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Guardians of the Body 2020

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Today’s meditation invokes the guardian energies of the body for our health and wellbeing. 

Many years ago I was told by one of my teachers, who spoke from many years of experience in working with energy, that the most effective psychic protection was simply… altruism. Yes. As simple as that. 

As those of you who have done Awareness sessions know, every one begins and ends with the phrase “May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.” Every meditation in SourcePoint workshops ends with that phrase, which is an ancient prayer in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and some version of that spirit pervades many other traditions. In our workshops, we dedicate our practice of SourcePoint together for the benefit of all beings. 

When we maintain that attitude in our work, there is psychic protection. There is a strong energetic container. I have experienced that in countless ways for 50 years now. So keep that attitude in your mind and heart. You may have different words that you use, but you know what I mean. 

When this current situation with the virus began to arise, the Awareness told me to fill myself with that prayer every day, in every moment of my day that I could possibly bring it forth in my mind and heart – reading the news, talking to people, going for my walk, falling asleep. It’s good right now to have that practice. I feel filled by it. Even when I’m not consciously thinking it, I can feel its presence. And when we are filled with altruistic intention, there’s less room for other energies. 

That said, today’s meditation has a different focus. It invites you to focus on and explore this concept of guardian energies. What does that phrase meant to you? The immune system? The other intricate protective processes and systems inherent in the body? Guardian angels? Light? Awareness? The Blueprint of Health? Once again, breathe, listen, imagine… and focus. Chapter Five Meditation: The Golden Egg

Don’t Forget the Guardian Points

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134008_10150124681861289_501391288_7636175_1776265_oPhoto by Josh Schrei

For those of you who have attended the Module Two training and have learned the Guardian Points, or been shown them by your practitioner: you have a valuable tool as winter gets deeper and colder. I do the Guardian Points on myself every day and can feel them strengthening me at every level. Especially if you are a health practitioner, it’s good to strengthen yourself energetically and psychically as you encounter so many people daily in varying states of health. These points can help you maintain a strong center; they are another direct and immediate way to connect with the Blueprint and its information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. That information is our ally in maintaining health. The Guardian Points are simple to do for yourself, so remember them when your energy is low, you feel something coming on, or that you have been exposed to something.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Guardian Energies of the Earth

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St. Marks Refuge, Gulf Coast, Florida

Photo by Francie Van Aken Stoutamire

“This well just did not want to be drilled”¦it was like we were messing with Mother Nature…” Statement from a worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig about the obstructions encountered from the beginning of the operation.

The earth has consciousness. It is a sentient being. It feels what is done to it and it reacts. That vast information-energy-consciousness field that gives rise to us as humans gives rise to the stars, suns, planets and our very own earth. The earth has its blueprint. The ordering forces are always at work to sustain the life of the earth, to return it to balance, to bring order, balance, harmony and flow.

When we practice energy medicine we know that when the body is out of balance it will seek to restore its balance, and often that attempt will look like illness. Through accumulated experience, through accumulated karma, illness will develop; obstructions to the flow of healthy information from Source will develop. The earth is now a body out of balance. It has its own karma, its own accumulated experience, which includes centuries of abuse at this point. Greed, anger and ignorance are the forces that block the information of order, balance, harmony and flow, whether it is within our own minds, or played out at a global level. From this perspective the tidal waves, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions and the oil spill are not isolated phenomena. The energies of order, balance, harmony and flow are responding to the obstructions, blockages, disorder, imbalance and conflict present in the earth’s field.

These events are indications that the earth’s blueprint is at work; that the earth is deeply connected to the information of order, balance, harmony and flow, and it is not in the nature of those forces to tolerate the abuse the earth continues to receive from us human beings. The body has guardian energies. So does the earth, and the guardian energies of the earth are doing their work. The earth will be around for millions of years to come. It has the power to heal itself. The cycle of life will continue, but the question is: will human beings choose to participate in that cycle of renewal, transformation, rebirth that is the activity of the blueprint? Or will we destroy ourselves?

What I understand when I tune into that information of Source is obvious to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It’s nothing we all don’t know already, except for all those who don’t seem to know it. All these events, with the loss of human life, plant life, animal life, the life of the ocean itself, are saying to us: You have to STOP. You have to radically redefine what human life is about, or there will be no more life as you have known it on the earth.

What does it mean to “Stop?” I can’t even imagine. I have to believe that bringing in that information of Source in healing work, in my personal life, and in every way possible is the best thing I can do for the earth right now. I feel this especially deeply in relation to the oil spill. This event has helped me realize how the landscapes of our childhood are mapped in our body-minds. I grew up in the Florida Panhandle and days at “the coast” are woven into my memory body. I can remember the feel of the sand under my feet and the endless miles of shallow, warm, clear water. You could wade out into it forever, and you could see every grain of sand under the surface. It was that clear. I bring that map to my meditation daily.

I believe profoundly that what I do to the web I do to myself, and what I do for myself I do for the web. That means every time I work with the Diamond Points, I am making that connection to the energies of order, balance, harmony and flow not only for myself but also for the earth. And every time I invoke the guardian energies of the body, I am also invoking the guardian energies of the earth.

Next week: a SourcePoint meditation with the Guardian Energies of the Earth.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Return of the LIght

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Meditation can strengthen your immune system.

So in this time, as we approach the solstice, the return of the light, why not meditate with the transformative light, energy and information of the mandala realm? Why not invoke the guardian energies of light to help you stay healthy through the winter season?

In this meditation you invoke Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, the fundamental information from which all life arises, the foundation of health that we refer to as the blueprint. Your mind and body can experience a direct connection to that information of the blueprint, or, we could say, to those guardian energies of mandala realm.

Take a moment now, after you have read this, to close your eyes and imagine in front of you, in a field of white light, a golden circle, a golden triangle and a golden square.

If you visualize easily you can actually see these figures. If you don’t, you can simply sense them, or tell yourself that they are there. Let the mind dwell on each form: the circle, the triangle, and the square. Imagine the square as order, the triangle as balance and the circle as harmony. Repeat the words, order, balance, and harmony to yourself.

After spending a few moments with these images, allow them to dissolve away into golden light. They become fluid, flowing golden light that flows around you and into you, surrounds you and permeates you. Repeat to yourself the word flow. You can feel that flow fill your body. This is the light and warmth of life, the vital life force. It is the light of the sun. It supports, strengthens and nourishes you. Perhaps the particular figure becomes a wave, or a spiral. Allow that wave to flow over you and into you. Breathe it in, feel the energy of it. The order of the universe, of health, is not some fixed and static state. It is a flow coalescing into form, moving through and in form.

Body and spirit are not two; body and mind are not two. What is called mind is in every cell of the body. That is why imagination, visualization and thought are so powerful in activating the body’s self-healing capacity. Right now at this very moment, even before you close your eyes and try this meditation, even as you read the words, that light is active.

You can experiment with imagining these figures in front of you, appearing in a field of light. You can imagine them around you, drawn in the ground. You can play with them and make them three-dimensional. Combined, they create cones and pyramids, cubes and spheres, and many other multi-dimensional structures. The golden circle, triangle, and square are doorways to the mandala realm with its healing light, energy and information. These geometric forms with their inherent order and balance are representations of ordering energies that are tied to no one culture, time or place. They are universal forms that reflect universal principles.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Guardians of the Body

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We are facing lots of health challenges these days unique to the modern era. It’s in the nature of life to continue, to find its way, to survive. It seems like life itself is asking us to become more conscious in the use of our energy, in our awareness of our resources, inner and outer. If it’s true what Chief Seattle said, “What we do to the web we do to ourselves,” and I believe this is true, then the reverse is also true: what we do to ourselves we do to the web. This is one of my favorite reassurances to myself because it means there’s the possibility that by paying attention to my own balance, harmony and flow I can make some contribution to the larger balance, order, harmony and flow.

One of the ways I pay attention to my own equilibrium is with the guardian points and invoking the guardians of the body. I love the guardian points. We’ve found over the years that it is possible to use them more frequently than we originally did, especially if people are using them on themselves. For me they are so helpful in strengthening and stabilizing my energy. I know this from personal experience. I do them almost every day, with just a brief touch at each point, always followed by visualizing the four points around myself with the little mantra “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.”

If you haven’t learned the guardian points (in Module 2) there are many ways to invoke the guardians of the body. Research shows the body responds to imagery, thought and language. Imagine those guardians however you like. Maybe you tune into the myriad biochemical mechanisms that protect us daily. Maybe you visualize guardian angels, or feel yourself surrounded by rainbow light or white light.

Lie down, close your eyes, surround yourself with an egg of golden light, and place the hands cupped over the navel area, with the palm of one hand over the navel and the other on top. Invoke the guardians of the body. Say out loud “I call upon the guardians of the body to protect and strengthen this body.” Then visualize, feel or somehow connect with your imagery for the guardians. Rest and breathe in that golden egg.

At the very least when doing the guardian points or in some other way invoking the guardians of the body, I am focusing my attention on strengthening and stabilizing my energy, with the intention of supporting my health. I am involved in my own health and wellbeing in a positive way. And that’s at the very least. I personally believe that I am also connecting with and activating those energies of healing, cleansing and protection that are inherent in the body and in the larger energy field.

This isn’t instead of taking whatever steps you feel you need to at the physical level. People need to pay attention to their immune system and protecting themselves at the physical level according to their chosen medical guidance and their own research and understanding. These practices I’m talking about provide a ground, a container and a support for what you do at the every day physical level.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei