Advanced Intensive, Santa Fe, April 2012

Advanced Intensive, Santa Fe, April 2012

Hard to believe it’s been a month since the last post. For any of you who have been wondering and waiting, here we are again. April was a beautiful month of SourcePoint work.

First there was the Advanced Intensive, with long-time students from Japan, New York, Canada, California, Vermont, Florida, and Utah all gathering here in Santa Fe to go deeper into SourcePoint. The Intensive is not about imparting new information, although there certainly were some new approaches shared. It’s about investigating, refining, deepening, exploring and sharing. Daily Awareness sessions kept us connected to the field from which SourcePoint arises. Lots of practicums and lots of personal healing and sharing. Shifts in understanding, and an increased understanding of how Sourcepoint is integrated into our life and other modalities. A greater of Awareness of SourcePoint as the foundation of all our practice, rather than something you have to figure out how to integrate. Investigation of the Blueprint, a subject and experience capable of endless exploration. Sacred geometry. Mandala. SourcePoint and self-healing. Much of the curriculum emerged from questions and themes participants had told us ahead of time they would like to explore. The daily schedule said “There is a perfect plan for the Advanced Intensive… We’ll discover it together!” And we did, in a field of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Community. I feel it growing, a community of people who want to transform themselves, help others to do the same, and support each other in doing it. All in all, a wonderful time. We feel so privileged to have students who are so willing to go deep, to let go of old paradigms and doubts, and to continue on the path of exploring energy and consciousness. Thank you all who were present!! (And everyone who was present in spirit)!

Immediately after we left for Mistover, a beautiful, magical place about an hour and a half from New York City. It’s called a horse farm, but that doesn’t begin to describe it. Sanctuary is more like it, a place where people love horses, learn from them, and care for them in a beautiful way. James Cassese organized the workshop. He’s a psychotherapist who gives workshops and therapy sessions allowing people to enter into the healing energies of the horses, with a program called Equine Energetix.

I asked to do a session with a horse. I fell off one when I was 6 and proverbially never got back on. James told me the horse would perfectly mirror me to myself. We worked with a lovely horse named Kazetha, and that’s exactly what she did; with such grace and presence, she showed me myself, and with James’s guidance, I experienced openings that are still unfolding for me. And when it was over, she withdrew herself so gently, so elegantly, and let me know, so clearly, that we were done. No way I could feel abandoned or incomplete. No thought of “closure.” She just knew. It was time.

On Sunday, after people had been immersed in the principles and practices of the Blueprint, we went to the “barn” to explore the points with the horses. Trooper received all the attention with grace and presence. When Bob held the Sacral Point for Kazetha, she became completely, utterly still, and the stillness rippled out from her into the surrounding conversation, and suddenly, we were all still, all held in that field of stillness.

It became clear how close the horse is to the Blueprint, how the connection there is so strong. Grace, Strength, Gentleness, Power. Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow.

I love this work of SourcePoint more and more. I love sharing it, and exploring it. I love the doors it opens for people, how people start glowing not far into a workshop. I love being in that space of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow with a small group of people where there’s time to share and connect and go deep into the beauty that we are.

In the Buddhist tradition, you always dedicate your work, your practice, your life, to the welfare of all beings everywhere. I also love that practice and we do it daily in the workshops. May everything we experienced this April be of benefit to others on their path, and to all beings everywhere.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei