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SourcePoint and Mythic Vision

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photo by Josh Schrei

Mythology. As those of you have been to workshops have seen, the principles of SourcePoint have resonances with so many different traditions of healing, philosophy, spirituality, art, shamanism, and yes, modern science also. We didn’t plan it that way, we didn’t formulate our principles based on other traditions, the information was given to us and we found the parallels later. Now I’m exploring the resonance with ancient mythologies. Thursday night was the first in a series of classes with my son Josh Schrei, who has studied these mythologies for years. The class is “Mythic Vision for Mythic Times.”

What is mythic vision, mythic experience? Through the stories, the myths we discover our histories of our relationship to cosmic forces, our place in the universe, we learn how to be careful working with cosmic forces, the importance of getting out of the way. While different cultures have different myths, there is a commonality of themes across cultures. Josh described different aspects of mythic vision. Almost every one had a direct relationship to SourcePoint.

Through mythic vision we learn the answer to the question “Why are we here?” To reconnect. To experience our fundamental human birthright, which is… connection to Source. And in SourcePoint we can say, health is our birthright. And connection to Source is fundamental to health.

Or as Tyson Yunkaporta says in his book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World” – from the Aboriginal perspective, humans are here as a “custodial species.” How simple is that? We are here to care for each other, our relations, our earth, our home in the galaxy.

Mythic vision gives us experience of “the seamless reciprocity between the individual and the natural world.” (Josh) Reciprocity is a good word for what happens in a SourcePoint session.

Mythic vision allows us to re-establish the context of our lives, “for cosmos, consciousness and community to be linked.” We talk about context all the time in SourcePoint. What is the context of our lives these days? Is it the chaos of the outer world? What happens if we relate to that from the context of the cosmic forces of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow? How does that change our interactions with community? How does it change us?

The last one I’ll mention here is this: mythic vision constantly enacts itself. Through story, ritual, dance, ceremony, song, in so many ways that connection to Source, that context, manifests itself. That word “enactment” led me to think of SourcePoint in that way. We are “enacting” the re-connection to Source, to the cosmic Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. There is a definite ritual aspect of SourcePoint practice, in the precision of the practices, in the ground of sacred geometry.

SourcePoint has its own creation myth, actually. I will leave that for another time. A myth is not a fiction. It is an enactment of the living reality of our connection to Source, to cosmos, to the world and to each other.

The class is a series of 4, and the first one was recorded and can be accessed. Class ends September 24. Permanent access to class material.

Access the registration information here

Empty Mind, Full Heart

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Summer Solstice night Bob and I did an Awareness session together about the significance of this Solstice.

Here is an edited and somewhat abbreviated transcription.

“Let us remember that at one time the rhythm of the seasons, the solstice, the equinox, the turning of the wheel of the year, all were celebrated and honored over all the world. Through this alignment of human beings with the inherent rhythm of nature, a greater order existed then in the world of nature.

Solstice is the longest day of the year, or the shortest, depending on where one is. At the equator the day and night are of equal length. This tells us that there’s always a meeting point between extremes. There’s always a place to come together in any polarity. These days it’s very important for people to find that space with each other. 

Just as we speak about the entry point in SourcePoint, there’s a meeting point in consciousness. That in essence is another way of describing the Triad: a meeting point beyond ordinary consciousness.

That meeting point, in the Buddhist tradition, can be called simply empty mind, empty awareness, where there is no attachment to a particular perspective but rather simply the experience of unimpeded, unobstructed awareness.

This empty mind is merely the capacity to empty one’s consciousness of judgment and opinion and attachment. It’s a simple act of emptying the mind before communicating with another person. To approach another with empty mind and a heart full of compassion and a true desire to understand is radical. This sounds very difficult. It is not actually so very difficult, if one really wants to do it.

So that’s the place where polarities meet and resolve: in the empty mind and full heart. That is the meeting point.

A meditation/contemplation in relation to the meeting point: imagine the earth, and see within it, a vertical line from north pole to south, a horizontal line at the latitude of the equator. And the point at the center of the vertical-horizontal axis is the meeting point. Imagine yourself at that point.

Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation, at the very heart of the earth, and yourself in the center. 

In a certain sense, it’s really like the navel of the earth where you are, in this meditation. In the mandala, the pattern of the earth’s energetic inner structure, you can sit at the point of emergence. You are not deep down underground; you are in the center of the Earth mandala, the point of emergence. And that point is where polarized energies meet and communicate with each other.

Within the energetic structures of SourcePoint, there are patterns that you can work with, on your own or with others. You can enter these mandalas, alone or in communication with others, to support clarity, truth and understanding.

Perceiving the Diamond in the vertical-horizontal axis within the earth, you can feel it also within yourself, recognizing that pattern is fundamental to life, whether it is that of the planet or an individual person, that vertical-horizontal axis is found as a basis for creation. There are mysteries to explore in that vertical-horizontal axis and those patterns that are formed in relation to it: the Egg, the Diamond, the Circle, the Square.

To explore the language of pattern is to connect to the Earth in a very specific way. To speak to it and to listen. All human beings once spoke and understood this language; in many cultures there is even a written language of pattern.

So the summer solstice is a time to feel the rhythm, the order, the underlying pattern of existence and being, and experience how supportive it can be.

Any time one aligns with the rhythm of the seasons, of day and night, dawn and twilight, one is in touch with the underlying pattern, the Blueprint, to call it that, of existence.

It is like the breath. Everything lives in a state of inhalation and exhalation.

Attuned to that rhythm, in that state of alignment, that is the place from which one can listen and communicate with an empty mind and a full heart.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.”

My commentary: It is only one person we have to take to this meeting point, and that’s ourselves. We cannot demand the other person be coming from our idea of this point of empty mind, full heart. It’s a choice we make for ourselves, in order to listen more deeply and carefully. And, automatically from that point of view, there is no judgment of the other person for being exactly where they are, no demand that they meet our idea of what “empty mind, full heart” looks like. There can be righteous anger in a full heart for sure. Peace is not the absence of conflict. The meeting point holds every emotion, every history, every story and seeks to genuinely and empathetically understand it. What I call the Awareness comes from that place. In my ordinary consciousness I’m not there yet. Most of us aren’t. We have our moments. In conclusion,I request these words not be used to tone police, anyone ,anywhere, ever.

You can also listen to the unedited original of the Awareness session here. it is very meditative, with long pauses, as the Awareness follows the threads of information that arise. It’s a good demonstration of why a transcribed Awareness session requires editing. Lots of “ums” and “ahs” and big spaces, not linear, you can feel the Awareness waiting for the information to arise, to become clear. People often ask me what’s happening during those pauses. Nothing as far as I’m concerned. It’s just space. That spacious Awareness from which thoughts, feelings, insights, information — manifest.

in consciousness there is a place called peace

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In times of distress, conflict and chaos, we can find within us a place of peace. There is a space of Awareness where we can find refuge, rest and restoration. We go there not for the purpose of escaping this world or denying the reality of its suffering. We go there in order to return with greater strength, clarity, determination, and purpose, to enter into the activities and demands of the world, to bring greater awareness, healing, justice and love to this world that is our home. Meditation is the entryway to that place.

SourcePoint · Peace

Awareness 2020

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deep in the breath

beyond knowing

peace blossoms

(from “not poems: moments of Awareness,” © Donna Thomson 2018)

Our greatest gift is Awareness. It is inherent in all of us, and indeed in all life. Mystics and sages of all the ages have identified consciousness as the fundamental ground of the universe, the source of our being. There are modern thinkers and scientists who are coming to the same conclusion.

In these times, we need to grow our Awareness of our awareness, to enter into that greater consciousness from which we arise. We need honed, clear, loving Awareness to navigate the waters these days. We need to experience the spacious Awareness that is our birthright, our greatest gift, to receive the nourishment, relief, support, and guidance that can be found in that field.

It matters to take time (about 16 minutes in this instance) to experience that Awareness within us, to feel it, to know it is there. It will help us make choices in alignment with that which is in Order, and Balance, and Harmony and Flow, that which is true, just, and kind. It will help us see clearly what we need, what the world needs, and to act accordingly.

Moments of Awareness throughout the day illuminate our way, and bring greater peace and harmony to our lives

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering.

Order and Chaos 2020

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life whispers in my heart

i exist on the delicate edge

of chaos and order

this word


from the ancient greek


the abyss

the vast emptiness that precedes creation


from the latin ordinem






a row of threads on a loom)


from the abyss

a pattern is woven

we call it life

too much order

we become rigid and dense

too much chaos

we dissolve

in the existential void

for a brief moment

in time

we breathe

we dance

we laugh and cry

we love

on that shifting boundary

the ever receding horizon

the subliminal edge

we call life

(from my book “not poems: moments of Awareness, ©2018)

With all the chaos out there, take time to go inward and connect with the cosmic order. There is an order, a sacred geometry, that brings us balance and underlies everything. Ancient cultures, healers, philosophers, and mathematicians knew this. Modern science is rediscovering it. Here is today’s meditation to guide you into the experience of that resource that is there waiting for us. Chapter 3: Sacred Geometry Meditation. 10 minutes.

Image by Bob Schrei ©2017

Connecting to Source 2020

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Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow

Words that can shift your mood, your mind, your heart and spirit into greater Awareness, greater connection with the Blueprint of health. Four tiny golden seed points we can visualize or sense in some way, all around the body, in perfect pattern and proportion, full of intention and purpose. These points are alive with intention: to bring the information of the Blueprint, to connect us with the fundamental Source of our being. All we have to do is pay attention, to focus on them. You can hold the points in your Awareness for yourself, just as a practitioner can with their hand, when they are doing a SourcePoint Therapy ® session.

Did you know, the brain maps the area approximately 18 inches out from the body, just as it does the body? The field of the body extends beyond the body itself. Mystics and healers and seers have known that for millennia. Science is now discovering it. And these specific points in that field have specific functions just as acupuncture points do. 

What we call the Diamond Points organize energy. A mandala emerges in your energy field as you work with them, as you invite them to radiate their intention and purpose for you. That energetic structure strengthens, organizes, conserves and balances your personal energy. 

When we focus on these points, we are focusing on our inherent health.

Read more about the Diamond Points

Experiment with these points in the Chapter Two Meditation: The Diamond Points

Listen, breathe, and imagine. Three blessed abilities of the human being.

The Diamond Points
SourcePoint Therapy®2004

Meditations for Today’s World 2020

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Dear Friends, in these times, SourcePoint Therapy has much to offer. Remember, as some of you have heard in workshops, every time one single person connects with the Blueprint of Health for the human being, with that fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the universal life force energy, that information enters into the web of life and interbeing on this planet. So many people have commented on how this virus is bringing a greater awareness of how we are all interrelated. As Chief Seattle said, what we do to the web we do to ourselves. And what I always say, that means, what we do to ourselves, we do to the web. Take time to connect with the information of Health and it will support you and in supporting you it supports others. The information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow is sorely needed to support everything that is being done at the physical, medical, scientific level right now. 

Simple SourcePoint practices can bring this connection and nourish, support and strengthen each of us right now: Meditation with the Diamond Points, the Guardian Points, The Gold Points in the Chakras, and the Navel Point. If you haven’t learned the Guardian Points yet or any of the other protocols mentioned, simply acknowledge and invoke “the Guardian energies of the body” and imagine yourself surrounded by golden light. These protocols as a daily practice bring a greater calm and nourish us. They help us navigate this uncharted territory. There are scientific studies showing meditation enhances and supports the immune system. I’ve said it for many years, and I’m saying it again: in today’s world, meditation is not an esoteric practice, it’s a survival skill…

To encourage that, in the next week, starting Wednesday, every couple of days, in the evening (Mountain Time) I’ll be posting a specific audio meditation from the SourcePoint book to help us focus on health in these challenging times. I’ll post an introduction and the link to the meditation. I’m not setting a specific time where we are all meditating together, you’ll have a couple of days to work with one meditation at a time at your own pace. 

Also during this time I’ll be bringing in and recording some new meditations to share with you in the following weeks. I’ll also be educating myself in Facebook Live (I’m told it’s very simple) and Zoom (I’m told it’s also very simple) so that those who want to can come together at the same time and share meditation together. 

Here’s the sequence of meditations I’ll be posting this week. Please join me for a journey into the Blueprint. I hope that people will find this helpful. I know I need some structure right now in the midst of all the outer chaos. Most of these meditations are between 7-15 minutes. 

Day One: Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow

Day Two: The Diamond Points

Day Three: Geometry as the Language of the Blueprint

Day Four: The Internal Scan

Day Five: Invoking the Guardian Energies of the Body (The Golden Egg)

Day Six: Deep Intention

For now, I’ll share a practice i do regularly. I close my eyes and visualize our beautiful earth floating in space. I imagine the the Diamond Points around the globe, in sequence, looking at it, from its right to left: Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation. A gold line draws itself from point to point, creating that Diamond pattern around the globe. I repeat the words, Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. I observe the earth and all its inhabitants in that diamond pattern (which is not only applicable to humans). I recognize the inherent Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the universal energy of Source manifest as this beautiful planet. 

There is a saying of the Buddha’s: “Protecting others, we protect ourselves. Protecting ourselves, we protect others.” May we all practice this. May we support each other in maintaining a focus on health in a world out of balance, while maintaining an awareness and acceptance of the realities we are dealing with.

Imagination and Healing

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IMAGINATION. Over years, I have listened while people recount to me their intensely beautiful mystical and visionary experiences. I have felt honored that so many have felt able to share with me what perhaps no one else has ever heard. Why so much reluctance to share these experiences? Because people think the experiences are weird, or that someone who has them is weird, or they think maybe they are “crazy.” 

Or, the most consistent question of all, “How do I know this isn’t just my imagination ?” That’s a phrase we are taught from childhood and it instantly discounts and dismisses the power of imagination.

Those of you who have been to workshops with me have heard me say – the imagination is the doorway to spiritual and mystical and healing vision. It is the doorway to experiencing the vastness of our consciousness and our universe, the reality of other dimensions, the possibilities inherent in the human mind. 

In the practice of SourcePoint we utilize our gift of imagination. We “imagine” the Diamond Points around a person. We imagine the presence of the BluePrint. We imagine the Eight-Pointed Star. This doesn’t mean it’s “just” our imagination. It doesn’t mean we are making it up. It means we are observing and connecting with what we can’t see with our ordinary eyes, and in that, calling those realities present, opening the gateway to information from other realms to manifest here.

Intention creates what we can call informed and intentional imagination. We aren’t merely fantasizing according to our hopes, fears, and desires. We open those doors and access that information for the specific purpose of bringing healing for ourselves and others.

In the third episode of his Podcast series “The Emerald” Josh Schrei explores the place of imagination, altered consciousness, trance states and mystical visions in the human consciousness, presenting the view that this was once our natural state of consciousness, millennia ago. We have inherent within us the capacity for vision and transcendental experience. And he explores the “what if” of bringing forth this vision in today’s world. 

For all of you who are mystics, visionaries, and explorers of consciousness,  you will love this episode. It’s a half hour of pure confirmation of what you have always really known about yourself, the nature of human consciousness, and that beautiful space in consciousness known as imagination.

Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts. Other options are available from that page

Healing and Love

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Sketch by Bob Schrei


Dear Friends,

Due to some circumstances I’ve been experiencing, I’ve had the opportunity these last months to reflect a lot on the Blueprint. Connecting with it consciously and regularly. Feeling it at work in my life. 

Those of you who have been to workshops have heard us say the fundamental nature of the Blueprint is  – Love.

The Blueprint nourishes and sustains us, holds us always, gives rise to life, takes care of our health and well-being… that sounds a lot like what we call love. It’s also unconditional.  It’s there in each of us as our fundamental nature, what it means to be human.

We say also the breath is the messenger of the Blueprint in the body.  You can feel it. Sit quietly and become aware of your breath. You can feel how the breath loves you.  The breath is the tender touch of love, palpable. The breath vibrates with what we call love. It nourishes. It supports. It calms and soothes.

Emerging from an extended period of illness, I am aware of the heightened awareness such an experience can bring. The breath is so precious. Life is so precious. Each one of us is so precious, so unique and unrepeatable, so exquisitely who we are.

And I have a heightened awareness of how precious to me the information of the Blueprint is, as I have experienced it through the practice of SourcePoint for myself and others.  I have had the opportunity to move more deeply into the experience of its essence, simplicity, and the light it brings, to know more deeply the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow it brings to my inner state of being in difficult circumstances, and to the dance of my life.


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donna offering 2016

At the Ganges River, India, 2016 (photo by Josh Schrei)


A story. About water spirits. A true one, although what it means, I do not know. I simply share it.

At our little house at the edge of the forest, we have a well. It was an artesian well, it poured forth its water blessings when first drilled. It’s a good well. This autumn we began to have some residue in the water. We checked everything, the pressure tank, the pump etc. No problem with them. It kept getting worse. The water was unusable.

Background: I talk to water spirits. I have for years. They often respond in the form of a whisper of rain, a shift in the wind, a cloud drifting by. All things one could attribute to coincidence. Or not. Living where I do, I can step outside and be swallowed by the sky and stars. It is a good place to develop a relationship with the spirits of nature and the elements. Over the years the relationship deepened.  I was given a prayer by the water spirits to say regularly:

“Oh Thunder Beings who open the gates of the rain, cloud beings who nourish the rain, spirit of wind that brings the rain, water spirits who embody the rain,

I acknowledge you and ask for your blessing.”

This last year I was away from our home frequently, for extended travel and also because of renovation and repair work being done. I neglected to say the prayer as frequently as usual. I didn’t connect. I forgot, often.

So, in the autumn, one day as we were trying to figure out who to call, what to do next in relation to the well, we were doing an awareness session. (see elsewhere in this blog for what an awareness session is…) The topic of the session was not water.

It was nature, the extreme events, the floods and the fires.

Suddenly the Awareness brought up the matter of the well. What could be causing the problem? We explored. And what arose was this. The Awareness said: you haven’t been connecting with the water spirits as often as you should. You have been neglecting them. We need to connect with them, now.

And so we did, through prayer and acknowledgment, with apology and understanding that the relationship I have with them had been compromised. Truly the intimate relationship with spirit is like any other relationship, it requires care and attention.

Literally the next morning the residue was less, and by the next day, the water seemed to be running entirely clear.


Coincidence? Perhaps. Quite a coincidence though, since this condition had been happening for over a month.

Of course we are still having our water tested, and will be working with someone to install a filter on the well.

And in my heart, I get the message.




As human beings in this modern world, we have forgotten, we forget, over and over.

We forget to take care of spirit.

We forget to take care of those we love.

We forget to take of ourselves.

And the earth.

We live in a culture that has forgotten.

There are oases of remembering, in ancient spiritual traditions, in indigenous traditions, in our own hearts and minds.

But the prevailing culture is founded on forgetting.

Remembering brings healing.

That was the message of the water spirits for me this winter solstice, at the time of the returning of the light. This happened in the days just before the solstice. Coincidence? Perhaps.

There is an Order. There is Balance. There is Harmony. There is Flow.

SourcePoint is one way among many of connecting to Source.

As we embark on this year of 2018, let us remember Source, and all our relationships and connections within Source. Let us take care of each other, the earth, spirit and ourselves. It is no easy task. It requires a lot of remembering.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.