New Year: time for dreaming what’s possible, time for vision that brings color to the dark night, time for music, song, story and poetry. Here’s a poem-story for you, to awaken your dreaming. Imagine a fire, and a circle around the fire. Imagine the Great Goddess comes to speak to you of dreaming. * […]

SourcePoint Therapy® and Shamanic Healing

Throughout human history, traditional healers have worked with energy, with energies, with spirit guides and deities, with light. Shamans have used ritual, drama, story and song, music and imagery to bring people into alignment with the fundamental energies of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow inherent in the universal energy. Shamanism, once dismissed as “primitive” by […]


Not everyone “believes” in reincarnation but I have experienced in my work with people that there are often stories we carry that, if accessed in some way, help to release deep old emotional and physical patterns. One can explain these stories in any number of ways. You can think of them as past life stories, […]

What’s the Difference Between SourcePoint Therapy® and……?

Here’s a very brief video of Bob talking about the difference between SourcePoint Therapy and other forms of energy work — an often-asked question. Many thanks to our friend Bobby Levin for inspiring, creating and producing this video, along with others that will shortly appear on our website. You can view them here for now.