SourcePoint and Mythic Vision

photo by Josh Schrei

Mythology. As those of you have been to workshops have seen, the principles of SourcePoint have resonances with so many different traditions of healing, philosophy, spirituality, art, shamanism, and yes, modern science also. We didn’t plan it that way, we didn’t formulate our principles based on other traditions, the information was given to us and we found the parallels later. Now I’m exploring the resonance with ancient mythologies. Thursday night was the first in a series of classes with my son Josh Schrei, who has studied these mythologies for years. The class is “Mythic Vision for Mythic Times.”

What is mythic vision, mythic experience? Through the stories, the myths we discover our histories of our relationship to cosmic forces, our place in the universe, we learn how to be careful working with cosmic forces, the importance of getting out of the way. While different cultures have different myths, there is a commonality of themes across cultures. Josh described different aspects of mythic vision. Almost every one had a direct relationship to SourcePoint.

Through mythic vision we learn the answer to the question “Why are we here?” To reconnect. To experience our fundamental human birthright, which is… connection to Source. And in SourcePoint we can say, health is our birthright. And connection to Source is fundamental to health.

Or as Tyson Yunkaporta says in his book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World” – from the Aboriginal perspective, humans are here as a “custodial species.” How simple is that? We are here to care for each other, our relations, our earth, our home in the galaxy.

Mythic vision gives us experience of “the seamless reciprocity between the individual and the natural world.” (Josh) Reciprocity is a good word for what happens in a SourcePoint session.

Mythic vision allows us to re-establish the context of our lives, “for cosmos, consciousness and community to be linked.” We talk about context all the time in SourcePoint. What is the context of our lives these days? Is it the chaos of the outer world? What happens if we relate to that from the context of the cosmic forces of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow? How does that change our interactions with community? How does it change us?

The last one I’ll mention here is this: mythic vision constantly enacts itself. Through story, ritual, dance, ceremony, song, in so many ways that connection to Source, that context, manifests itself. That word “enactment” led me to think of SourcePoint in that way. We are “enacting” the re-connection to Source, to the cosmic Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. There is a definite ritual aspect of SourcePoint practice, in the precision of the practices, in the ground of sacred geometry.

SourcePoint has its own creation myth, actually. I will leave that for another time. A myth is not a fiction. It is an enactment of the living reality of our connection to Source, to cosmos, to the world and to each other.

The class is a series of 4, and the first one was recorded and can be accessed. Class ends September 24. Permanent access to class material.

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