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SourcePoint and Mythic Vision

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photo by Josh Schrei

Mythology. As those of you have been to workshops have seen, the principles of SourcePoint have resonances with so many different traditions of healing, philosophy, spirituality, art, shamanism, and yes, modern science also. We didn’t plan it that way, we didn’t formulate our principles based on other traditions, the information was given to us and we found the parallels later. Now I’m exploring the resonance with ancient mythologies. Thursday night was the first in a series of classes with my son Josh Schrei, who has studied these mythologies for years. The class is “Mythic Vision for Mythic Times.”

What is mythic vision, mythic experience? Through the stories, the myths we discover our histories of our relationship to cosmic forces, our place in the universe, we learn how to be careful working with cosmic forces, the importance of getting out of the way. While different cultures have different myths, there is a commonality of themes across cultures. Josh described different aspects of mythic vision. Almost every one had a direct relationship to SourcePoint.

Through mythic vision we learn the answer to the question “Why are we here?” To reconnect. To experience our fundamental human birthright, which is… connection to Source. And in SourcePoint we can say, health is our birthright. And connection to Source is fundamental to health.

Or as Tyson Yunkaporta says in his book “Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World” – from the Aboriginal perspective, humans are here as a “custodial species.” How simple is that? We are here to care for each other, our relations, our earth, our home in the galaxy.

Mythic vision gives us experience of “the seamless reciprocity between the individual and the natural world.” (Josh) Reciprocity is a good word for what happens in a SourcePoint session.

Mythic vision allows us to re-establish the context of our lives, “for cosmos, consciousness and community to be linked.” We talk about context all the time in SourcePoint. What is the context of our lives these days? Is it the chaos of the outer world? What happens if we relate to that from the context of the cosmic forces of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow? How does that change our interactions with community? How does it change us?

The last one I’ll mention here is this: mythic vision constantly enacts itself. Through story, ritual, dance, ceremony, song, in so many ways that connection to Source, that context, manifests itself. That word “enactment” led me to think of SourcePoint in that way. We are “enacting” the re-connection to Source, to the cosmic Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. There is a definite ritual aspect of SourcePoint practice, in the precision of the practices, in the ground of sacred geometry.

SourcePoint has its own creation myth, actually. I will leave that for another time. A myth is not a fiction. It is an enactment of the living reality of our connection to Source, to cosmos, to the world and to each other.

The class is a series of 4, and the first one was recorded and can be accessed. Class ends September 24. Permanent access to class material.

Access the registration information here

SourcePoint and the Spiral

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bob triangle and vine

Painting by Bob Schrei

In the natural world, spirals are everywhere. Nebulae, hurricanes, the chambered nautilus, the cochlea of the inner ear, the heart of the sunflower, indeed in the muscle fibers of the human heart, and at the heart of a lettuce or a cabbage. On the top of a baby’s head. In the DNA molecule, in the rose.

There is the 3-D spiral, there is the spiral of Archimedes. There is the logarithmic or equiangular spiral, also called the Golden Spiral, based on the Divine Proportion, or Phi, that emerges from the Golden Rectangle.

All spirals emerge from a single fixed point and expand from that point.

People often ask why, when we work with so many geometric structures in SourcePoint Therapy, why do we not work with the spiral?

The answer is simple. We do. We are always working with the spiral. Every single protocol of SourcePoint is working with the spiral, always.

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow. The Golden Spiral arises from the point, from the line, from the Golden Rectangle.

When we work with point and line, the Diamond Points, the Golden Rectangle Points, the Navel Point, the Sacral Points, the Mid-line, the Gold Points in the Chakras, we are working directly with the Source of the spiral, we are working with the information of what is called the Golden Mean, the exqusite mathematical perfection that underlies all creation, as in the Fibonacci sequence.

Geometry is the language of the Blueprint. When we connect to the Blueprint of health for the human being, we access that information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow embodied in geometric pattern, that directs the flow of vital life force into manifest form.

Priya Hemenway in her book Divine Proportion:Phi in Art, Nature and Science says:

“The eye of every spiral is a dynamic place where all opposites meet and where life and death are one phenomenon. All the forces that create growth and keep it in balance are at work in the eye, the source. ”

We could say, the eye of the spiral is the single point, yes, the Source Point.


See the book referenced above for more detail on the spiral.

Intention and the Diamond Points

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The four Diamond Points that are the foundation of SourcePoint practice clearly express the intention of our energy work. These four points are the Source, Grounding, Activation, and Transformation Points. In SourcePoint Therapy our intention is simply to connect to Source and its information of order, balance, harmony and flow; ground and awaken that information on this plane of existence, particularly in individual human beings; and activate this information in the human body to bring transformation and balance.

Intention and activation are closely related. Attention is the essence of intention. When you focus on something, you activate it. (As a metaphor, think quantum physics here: a particle comes into being when it is observed). When holding the activation point, be aware of your intention to activate the information of Source in this individual being. It can be helpful to actually say to yourself (or the client if appropriate) at this point: our intention here is to activate this information in the physical body for the purpose of positive transformation.

Again, the natural intention of the blueprint is to maintain order, balance, harmony and flow. From this perspective, intention isn’t something you do; it’s a natural flow you enter into.

We’ll look at specifics of getting into and out of the way of that flow next week. I’m trying to keep these posts fairly brief, as I know how precious time is these days.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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When we do energy work, bodywork, or any other form of work with people it is important to look at whether that work energizes and recharges us, strengthens us, or whether we feel drained by it. This is where the integration of SourcePoint Therapy into other modalities can be very helpful, because it is a simple fact that when we are simply holding those four fundamental points, Source, Grounding, Activation and Transformation, if we attune ourselves, we are also being supported. We are getting nourished.

During most of a session with a client you are focused consciously on the client, working actively according to your modality to release blockages and facilitate the flow of healing information. During the scan your focus is certainly on the client. However, any time when you are holding the points, your focus should simply be on the points, the blueprint, and the flow of information. Then you also benefit.

In holding the points, especially the Source point, actually withdraw your conscious attention from the client, and focus on your body, specifically the palm of the hand as you hold the point. Notice the sensations. It may not be anything dramatic. There may sometimes be warmth or tingling or some other sensation, but that’s neither good nor bad, desirable or undesirable. Just feel yourself holding the point. Feel your mind touching the palm of your hand, resting in the palm of the hand.

As you hold the point, regardless of whether you say it to the client or not, be aware that you are connecting to the blueprint of health, and that information is flowing freely, not just to the client but to you. It is doing what it needs to do for the client and it is doing what it needs to do for you.

You can meditate with the blueprint and immerse yourself in it even when you are not holding the points. From the SourcePoint perspective, the body is a manifestation of the blueprint, of that information of order, balance, harmony and flow that gives rise to life and sustains life. The body itself expresses the delicate balance, the amazing flow, the precise information that is the nature of the blueprint.

When you immerse yourself in the experience of the natural rhythm of the body, you are immersing yourself in the blueprint, and the simplest way to do that is to pay attention to your breath. This is the key to connecting with the blueprint on your own, for yourself. As you focus on the rhythm of the breath, the in-breath and out-breath, just being aware of its natural rhythm, watching it slow itself down or speed itself up, you are immersing yourself in the blueprint, the fundamental pattern of order, balance, harmony and flow that supports life.

Just as you hold the four points for another person, when you want to immerse yourself in the blueprint, you can also imagine the four points around you. It’s easiest lying down but possible otherwise. Let your mind dwell briefly in each point. Imagine your mind is your hand; hold the point in your imagination just as your hand would hold the point for someone else. Your mind moves to each point. Your mind rests at that point and moves on.

A fundamental gift of learning and practicing SourcePoint Therapy is that it directly nourishes you as well as your client.

©2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

Blueprint and Source

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Here’s my comment on the question I posed on the previous post: What is the Source we connect with when we use the Source Point? Is it identical with the Blueprint? Why do we as practitioners need to reflect on this? Oversimplifying things for the sake of some brevity:
Source is the energy of all possibilities from which all phenomena arise. Life and death, healing and illness, good and bad health, are not separate from this Source. There’s a universe full of all kinds of information that arises from that Source. When we connect with the Blueprint we access specifically the information of health for the human body. We access that information of order, balance, harmony and flow that nourishes the human body and its life, health and well-being.
In using the Source Point, yes, we contact that primal life vital energy, but it is filtered through the information of the Blueprint and its ordering principle. The Blueprint directs the energy where it needs to go to be most effective.
As a practitioner of SourcePoint it is important to be clear that when you use the Source Point you are not somehow channeling or radiating the divine Source energy or light to the person you are working with. You are connecting to the Blueprint and allowing it to do its work. Your work is simply to hold the point with the intention of connecting to the Blueprint.
More soon on light and dark in healing, and a brief look at chaos, order and SourcePoint.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei