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SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health


SourcePoint and Mythic Vision

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photo by Josh Schrei

Mythology. As those of you have been to workshops have seen, the principles of SourcePoint have resonances with so many different traditions of healing, philosophy, spirituality, art, shamanism, and yes, modern science also. We didn’t plan it that way, we didn’t formulate our principles based on other traditions, the information was given to us and we found the parallels later. Now I’m exploring the resonance with ancient mythologies. Thursday night was the first in a series of classes with my son Josh Schrei, who has studied these mythologies for years. The class is “Mythic Vision for Mythic Times.”

What is mythic vision, mythic experience? Through the stories, the myths we discover our histories of our relationship to cosmic forces, our place in the universe, we learn how to be careful working with cosmic forces, the importance of getting out of the way. While different cultures have different myths, there is a commonality of themes across cultures. Josh described different aspects of mythic vision. Almost every one had a direct relationship to SourcePoint.

Through mythic vision we learn the answer to the question “Why are we here?” To reconnect. To experience our fundamental human birthright, which is… connection to Source. And in SourcePoint we can say, health is our birthright. And connection to Source is fundamental to health.

Or as Tyson Yunkaporta says in his book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World” – from the Aboriginal perspective, humans are here as a “custodial species.” How simple is that? We are here to care for each other, our relations, our earth, our home in the galaxy.

Mythic vision gives us experience of “the seamless reciprocity between the individual and the natural world.” (Josh) Reciprocity is a good word for what happens in a SourcePoint session.

Mythic vision allows us to re-establish the context of our lives, “for cosmos, consciousness and community to be linked.” We talk about context all the time in SourcePoint. What is the context of our lives these days? Is it the chaos of the outer world? What happens if we relate to that from the context of the cosmic forces of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow? How does that change our interactions with community? How does it change us?

The last one I’ll mention here is this: mythic vision constantly enacts itself. Through story, ritual, dance, ceremony, song, in so many ways that connection to Source, that context, manifests itself. That word “enactment” led me to think of SourcePoint in that way. We are “enacting” the re-connection to Source, to the cosmic Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. There is a definite ritual aspect of SourcePoint practice, in the precision of the practices, in the ground of sacred geometry.

SourcePoint has its own creation myth, actually. I will leave that for another time. A myth is not a fiction. It is an enactment of the living reality of our connection to Source, to cosmos, to the world and to each other.

The class is a series of 4, and the first one was recorded and can be accessed. Class ends September 24. Permanent access to class material.

Access the registration information here

Empty Mind, Full Heart

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Summer Solstice night Bob and I did an Awareness session together about the significance of this Solstice.

Here is an edited and somewhat abbreviated transcription.

“Let us remember that at one time the rhythm of the seasons, the solstice, the equinox, the turning of the wheel of the year, all were celebrated and honored over all the world. Through this alignment of human beings with the inherent rhythm of nature, a greater order existed then in the world of nature.

Solstice is the longest day of the year, or the shortest, depending on where one is. At the equator the day and night are of equal length. This tells us that there’s always a meeting point between extremes. There’s always a place to come together in any polarity. These days it’s very important for people to find that space with each other. 

Just as we speak about the entry point in SourcePoint, there’s a meeting point in consciousness. That in essence is another way of describing the Triad: a meeting point beyond ordinary consciousness.

That meeting point, in the Buddhist tradition, can be called simply empty mind, empty awareness, where there is no attachment to a particular perspective but rather simply the experience of unimpeded, unobstructed awareness.

This empty mind is merely the capacity to empty one’s consciousness of judgment and opinion and attachment. It’s a simple act of emptying the mind before communicating with another person. To approach another with empty mind and a heart full of compassion and a true desire to understand is radical. This sounds very difficult. It is not actually so very difficult, if one really wants to do it.

So that’s the place where polarities meet and resolve: in the empty mind and full heart. That is the meeting point.

A meditation/contemplation in relation to the meeting point: imagine the earth, and see within it, a vertical line from north pole to south, a horizontal line at the latitude of the equator. And the point at the center of the vertical-horizontal axis is the meeting point. Imagine yourself at that point.

Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation, at the very heart of the earth, and yourself in the center. 

In a certain sense, it’s really like the navel of the earth where you are, in this meditation. In the mandala, the pattern of the earth’s energetic inner structure, you can sit at the point of emergence. You are not deep down underground; you are in the center of the Earth mandala, the point of emergence. And that point is where polarized energies meet and communicate with each other.

Within the energetic structures of SourcePoint, there are patterns that you can work with, on your own or with others. You can enter these mandalas, alone or in communication with others, to support clarity, truth and understanding.

Perceiving the Diamond in the vertical-horizontal axis within the earth, you can feel it also within yourself, recognizing that pattern is fundamental to life, whether it is that of the planet or an individual person, that vertical-horizontal axis is found as a basis for creation. There are mysteries to explore in that vertical-horizontal axis and those patterns that are formed in relation to it: the Egg, the Diamond, the Circle, the Square.

To explore the language of pattern is to connect to the Earth in a very specific way. To speak to it and to listen. All human beings once spoke and understood this language; in many cultures there is even a written language of pattern.

So the summer solstice is a time to feel the rhythm, the order, the underlying pattern of existence and being, and experience how supportive it can be.

Any time one aligns with the rhythm of the seasons, of day and night, dawn and twilight, one is in touch with the underlying pattern, the Blueprint, to call it that, of existence.

It is like the breath. Everything lives in a state of inhalation and exhalation.

Attuned to that rhythm, in that state of alignment, that is the place from which one can listen and communicate with an empty mind and a full heart.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.”

My commentary: It is only one person we have to take to this meeting point, and that’s ourselves. We cannot demand the other person be coming from our idea of this point of empty mind, full heart. It’s a choice we make for ourselves, in order to listen more deeply and carefully. And, automatically from that point of view, there is no judgment of the other person for being exactly where they are, no demand that they meet our idea of what “empty mind, full heart” looks like. There can be righteous anger in a full heart for sure. Peace is not the absence of conflict. The meeting point holds every emotion, every history, every story and seeks to genuinely and empathetically understand it. What I call the Awareness comes from that place. In my ordinary consciousness I’m not there yet. Most of us aren’t. We have our moments. In conclusion,I request these words not be used to tone police, anyone ,anywhere, ever.

You can also listen to the unedited original of the Awareness session here. it is very meditative, with long pauses, as the Awareness follows the threads of information that arise. It’s a good demonstration of why a transcribed Awareness session requires editing. Lots of “ums” and “ahs” and big spaces, not linear, you can feel the Awareness waiting for the information to arise, to become clear. People often ask me what’s happening during those pauses. Nothing as far as I’m concerned. It’s just space. That spacious Awareness from which thoughts, feelings, insights, information — manifest.

in consciousness there is a place called peace

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In times of distress, conflict and chaos, we can find within us a place of peace. There is a space of Awareness where we can find refuge, rest and restoration. We go there not for the purpose of escaping this world or denying the reality of its suffering. We go there in order to return with greater strength, clarity, determination, and purpose, to enter into the activities and demands of the world, to bring greater awareness, healing, justice and love to this world that is our home. Meditation is the entryway to that place.

SourcePoint · Peace

Awareness 2020

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deep in the breath

beyond knowing

peace blossoms

(from “not poems: moments of Awareness,” © Donna Thomson 2018)

Our greatest gift is Awareness. It is inherent in all of us, and indeed in all life. Mystics and sages of all the ages have identified consciousness as the fundamental ground of the universe, the source of our being. There are modern thinkers and scientists who are coming to the same conclusion.

In these times, we need to grow our Awareness of our awareness, to enter into that greater consciousness from which we arise. We need honed, clear, loving Awareness to navigate the waters these days. We need to experience the spacious Awareness that is our birthright, our greatest gift, to receive the nourishment, relief, support, and guidance that can be found in that field.

It matters to take time (about 16 minutes in this instance) to experience that Awareness within us, to feel it, to know it is there. It will help us make choices in alignment with that which is in Order, and Balance, and Harmony and Flow, that which is true, just, and kind. It will help us see clearly what we need, what the world needs, and to act accordingly.

Moments of Awareness throughout the day illuminate our way, and bring greater peace and harmony to our lives

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering.

Deep Intention 2020

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Dear Friends, today is the last day of the meditation series we’ve been practicing alone-together for the last 10 days or so. Today’s meditation is: Deep Intention. 

As you will hear in the meditation deep intention is not the same thing as setting intentions, or goals, or stating desires. From a bigger perspective, we are born from intention as intention. Intention is inherent with in us. 

Think of a rose. It doesn’t ask about its purpose, it doesn’t decide its intention. Its intention is simply .. to be a rose.. to bud, to bloom, to wither, to fall back to the ground. Simply to be in the natural cycle of life. Intention is everywhere we look. It’s that natural web of intention we connect with as we sit in it and become aware of our breath, as we do in this meditation.

As we connect with that deep, inherent intention of body and breath, spirit and heart, we connect with the vital life force energy that flows through us, births us, is us. We are supported, nourished, sustained and strengthened to continue unfolding our own unique purpose, on this earth, at this exact time.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

Chapter 10 Meditation: Deep Intention.

The Inner Scan 2020

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Transfixed by our technologies, we short-circuit the sensorial reciprocity between our breathing bodies and the bodily terrain. human awareness folds in upon itself, and the senses-once the crucial site of our engagement with the wild and animate earth-become mere adjuncts of an isolate and abstract mind bent on overcoming an organic reality that now seems disturbingly aloof and arbitrary.” David Abrams, “The Spell of the Sensuous”

Scanning is a deeply intuitive capacity for sensing energies that all living beings have inherent in them. Plants are said to sense changes in the environment. Animals have been known to flee from an earthquake many hours before it strikes. Humans have lost touch with their connection to the natural world, and to this sense that connects us to it. In SourcePoint Therapy® we learn to use our hands for scanning for energetic blockages in the body. It’s an amazing experience to sit in a roomful of people during a workshop, observing people scan each other, slowly and respectfully moving their hand, palm down, in the energy field, just above the body. Such care, such attention, such deep silence. Such awareness, such love.

In this meditation, we turn our attention inward, using our awareness to scan our own bodies, from within. We bring attention to each area of the body, as carefully and respectfully and lovingly as we do in the scan for another.

This meditation will guide you in this process. There’s a variation on it that I often do right after the one we are now working with. When I am complete with that, I return my attention to the top of my head, and move through the body, telling each organ of my body how much I love it. I say “I love you” to my brain, my eyes, my ears, my heart, my lungs and so on. I breathe life and conviction into that statement. I remember how precious this human body is, that allows me to be me.

There’s another Taoist meditation, I believe it is, that follows this idea, and has the practitioner smile at each organ.

Any version of this meditation is the activity of love. Love is attention. In this meditation we pay attention to our inner state of being.

Chapter 6 Meditation: The Inner Scan

Guardians of the Body 2020

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Today’s meditation invokes the guardian energies of the body for our health and wellbeing. 

Many years ago I was told by one of my teachers, who spoke from many years of experience in working with energy, that the most effective psychic protection was simply… altruism. Yes. As simple as that. 

As those of you who have done Awareness sessions know, every one begins and ends with the phrase “May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.” Every meditation in SourcePoint workshops ends with that phrase, which is an ancient prayer in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and some version of that spirit pervades many other traditions. In our workshops, we dedicate our practice of SourcePoint together for the benefit of all beings. 

When we maintain that attitude in our work, there is psychic protection. There is a strong energetic container. I have experienced that in countless ways for 50 years now. So keep that attitude in your mind and heart. You may have different words that you use, but you know what I mean. 

When this current situation with the virus began to arise, the Awareness told me to fill myself with that prayer every day, in every moment of my day that I could possibly bring it forth in my mind and heart – reading the news, talking to people, going for my walk, falling asleep. It’s good right now to have that practice. I feel filled by it. Even when I’m not consciously thinking it, I can feel its presence. And when we are filled with altruistic intention, there’s less room for other energies. 

That said, today’s meditation has a different focus. It invites you to focus on and explore this concept of guardian energies. What does that phrase meant to you? The immune system? The other intricate protective processes and systems inherent in the body? Guardian angels? Light? Awareness? The Blueprint of Health? Once again, breathe, listen, imagine… and focus. Chapter Five Meditation: The Golden Egg

Order and Chaos 2020

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life whispers in my heart

i exist on the delicate edge

of chaos and order

this word


from the ancient greek


the abyss

the vast emptiness that precedes creation


from the latin ordinem






a row of threads on a loom)


from the abyss

a pattern is woven

we call it life

too much order

we become rigid and dense

too much chaos

we dissolve

in the existential void

for a brief moment

in time

we breathe

we dance

we laugh and cry

we love

on that shifting boundary

the ever receding horizon

the subliminal edge

we call life

(from my book “not poems: moments of Awareness, ©2018)

With all the chaos out there, take time to go inward and connect with the cosmic order. There is an order, a sacred geometry, that brings us balance and underlies everything. Ancient cultures, healers, philosophers, and mathematicians knew this. Modern science is rediscovering it. Here is today’s meditation to guide you into the experience of that resource that is there waiting for us. Chapter 3: Sacred Geometry Meditation. 10 minutes.

Image by Bob Schrei ©2017

Connecting to Source 2020

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Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow

Words that can shift your mood, your mind, your heart and spirit into greater Awareness, greater connection with the Blueprint of health. Four tiny golden seed points we can visualize or sense in some way, all around the body, in perfect pattern and proportion, full of intention and purpose. These points are alive with intention: to bring the information of the Blueprint, to connect us with the fundamental Source of our being. All we have to do is pay attention, to focus on them. You can hold the points in your Awareness for yourself, just as a practitioner can with their hand, when they are doing a SourcePoint Therapy ® session.

Did you know, the brain maps the area approximately 18 inches out from the body, just as it does the body? The field of the body extends beyond the body itself. Mystics and healers and seers have known that for millennia. Science is now discovering it. And these specific points in that field have specific functions just as acupuncture points do. 

What we call the Diamond Points organize energy. A mandala emerges in your energy field as you work with them, as you invite them to radiate their intention and purpose for you. That energetic structure strengthens, organizes, conserves and balances your personal energy. 

When we focus on these points, we are focusing on our inherent health.

Read more about the Diamond Points

Experiment with these points in the Chapter Two Meditation: The Diamond Points

Listen, breathe, and imagine. Three blessed abilities of the human being.

The Diamond Points
SourcePoint Therapy®2004

Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow 2020

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Dear Friends,

This evening we are beginning our immersion in Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, the Blueprint of Health for the human being, for the benefit of all beings, each one of us, to maintain a focus on health. If you are just joining, please see my introduction in the previous post from today. We will be continuing for the next ten or so days with a new meditation every other day. An image of our beautiful earth will accompany every post in this meditation sequence.

Tomorrow is the spring equinox. It’s the earliest spring equinox in 124 years. As I go for a walk earlier, under a grey-clouded sky, with the air full of the promise of coming rain, I smile at the thought of the earliest spring in so long. Earth and air and fire and water are always giving us messages of renewal and regeneration, even in the midst of crisis. I had previously this morning wept over the news, as I do frequently. As many of you have heard, I believe deeply in the profound healing power of tears. They are important. In times of crisis we feel many things, fear, hope, anger, serenity, acceptance, denial, resistance, clarity, confusion, love, and the joy of life and the beauty of the world more precious than ever, and grief. Bottling up the “negative” of those emotions isn’t being positive. Finding ways to express them and transform them and channel them positively is what we need to do. These times call for a healthy flow of emotion. After tears I always arise with an illumined view of the world and all it brings, a tenderness, and an overflowing desire to help. However I can. I usually want, naturally, to meditate.

Today and tomorrow we’re going to focus in our meditation on the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow that is our true nature, the Source of life. Those four words describe a state of health necessary for life to arise and sustain itself. The natural world, our entire universe, with its galaxies and stars and infinite space, our bodies with their intricate systems and structures and processes, all arise from a fundamental state of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. We can access those energies within us.

The meditation for today is from Chapter One and is called simply “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.” What we call the Blueprint of health for the human being is this information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow present in the universal energy field – the concentrated, specific energy/information field that contains the information of our highest potential, of health. 

What a good time now, with humanity experiencing its interconnectedness, how we are all one, how our individual health depends on the health of the collective, and vice versa… what an important time to focus on our collective inherent health. We don’t deny the reality of the situation. We understand the need to isolate ourselves for the sake of each other. We wash our hands. We take care of ourselves, for the sake of everyone in our immediate and more expanded network. And in the midst of all that we take time now, today, to focus 100% on our health. To feel the vibrancy of that health within us. To fill ourselves with our breath, and relax deeply into the exhalation of that breath. 

Some of you may know this meditation intimately already. Some may be meeting it for the first time. All you have to do is listen, and breathe. Two fundamentally essential aspects of being human. You can access today’s meditation here. You will find the Chapter One Meditation at the top of the page. You can listen to it directly here on the blog. You don’t need to go to Soundcloud. If you know anyone who might find it helpful, please feel free to share.

Comments or questions are welcome through the contact page. May we all support each other.