Guardians of the Body

One can say that the body has its guardians. Some people experience these as external entities such as guardian angels but there are guardian energies within the body itself. You can directly invoke these guardians of the body. You could identify them at a biochemical, neuro-immunological level as glandular secretions, hormones, chemicals, transmitters, mineral balances, blood cells, lymph fluid. The body is full of guardians. The body responds to imagery, thought and language. There are now countless scientific studies that demonstrate this. Recent research also shows that meditation strengthens the immune system. With this simple meditation, one can invoke the guardians of the body.

Lie down, close your eyes, surround yourself with an egg of golden light, and place the hands cupped over the navel area, with the palm of either hand over the navel and the other on top. Invoke the guardians of the body. Say out loud “I call upon the guardians of the body to protect and strengthen this physical body.” Then simply relax experience the warmth in the belly, and imagine the light surrounding and permeating the body.

In SourcePoint Therapy one learns to work with the guardians of the body through the use of specific guardian points on the physical body.