The Karmic Blueprint

I’m going to talk about karma from the perspective of SourcePoint. This is only one perspective among many, and is simply another way to view the complex issue of causation and incarnation, not a definitive “answer” to the questions that we have about karma. From a SourcePoint perspective, we could say that karma manifests as […]

The Blueprint by Any Other Name….

There is always discussion among practitioners about the meaning of the word “Blueprint” in SourcePoint Therapy. Recently I was involved in helping to find the right word for Blueprint in Portuguese, as Bob and Ray will be teaching in Brazil in June. The literal translation was “photograph of a house” and that obviously wasn’t going […]

Ida Rolf: Structure and Spirit

I’m reading “Rolfing and Physical Reality” by Ida Rolf. SourcePoint Therapy seems to resonate with Structural Integration practitioners and I am looking for points of resonance. One of them certainly is the emphasis on structure. “”¦ Structure determines function.” Dr. Rolf became interested in this principle of osteopathy as a result of an injury she […]

Light Communicates with Light (Audio Meditation)

Spirit of the Trees I’ve been reflecting on the themes of the previous two posts, health as communication, and communication as connection. Then we had a lovely workshop here this weekend with lots of fine communication and connection. Here’s a meditation on these themes. There’s high winds here in New Mexico tonight. You may hear […]


Here’s another fundamental principle of SourcePoint Therapy: good health=good communication. In SourcePoint we are opening up our communication with that larger field of information in which we dwell. We are opening ourselves to the information of order, balance, harmony and flow inherent in our bodies, our earth and our universe. We live in a universe […]


Often in bodywork and movement work and in many self-help books, the instruction to “be more fully in the body” is a common one. It will bring a greater health, and is often considered a sign of health, to “be in your body.” What we need, though, in order to follow this instruction effectively, is […]