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Here’s another fundamental principle of SourcePoint Therapy: good health=good communication. In SourcePoint we are opening up our communication with that larger field of information in which we dwell. We are opening ourselves to the information of order, balance, harmony and flow inherent in our bodies, our earth and our universe.

We live in a universe that is constantly communicating with itself. Physicists describe an interactive and entangled universe. Quantum entanglement means that particles of energy/matter, separated by vast distances, can interact with each other instantaneously, in a communication that is non-local and not limited by the speed of light.

To quote the Buddha once again, “In this fathom-high body is the entire universe, and its arising, and its ceasing.” Take a look at the video below. Within this body, inside the brain, there are billions of neurons in constant communication with each other, creating billions of neural pathways. When I see these energy connections in videos such as this one, I think, ah, there’s the Mandala Realm again, a web of energy and light, point and lines. As above, so below. Microcosm mirrors macrocosm. This self is a network of energy patterns forming and re-forming, dancing in endless beauty and creativity. The neurons in my brain have billions of “welcome receptors” and when those receptors receive a message, they can create instantly up to 50,000 connections with other neurons, passing the message along. My self is constantly communicating with itself, and I can easily imagine that network of pathways extending itself beyond the physical body into my immediate energy field, out into the farther reaches of the galaxy. Then I can begin to understand that the self that is communicating with itself extends far beyond the boundaries of this physical body.

If I reflect on this communication that is going on in my brain every single moment, and I see that process as a mirror of the communication that is always happening in that larger information field, then I get another insight into what is happening when we hold the points. It’s hard to put into words, and I’m going on imagination here. I’m imagining holding that Source Point off to the right of the body. My mind, through my hand, is transmitting the message to that point that we want to connect with information of health in the universal information field, so the point is perhaps like a synapse, and the message travels along a network of points, and each point sends the message to the next point, until it reaches its destination, in a moment of split-second-beyond-time non-travel, and then the information travels back as instantaneously along whatever network is set up for it. I’m imagining the universe as a vast brain, I guess, or even more accurately, a vast body. And in that vast body communication is always happening as that universe-body seeks to maintain the balance, order, harmony and flow of all its parts. Rupert Sheldrake speaks of “nested hierarchical fields,” field within field within field, body within body within body. Ervin Laszlo says, “The physical world is a reflection of energy vibrations from more subtle worlds that, in turn, are reflections of still more subtle energy fields.” As the ancient seers in India knew, the nadis, or energy channels, both permeate and surround the body (see image above).

So, it is not just that we live in a great flow of communication and information; each one of us is a flow of communication and information. In our personal lives many of us have discovered that an open flow of communication is important for the health of our relationships and our communities. It’s equally important for the health of our physical bodies. Next week I’ll look at some “down to earth” implications of this. This week, join me in traveling to the furthest reaches of your imagination, letting yourself journey through the cosmos and deep into yourself”¦with the growing understanding these are not two.

Once again, I’m convinced the imagination is a powerful means of exploring and understanding this wondrous self, world and universe. If I could, I’d eliminate the dismissive phrase, “Oh, it’s just your imagination” from everyone’s vocabulary.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei