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Order and Chaos 2020

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life whispers in my heart

i exist on the delicate edge

of chaos and order

this word


from the ancient greek


the abyss

the vast emptiness that precedes creation


from the latin ordinem






a row of threads on a loom)


from the abyss

a pattern is woven

we call it life

too much order

we become rigid and dense

too much chaos

we dissolve

in the existential void

for a brief moment

in time

we breathe

we dance

we laugh and cry

we love

on that shifting boundary

the ever receding horizon

the subliminal edge

we call life

(from my book “not poems: moments of Awareness, ©2018)

With all the chaos out there, take time to go inward and connect with the cosmic order. There is an order, a sacred geometry, that brings us balance and underlies everything. Ancient cultures, healers, philosophers, and mathematicians knew this. Modern science is rediscovering it. Here is today’s meditation to guide you into the experience of that resource that is there waiting for us. Chapter 3: Sacred Geometry Meditation. 10 minutes.

Image by Bob Schrei ©2017

Sacred Geometry and SourcePoint

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The practices of SourcePoint are founded on the perception that we live in a universe of order, balance, harmony and flow. For millennia, philosophers, mathematicians, magicians and healers have explored the realm of sacred geometry and demonstrated this universe of order in thousands of fascinating ways. Now some modern physicists are beginning to suspect this order may permeate the quantum dimension.

In SourcePoint Therapy we work with sacred geometry through the configurations formed by the Diamond and Golden Rectangle Points, and the Navel Point.

In the video I’ve posted, Charles Gilchrist, an artist who has worked extensively with sacred geometry, describes a repeating pattern in one of his paintings and speaks of the single point that is the center of the pattern:

“This center is everywhere and nowhere, beyond time, and that center can move to any part of this grid and it will be the same center and the same potentials will come out of that same center. When you are experiencing something that that does transcend time it is easy to step out of yourself and get a clear view of where you’ve been and where you are going. Time has a strange way of flexing back and forth in the same moment. No matter where you go, there you are, in the same center, the center of the universe.”

Watching this artist work helped me to understand more about what we are doing when we practice SourcePoint. If you think of the Diamond Points and imagine the diamond shape around the body, and then that every point connects to another similar configuration and another, repeating endlessly, you have a grid, formed by infinite single points, each one of which is, in the dimensions beyond space and time, “the center of the universe.” Through the points, we connect to Source. Each point contains the whole, and is a doorway from multiplicity to unity, or Source. This is the “bindu” of the Hindu tradition.

Charles Gilchrist says that when drawing the mandala he uses pencil, compass and straight edge as his only tools. He uses exact geometric proportions to create the grid of his mandala, but his use of color is intuitive. He senses what colors feel right. This is a metaphor for what we do in SourcePoint: the points and other configurations provide a precise grid that connects to that larger grid, the blueprint. With the container of this grid, there is room for “color,” for intuition and sensing, as we work with the blockages and follow what the scan tells us.

The artist refers to the creation of mandala as a healing ritual and says, “No healing can happen unless ritual is involved.” SourcePoint Therapy could perhaps be called a contemporary ritual to support health, tied to no particular culture or tradition, invoking no deities or spirits, just invoking the underlying order, balance, harmony and flow of the universal energy. Every time we hold the points, we’re creating a wonderfully simple mandala reflecting the cosmic order of the Blueprint.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei