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Imagination and Healing

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IMAGINATION. Over years, I have listened while people recount to me their intensely beautiful mystical and visionary experiences. I have felt honored that so many have felt able to share with me what perhaps no one else has ever heard. Why so much reluctance to share these experiences? Because people think the experiences are weird, or that someone who has them is weird, or they think maybe they are “crazy.” 

Or, the most consistent question of all, “How do I know this isn’t just my imagination ?” That’s a phrase we are taught from childhood and it instantly discounts and dismisses the power of imagination.

Those of you who have been to workshops with me have heard me say – the imagination is the doorway to spiritual and mystical and healing vision. It is the doorway to experiencing the vastness of our consciousness and our universe, the reality of other dimensions, the possibilities inherent in the human mind. 

In the practice of SourcePoint we utilize our gift of imagination. We “imagine” the Diamond Points around a person. We imagine the presence of the BluePrint. We imagine the Eight-Pointed Star. This doesn’t mean it’s “just” our imagination. It doesn’t mean we are making it up. It means we are observing and connecting with what we can’t see with our ordinary eyes, and in that, calling those realities present, opening the gateway to information from other realms to manifest here.

Intention creates what we can call informed and intentional imagination. We aren’t merely fantasizing according to our hopes, fears, and desires. We open those doors and access that information for the specific purpose of bringing healing for ourselves and others.

In the third episode of his Podcast series “The Emerald” Josh Schrei explores the place of imagination, altered consciousness, trance states and mystical visions in the human consciousness, presenting the view that this was once our natural state of consciousness, millennia ago. We have inherent within us the capacity for vision and transcendental experience. And he explores the “what if” of bringing forth this vision in today’s world. 

For all of you who are mystics, visionaries, and explorers of consciousness,  you will love this episode. It’s a half hour of pure confirmation of what you have always really known about yourself, the nature of human consciousness, and that beautiful space in consciousness known as imagination.

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Photo by Josh Schrei

Photo by Josh Schrei

Recently three different healthcare practitioners who have integrated SourcePoint Therapy into their work have told us the same story: after receiving work, clients have said virtually the same thing: “I feel hope for the first time in years.”

Hope: how important this is for recovering health. People with chronic pain or illness often lose hope, leading to a downward cycle of increasing depression and fatigue. Everyone has advice for you, everyone knows someone who tried something and it worked for them, so maybe it will work for you. After a while, instead of inspiring hope, these suggestions just make you feel worse, because nothing does work, or it works for a little while and then the old symptoms, or new ones, appear.

What is it about the SourcePoint practices that would bring that feeling of hope? I don’t know for sure, and certainly we can’t predict this will always happen but perhaps it’s simply the reconnection, to Source, to the information of health, to one’s essential self. If indeed we are connecting to this blueprint of health, the information of balance, order, harmony and flow that gives rise to life and sustains it, then the feeling of hope would be that information beginning to communicate with the individual body-mind, beginning to wake up memory, to whisper: remember, it’s true, you can be well. In your essential nature, you are well.

It made me think that in fact hope is the very essence of SourcePoint, if we define hope as openness to possibility. Hope is the openness that allows us to explore uncharted territory. Hope is the willingness to risk. Hope is the affirmation that things do not have to continue to be as they have been in the past. Hope allows us to move beyond our conditioning. To embark on the path of energy work, as giver or receiver, requires all of the above.

Hope is a powerful, supportive energy. And I realize, although I never thought about it this way before, that the blueprint carries that essential message: there is hope. The fundamental order, balance, harmony and flow of our essential nature and the universal energy reminds us, not only personally but globally: there is hope.


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