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Imagination and Healing

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IMAGINATION. Over years, I have listened while people recount to me their intensely beautiful mystical and visionary experiences. I have felt honored that so many have felt able to share with me what perhaps no one else has ever heard. Why so much reluctance to share these experiences? Because people think the experiences are weird, or that someone who has them is weird, or they think maybe they are “crazy.” 

Or, the most consistent question of all, “How do I know this isn’t just my imagination ?” That’s a phrase we are taught from childhood and it instantly discounts and dismisses the power of imagination.

Those of you who have been to workshops with me have heard me say – the imagination is the doorway to spiritual and mystical and healing vision. It is the doorway to experiencing the vastness of our consciousness and our universe, the reality of other dimensions, the possibilities inherent in the human mind. 

In the practice of SourcePoint we utilize our gift of imagination. We “imagine” the Diamond Points around a person. We imagine the presence of the BluePrint. We imagine the Eight-Pointed Star. This doesn’t mean it’s “just” our imagination. It doesn’t mean we are making it up. It means we are observing and connecting with what we can’t see with our ordinary eyes, and in that, calling those realities present, opening the gateway to information from other realms to manifest here.

Intention creates what we can call informed and intentional imagination. We aren’t merely fantasizing according to our hopes, fears, and desires. We open those doors and access that information for the specific purpose of bringing healing for ourselves and others.

In the third episode of his Podcast series “The Emerald” Josh Schrei explores the place of imagination, altered consciousness, trance states and mystical visions in the human consciousness, presenting the view that this was once our natural state of consciousness, millennia ago. We have inherent within us the capacity for vision and transcendental experience. And he explores the “what if” of bringing forth this vision in today’s world. 

For all of you who are mystics, visionaries, and explorers of consciousness,  you will love this episode. It’s a half hour of pure confirmation of what you have always really known about yourself, the nature of human consciousness, and that beautiful space in consciousness known as imagination.

Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts. Other options are available from that page

Ancient Wisdom

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I love exploring writings of ancient wisdom and finding resonances with SourcePoint. My current source is “The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts” by Susan Brind Morrow. It’s a new and brilliant, poetic and spirit-filled, translation. The Pyramid Texts are etched on the walls of a burial chamber of a long ago pharaoh, Unis (also known as Unas).

As Morrow interprets these verses, they are instructions for the soul of Unis and its journey upon death. Really, any soul. And the texts are explorations of the nature of soul, self, universe and Source.

Here’s what she says of a passage from the Antechamber, North Wall. She’s discussing hieroglyphs of falcons, twin falcons:

The twin is the Platonic concept of the template: you exist before you exist, and you exist after you exist, because there is a pattern that is the template for your existence, the geometric essence of your existence….(p.71)

So once again, in the 24th century BC, engraved in symbols on a stone wall, we find evidence of the deep knowledge of what we call the Blueprint. That’s exactly how we define the Blueprint of health for the human being that we work with in SourcePoint; it is the template for our existence. There is power in lineage, and the Blueprint has its lineage, it has been known in some form always by ancient cultures, its presence can be found in cultures and times throughout the world and its history.

Here’s more from these same texts. …’ma’a’ (is) the Egyptian word for ‘truth,’ which comes into Greek as ‘moira,’ ‘fate.’ The hieroglyphic word is spelled with a ruler, indicating that measurement is ultimate truth, the cosmic order, the invisible underlying pattern that manifests in geometry, in astronomy, in sound.

Morrow continues, The hieroglyphic word ‘herw’ [sound, vibration] is often paired with the word ma’a ‘truth’ as the noble goal of life: one strives at death to have accomplished ‘ma’a herw,’ not to speak the truth or have a true voice but to be true to the clean underlying pattern of what one is, the ma’a herw- the true vibration, the vibration of truth. (p.88)

This strikes me as another way of describing the Blueprint, the deepest truth of our being, of who we are. The Blueprint contains the essential information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow necessary for matter and life to manifest from the universal energy. The Blueprint is our fundamental truth, what we all have in common as human beings. We embody that Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, that truth. We are the vibration of truth.

Here’s more on truth from “The Dawning Moon of the Mind.:”

Ma’at, the embodiment of truth, marked with a feather, is the continuous, measured uncontrollable movement through space that is the natural order of things. The truth is the innate order of the universe that underlies life on earth as a physical reality. It is visible at any time and contradicts the assumption that death is the ultimate reality. The ultimate reality is the underlying order and its pervasive beauty. Even disorder is ruled by, folds into and emerges from ultimate order. (p.216)

Life and death are inextricably intertwined, their rhythm is that of the cosmic order, the natural order. In the material world, we live with polarities, everything contains the seed of its opposite. Thus from order, disorder can arise. From balance, imbalance, from harmony, disharmony, and from flow, rigidity. But the opposite is inevitably true, and so from disorder, order can return, and so on.  Cycles and spirals and turnings of wheels within wheels. What a marvelous universe is our home. What a marvelous awareness allows us to experience ourselves, our true nature, the fundamental beauty that everything is, that we are.

On this night of the full moon of February 10, 2017, I wish you the experience of the fullness of who you are, the beauty of your fundamental nature, the wisdom of your essential mind, and the love that dwells in the heart of everything.


Focus on the Blueprint: A Reminder

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SourcePoint Day 3Blackboard sketch by Bob Schrei

This month’s post is contributed by Bob Schrei, and is an important reminder where our focus lies in the practice of SourcePoint Therapy®. It is specifically intended for practitioners who have been trained in our workshops.

In the three basic modules of SourcePoint Therapy® the emphasis is on placing your focus on bringing the information of the Blueprint to the blockage rather than on the systems of the body. The reason for this is that practitioners can be too involved in the systems of the body to be able to practice SourcePoint effectively. They are constantly being drawn into the story that is unfolding in the soma rather than keeping their focus on the information of the Blueprint. They are being drawn into the details of various parts and systems of the body, including the energetic, rather than keeping their focus on the health of the system.

Remember that SourcePoint can be practiced effectively by people who do not have extensive training in manual therapies, and in fact, it is often easier for them precisely because they do not have the background of continually tracking what is happening in the system, either at the structural/functional level, cranial/sacral level, fluid level, nervous system level, meridian and chakra levels or any other system of the body.

Many practitioners rely on getting information from the body to guide them in their work. In SourcePoint that is not the focus. Of course you keep track of what is happening and check in with clients as to how they are feeling and experiencing the work. But it is the information of the Blueprint that guides our work, and we are simply bringing the information of the Blueprint to the body. That information, the full potential that we have as human beings for health at every level of our being, is the focus of our attention.

In SourcePoint we speak of the the therapeutic relationship as a triad rather than a dyad. The information, light, and energy of the Blueprint is the third partner in that triad.

Our work as a practioner is to stay connected to that field of information and to keep the client connected to that information. Once rapport is established between you and your client at the beginning of the session, the focus is taken off of the inter-personal relationship and the focus is on connecting the client to their own resources and potential and staying in that field ourselves. We are not “channeling” the information, energy, or light of the Blueprint through our own bodies and fields, but creating the context for that interface to take place.

When I become aware of my attention being drawn into the phenomena of the body, I step back for a moment, connect with my breath, and re-focus my awareness to the information of the Blueprint through the eight-pointed star as a placeholder for the information of the Blueprint, or any of the other methods that we learn in SourcePoint to connect to that field of information.

For those of you who do have extensive backgrounds in a variety of therapeutic modalities it eventually becomes possible to be aware of both your connection to the Blueprint and what is occurring in the soma. But with experience you are able to be aware without letting your fascination be what leads you or forms your practice. The only strategy from a SourcePoint perspective is : How can I more effectively bring the information of the Blueprint to the body?

© Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013

SourcePoint and The Horse

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Source Point Trooper 15Bob holds the Sacral Point for Trooper, who hangs out with James Cassese at Equine Energetix

The exploration of SourcePoint Therapy for horses continues. For those of you who have been following this, I’m happy to offer some further information about the Diamond Points and the Sacral Point in relation to horses. Also there is new information about the Heart Point that I had seen when originally looking at the question of how to use SourcePoint for horses, and also about using the eight-pointed star when working with horses. Much of this information emerged in an Awareness session with Monica McKenzie, a SourcePoint student and practitioner who works regularly with horses. She had also discovered this Heart point in her own explorations, and together we were able to refine our understanding of the function of this point. Here is a summary of what has emerged recently. I speak about “the horse” in its archetypal sense, the spirit of the horse, which emerges in all individual horses. It also means each individual horse you might encounter and work with.

The Eight-Pointed Star: In SourcePoint Therapy we use this energetic structure as a “placeholder” for the Blueprint, another way to connect with it. It is a useful configuration for visualization. It can serve as the “third point” in the therapeutic triad, a focus for the practitioner’s attention, to help maintain the focus on the Blueprint. It seems the horse has a strong connection with this pattern. Indeed, often horses have a kind of “star” on their foreheads. In the horse, this pattern relates to their third-eye chakra, which is very strong. Horses receive a lot of information through this chakra. From the SourcePoint perspective, it seems to be a large area extending in a column from between the eyes upward into the forehead and opening out at what I believe is called the forelock, the top of the forehead. People can facilitate their communication with the horse by following this practice:

Imagine an eight-pointed star in your own third-eye chakra. Then imagine a ray of light going up to an eight-pointed star above you, between you and the horse. Another ray of light goes down to the third-eye chakra of the horse, where you also visualize or imagine an eight-pointed star.

This approach not only facilitates communication with the horse, it can help people open their third-eye chakras. Because that center is so strong in the horse, if you spend time simply being with the horse, with no intention other than to open your third-eye and develop your capacity to sense and feel, this visualization can help you to open your own intuitive ability.

The Heart Point: This point is on a plane with the Source, Grounding and Activation Points, directly in front of the horse’s chest and the area of the heart. Its function is not to connect to the Blueprint, but rather to establish the human-horse connection. Horses have a strong attraction to humans, but at the same time many have been wounded in their relationship to humans. This point re-establishes trust and opens the way for further work. It is the entry point for horses.

The Sacral Point: In both humans and horses, the sacrum holds ancestral and evolutionary memory. The Sacral Point is important in treating horses; it calms, soothes and relaxes the nervous system and helps the horse receive whatever work you are giving.

The Diamond Points and the Blueprint: There has been much discussion about the location of the Diamond Points in the horse. We encourage people to continue to work with them and to see what your experience is, and to share that with us. We see that the Source and Activation point are located in relation to the navel. They are at the mid-line of the horse’s trunk, so therefore perhaps a little above the navel, but directly out from the navel. The Grounding Point is out from rear of the horse on the same plane as these two points. The “Diamond” tilts upward around the shoulder area, and the Transformation Point is located out in front from third-eye area of the horse’s head, from the forehead to the top of the forehead (not the crown). The Transformation Point may be held from the front with the hand vertical and slightly cupped, pointing straight up in front of the horse’s head.

With the horse, it isn’t necessary to hold the points for very long, especially the Transformation Point. If the horse shies away when you are holding this point, it simply means that a second may literally be enough since horses are so sensitive in this third-eye area. Horses are naturally connected to the Blueprint. When you treat people, you are reminding their whole system of its connection to the Blueprint that has been forgotten and weakened. Unless a horse has been abused, you are simply acknowledging the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow in which the horse dwells. You are attuning yourself to the field the horse knows well, and this is experienced by the horse as a great relief, as it is usually having to attune itself to the human.

In general here is one possible SourcePoint Therapy protocol for horses:

The eight-pointed star practice to facilitate communication

The Heart Point to establish connection and trust.

The Sacral Point to calm, soothe and relax.

The Diamond Points to connect to the Blueprint.

(Whatever other work you may wish to do)

Close with the Sacral Point.

All this is offered in the spirit of exploration and possibility. It’s the process by which SourcePoint continues to evolve. We encourage people to work with what’s here. See what works and doesn’t work. See what emerges for you. Share your experience, and we’ll keep learning.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012

Gravity as an Ordering Force

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Ida Rolf said, “Gravity is the therapist.” Recently some Structural Integration practitioners have asked about the relationship between SourcePoint Therapy®, the Blueprint, and gravity, so here are some reflections on this topic.

Gravity is a force that defines our orientation in the material world. Structural Integration, with its emphasis its emphasis on gravity, orients people in the world of space, time, physicality, locality and structure, all elements of the material world.

Practitioners know that resistance to change in the physical body can be very strong. You can re-orient the person in gravity, but the ancestral, karmic and other conditioning forces of past experience can pull people right out of orientation again. Connecting directly to the Blueprint information through the Diamond Points helps in keeping the client oriented and shifting deep resistance.

Structural Integration and SourcePoint Therapy are a powerful combination. When the forces of the material world are in harmony, they reflect the natural Order of the Blueprint. “As above, so below.” The Blueprint is an ordering force. Gravity is an ordering force at this level of reality. Both Sourcepoint and Structural Integration seek to align with ordering forces.

In today’s world it’s easy to get stuck in the world of gravity, physicality, locality, gravity, and time, to think that’s all there is. Then you lose the connection to the world of non-physicality, non-locality, non-gravity, beyond time and space. For example, shamanic journeying assumes a realm with different characteristics than the material, not defined by gravity, time and locality. The Blueprint dimension is not limited by time, space, distance, or any of the defining characteristics of the material world. When the focus of healing work is only on gravity, physicality and locality, there is the danger of losing sight of the dimension of non-physicality and non-locality. Then you are cut off from the information that is available from that realm. It’s possible to become more of a mechanic. The Newtonian universe (with its emphasis on gravity) is often described as a mechanistic universe. The reverse is also true; many energy work practitioners get removed from this world of gravity, density, and matter. Ida Rolf was tuned into the non-duality of the energetic and material realms, and the relationship between them in terms of producing healing at the material level. This is very clear from her writings, her research, and her lectures.

I close with an excerpt from an earlier post, Ida Rolf: Structure and Spirit. In her book Rolfing and Physical Reality Dr. Rolf speaks about how you can’t, as a human being, ignore the force of gravity, or the fact that you are a physical body and not spirit only:

“Well, a spirit is in charge of the situation, but not in the way many people think. The spirit is in charge to tell the individual that he can so organize his body that he is now in line with a supporting force.”

SourcePoint Therapy is a system of energy medicine, but we know you have to take the material world and its forces into account. Change isn’t going to occur at a “spirit” level alone. But there is “spirit” and, according to Dr. Rolf, it tells the individual how to organize his (or her) body. In other words, spirit contains the information of a greater Order. This is really the perspective of SourcePoint Therapy. When we connect with the information of the Blueprint we are connecting with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow that re-organizes the body so it is in alignment with that Blueprint and therefore in better alignment with the forces of the physical world such as gravity. If we make a division between energy and matter, spirit and body, we are in trouble. If we forget spirit, we aren’t going to be as effective as in our practitioners. If we ignore the realities of the physical body and material world, we aren’t going to be as effective as practitioners.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012


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In SourcePoint Therapy® we work with a scan of the body to locate blockages that are impeding the free flow of information from the energetic Blueprint of health. Recently a question arose, along these lines: “When I use the scan with clients, why am I consistently finding a blockage in the same location on the body in many different clients?”

Here is Bob’s response to that question:

I would like to share a little history here. Some of you may remember that I say in class that I simply made a choice at some point to scan everyone that came into my practice for two years before I felt comfortable and accurate with what I was perceiving. So remember, you are learning a skill that takes time, just like learning to play the piano or a new language takes time. There is the “10,000 hypothesis” which says it simply takes 10,000 hours of practice to learn anything well, be it running, tennis, an instrument or a language. Your particular chosen discipline–be it Rolfing, Acupuncture, or SourcePoint– is no different. Time and dedication and discipline are necessary. The great jazz pianist Keith Jarrett still practices every day, basic simple scales and basic structured practice. Personally I have been engaged in some form of dowsing, which the scans are, for 40 years. I feel that it has taken at least 30 of those years to get to a place where I feel that I am relatively accurate 85% of the time.

One of the things that I observed in my early years, in myself and in others, was that one’s current interests definitely influence the results. When I was interested in chakras, I found all causative factors at that level; when I was interested in homeopathy I found that that was usually the most appropriate treatment, etc. etc. etc. So it is important that you take the time to clear yourself of all preconceived notions.

Sit quietly for a couple of minutes with your client before doing anything. Develop a way that you can check with your own self whether or not you are clear enough to scan accurately; you will get an inner sense of what that feels like. Withdraw projections, and have a very clear and accurate inquiry in mind. In SourcePoint we are asking one question: Where is the primary blockage that is inhibiting the flow of information from the Blueprint?

It might help to remember that we are relating to the body as an energetic structure, a body of light, and secondarily we are holding the intention of bringing a greater level of order into the body. We are not thinking about organs, nerves, tissues, meridians, chakras, or systems of the body. I rarely find the primary blockage in an organ. But it does happen, very rarely, and similarly for the cranium.

If you notice that you are having repetitive results in your scanning there is a pretty good chance that there is something in the way you are wording the question that is not clear or that there are things in your own being that are influencing the results. When I say in class that I have noticed that a lot of blockages and entry points seem to be in the extremities, I do not mean that I see that in client after client on a repetitive basis. I mean that looking back over a dozen years of working this way, that there is a high proportion of scans that have exhibited this, not that client after clients had the same scan results. I have also said in class that I felt that it took me 25 years of exposure to cranial work before I was able to do a good cranial session. It just takes time and practice for a lot of these skills. If you are attempting to learn many skills at once, the need for time and practice levels increases.

In the end, if you are interested in energy work, it is a process of constantly working on and looking at yourself. The great osteopath, A.T Still, said that the human being is triune: Spirit, Body, and Mind. We need to be paying attention to all of these levels in ourselves as well as our clients. It is an exciting path and we are simply learning from each of our clients. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be taught in this way.

One final thought is just to remember that from the SourcePoint perspective we are not trying to clear blockages. We are simply bringing the information of the Blueprint to the blockage, just as we bring two hands together to pray and give thanks for our blessings. They are many.

Note: The video above also makes reference to scanning for the entry point. In this post we are referring specifically to the scan for the primary blockage.


©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

The Eight-Pointed Star

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small 2 contemplation

The stars invite us to explore greater dimensions of consciousness and energy. When we look at the night sky we feel the wonder of the cosmos, our connection to a Mystery beyond our ordinary comprehension. The North Star guides us, orients us in our earthly existence. Stars traditionally are portents and signs. An eight-pointed star was the symbol of the ancient goddess Inanna. A star guided the Kings to the manger in Bethlehem. And so on, through myth and history, day and night, we find the presence of the Star.

In SourcePoint one of the energy patterns we work with is the eight-pointed star. It is the configuration that is formed by the Diamond Points combined with the Golden Rectangle Points. Draw a line connecting the Transformation Point to the Grounding Point, and then from the Source Point to the Activation point. You have a cross. Then connect the Golden Rectangle Point at the top left to the bottom right, and vice versa. You have the eight-pointed star.

This is a powerful configuration to work with in meditation or visualization. When Bob is working with a client and asking for the information of the Blueprint to come in, he visualizes the eight-pointed star as shown above. It’s a simplified version of the more complex structure of all the points, the oval and the rectangle and diamond, also shown above. The Star manifests the perfect Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the Blueprint as well as the radiant life force energy of Source.

Please understand that these structures are not “symbols” as we tend to think of symbols. The energy patterns that we work with, which manifest the information of the Blueprint into this dimension, are living realities that underlie and permeate our visible reality. In modern life these archetypal forces have lost their charge. They’ve become “symbols” or metaphors. With SourcePoint Therapy® we are recharging that connection to what is now thought of as “symbolic” or “mythological,” to realms of experience and information and energy that are every bit as alive and active and powerful as our every day reality.

So the Star we “imagine” or meditate with is not a symbol. It’s a doorway, a portal, a bridge, from one dimension to another. When you wish to journey in consciousness, to move from one frequency to another, the star guides you and opens the gate. From the earth, you can see the stars. The Star is a direct energetic connection between heaven and earth.

You can also use the visualization of the eight-pointed star as the “third point.” This is the meditation we work with that helps in “getting out of the way.” Instead of connecting to another person directly one to one, imagine the energy connection between you from your heart upward to a third point that represents a greater light, a greater consciousness, the Blueprint, and then down to the other person’s heart. You are still connected, but you are intending and experiencing that your connection to that person is through the innate perfection of both your beings. You meet in that field of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. This can be helpful in working with clients, but also in any relationship.

Some time ago I posted the image above with the simple heading “SourcePoint Therapy ® Explained,” and no further explanation. Here’s the explanation! In these images we see the “creation story” from a SourcePoint perspective. We begin with the single point, the bindu, from which all form arises. All energy and information necessary to give rise to and sustain life are contained in that single point. From the point emerges the line, first as the cross and then the star. The vertical-horizontal axes are the ground from which all other form emerges. The star radiates from that grid. It is incarnation, the light and energy of Source, grounded in the container of point and line, manifesting into the Blueprint, that particular pattern containing the specific information and pattern of the human body. The Spiral is the activity of all these forms and patterns manifesting into life, the vital life force energy grounded and directed by the Blueprint, the generative creative energy manifest through Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The image above also speaks about the phases of SourcePoint trainings. I’ll be talking about SourcePoint trainings, especially the advanced intensives, in my next post. And soon: an audio meditation with the eight-pointed star!

For now: the energetic structure of the Star emerges at the point of incarnation into form. It’s a powerful image for supporting intention. May the light of the Star – which is no other than the light within you – guide you always home. Happy 2012 🙂

©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

What is SourcePoint Therapy®?

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by Bob Schrei

by Bob Schrei

The following article was written by Jeffrey Maitland, author of three books: Mind Body Zen (Random House 2010), Spinal Manipulation Made Simple: A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques (North Atlantic Books, 2001), and Spacious Body: An Exploration in Somatic Ontology (North Atlantic Books 1994). Jeffrey was one of my basic and advanced Rolfing teachers; he is a good friend and dharma brother of many years. He is an excellent healer and works in the energetic domain, as well as being a well-known instructor of Structural Integration and the use of the Cold Laser in a therapeutic context. Jeff recently attended a Module One of SourcePoint Therapy® in San Francisco; this was his very generous unsolicited response to SourcePoint.

What is SourcePoint Therapy®?

With one brilliant creative stroke, Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson have created a new form of energy work based, in part, on sacred geometry.  They teach a new way of dealing with dysfunction that does not employ manipulation to release fixations. Instead, their way of working is an order-bestowing approach that actually constitutes an alternative to manipulation. SourcePoint Therapy®, as it is called, is both powerful and profoundly simple”“ so simple, in fact, that almost anyone can learn it.

The essence of SourcePoint Therapy® consists of entraining the body to its energetic blueprint or template. All that is required of the entrainment practitioner is the ability to locate certain points (which are very easy to feel) in the energy field around the body, scan the energy field for dysfunction (which is also easy to feel), let go of all desire to fix the client, shift his or her orientation (intentionality) to allowing the entrainment to happen, and simply stepping out of the way and letting re-formation occur.  No attempt is made to release this or that structural, functional, psychobiological, or energy fixation.  The practitioner simply creates a space within which it becomes possible for the human body to entrain to its form-maintaining blueprint.

The body then re-forms itself”“not because fixations have been released, but because the practitioner steps out of the way and lets the entertainment do the work of re-formation. The Holistic practice of entraining to the blueprint deals with dysfunction and disorder by re-forming what is de-formed or distorted. As a result of directly introducing order back into the system, fixations simply disappear as a matter of course.  Traditional Holistic forms of manipulation deal with dysfunction and disorder by releasing fixations in the proper sequence.  Unlike SourcePoint Therapy, order is not introduced directly.  Rather, order is the end result of a process of eliminating fixations. To say it simply, the practice of entraining with the blueprint eliminates dysfunction by ironing out and re-forming what is distorted, whereas the practice of manipulation eliminates dysfunction by releasing fixations.

Upon first hearing the above description of how a SourcePoint practitioner works, you may think that it sounds suspiciously like a form of biodynamic cranial work.  For the sake of clarity, it is important to understand where they are the same and how they differ. They are alike in two ways.  First, the shift in orientation (intentionality) on the part of the SourcePoint practitioner to letting entrainment happen is the same shift in orientation that is required of the biodynamic practitioner when he/she lets the organizing forces do the work of releasing fixations.  Second, both call upon something else, other than themselves, to make the therapeutic change. The difference between them comes down to how they accomplish the aim of their interventions.  The biodynamic practitioner does his work by allowing the organizing forces of the body to do the work of releasing fixations. Since the aim is to release fixation, it is clearly a form of manipulation.  In contrast, since the SourcePoint practitioner does his/her work by allowing the blueprint to do the entraining re-formation, it is an order-bestowing approach, not a form of manipulation.

Understanding the difference between releasing fixations and entraining to the blueprint is important because the quality of an entrainment practitioner’s work is directly tied to how clearly he/she grasps this distinction.  It is quite common to slip from performing entrainment work into habitual ways of manipulating restrictions (e.g., unwinding) without noticing it.  When that happens the therapy is not as effective.  A clear grasp of the difference makes for a clear and appropriate orientation (intentionality) toward performing the work as well as clear intention about the nature of the work”“all of which adds up to more effective and efficient therapy.

©2011 Jeffrey Maitland

Don’t Forget the Guardian Points

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134008_10150124681861289_501391288_7636175_1776265_oPhoto by Josh Schrei

For those of you who have attended the Module Two training and have learned the Guardian Points, or been shown them by your practitioner: you have a valuable tool as winter gets deeper and colder. I do the Guardian Points on myself every day and can feel them strengthening me at every level. Especially if you are a health practitioner, it’s good to strengthen yourself energetically and psychically as you encounter so many people daily in varying states of health. These points can help you maintain a strong center; they are another direct and immediate way to connect with the Blueprint and its information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. That information is our ally in maintaining health. The Guardian Points are simple to do for yourself, so remember them when your energy is low, you feel something coming on, or that you have been exposed to something.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei