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The Blueprint and Joy

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Photo by Josh Schrei

The Blueprint of health that we work with in SourcePoint contains the information of the highest potential of the human being. It supports, sustains and nurtures life. That is what we call love. The nature of the Blueprint is love.

At SourcePoint trainings we observe people come together in the energy field of the Blueprint. We connect with and explore that field together. And over three days, or five days, or six days, we experience together greater and greater joy — in ourselves, in each other, and in our lives here on this earth. It seems the nature of the Blueprint is also what we call joy.

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow. Love, joy, abundance, health and peace. Our birthrights. Each of these fundamental qualities is inherent in the universal energy, reflected in our individual being. As it is said in Sanskrit Tat Tvam Asi. That you are. You are That.

And yet, in each of these fundamental qualities lies the seed of its opposite. It’s in the nature of things in this material world. From sorrow arises joy, from joy arises sorrow, and so the waves come and go. From birth arises death, and from death, birth. Winter becomes spring becomes summer. In order there is the seed of chaos, and vice versa. As we incarnate into this world, we experience the arising of the opposite. Coming from balance, from harmony, from flow, we experience imbalance, disharmony, rigidity. We become confused and forget the other. We believe the story of the opposite.

SourcePoint is about remembering and experiencing the story of the original. The natural. The fundamental truth of our existence: Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. And with that experience arises health, and love, and joy. So many practitioners have told us that clients report experiencing hope after their first SourcePoint session. We just keep hearing this. Hope brings joy.

Connection to our original nature opens doors into hope and possibility, joy and healing.

In relation to this, I’ve been reflecting on the popular words “Follow your bliss.” People seem to think this means finding what makes you happy in the world. But I don’t think it means that at all. I think it means””find in yourself that bliss that is your fundamental nature and then follow that, dwell in that, make your choices from that experience.  It’s not an instruction about how doing what you love makes you happy.  It’s a teaching from ancient sages and mystics about how to disengage your state of well-being from the circumstances of the world. That bliss inherent in the universal energy is different from the happiness that comes from doing what you love. It’s limitless well-being. And living from that brings a joy much deeper than the happiness dependent on circumstance.

That state of consciousness, that limitless well-being, is open to each of us, at every moment. It supports us at every moment.

People tell us frequently that meditating with the Diamond Points regularly puts them in touch with that limitless well-being. People also report that doing the Diamond Points for themselves before moving on to their customary meditation practice helps them to settle into it more smoothly.

It seems that just as SourcePoint supports other healing modalities, it also supports whatever spiritual practice one has undertaken. Of course. The Blueprint contains the information of the highest potential of the human being. And realizing that is what all spiritual practice is about.

I see more and more that SourcePoint is a meditative practice. As we hold the points for another, or for ourselves, as we scan, attentively, carefully, as we connect with the Blueprint through other SourcePoint practices, we enter into a state of meditative Awareness that holds all stories, all opposites, all possibilities, in Awareness. And, it is through that embrace of it all that we come to an experience, however momentary, of that limitless well-being.

None of this is idealistic and abstract. Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow. Bliss. Love. Joy. Peace. Light. Well-being. All these are words for the same experience that is in us, around us, available to us, through whatever of the countless thresholds we choose to cross. Tat Tvam Asi.


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Photo by Josh Schrei

Photo by Josh Schrei

Recently three different healthcare practitioners who have integrated SourcePoint Therapy into their work have told us the same story: after receiving work, clients have said virtually the same thing: “I feel hope for the first time in years.”

Hope: how important this is for recovering health. People with chronic pain or illness often lose hope, leading to a downward cycle of increasing depression and fatigue. Everyone has advice for you, everyone knows someone who tried something and it worked for them, so maybe it will work for you. After a while, instead of inspiring hope, these suggestions just make you feel worse, because nothing does work, or it works for a little while and then the old symptoms, or new ones, appear.

What is it about the SourcePoint practices that would bring that feeling of hope? I don’t know for sure, and certainly we can’t predict this will always happen but perhaps it’s simply the reconnection, to Source, to the information of health, to one’s essential self. If indeed we are connecting to this blueprint of health, the information of balance, order, harmony and flow that gives rise to life and sustains it, then the feeling of hope would be that information beginning to communicate with the individual body-mind, beginning to wake up memory, to whisper: remember, it’s true, you can be well. In your essential nature, you are well.

It made me think that in fact hope is the very essence of SourcePoint, if we define hope as openness to possibility. Hope is the openness that allows us to explore uncharted territory. Hope is the willingness to risk. Hope is the affirmation that things do not have to continue to be as they have been in the past. Hope allows us to move beyond our conditioning. To embark on the path of energy work, as giver or receiver, requires all of the above.

Hope is a powerful, supportive energy. And I realize, although I never thought about it this way before, that the blueprint carries that essential message: there is hope. The fundamental order, balance, harmony and flow of our essential nature and the universal energy reminds us, not only personally but globally: there is hope.


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