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The Moon: Messenger of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow


The moon in all its phases is the most immediate, tangible and powerful messenger of the fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow that we can easily see and experience in the material world. It is a portal from the material world to the spiritual dimension, the dimensions of subtle energetic form. The points of SourcePoint Therapy are also portals. They open the connection to the spiritual dimension. We can’t see them, but we feel them. But we can see the moon. The moon, as it waxes, grows full and wanes, is the perfect manifestation of the Blueprint radiating its information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

In SourcePoint Therapy we work with the energetic configuration of the Crescent Moon in particular because it is the beginning and ending of the cycle. It is birth, new life, growth, life manifesting and waxing. Because everything contains the seed of its opposite, the Crescent Moon is also the waning moon; it is death, passing away, dissolution. Life is constant change, never-ending transition. Healing is a transition from imbalance to balance, blockage to flow, ill-health to health. The Crescent Moon supports all the transitions of life. It helps to support and nourish what needs to be strengthened and to dissolve what blockages impede health.

The Crescent Moon in SourcePoint Therapy can help to balance the masculine and feminine energy, the right side and the left side of the body. It attunes the rhythms of the body at an energy level. Remember always, SourcePoint works with energies of the body and does not treat specific physical conditions or symptoms.

In SourcePoint Therapy there are no formulas, so we do not say there is a direct one-to one- correlation between a condition and a particular protocol. The Diamond Points are the most important practice and should always be used with all the others, because they allow the Blueprint to guide the energy and bring the body to balance.

The Crescent Moon may be helpful in working with trauma at an energy level, because it grounds people in their spiritual dimension. It has a shamanic quality. Shamans will often do soul retrieval after traumatic experience. The Crescent Moon is not so much about retrieving the soul and bringing it back to the body as it is about bringing the body to the soul. When that connection is made, “soul retrieval” happens.

The lunar self is traditionally associated with the soul, the feminine, the inner self. The Crescent Moon supports our ongoing spiritual quest to re-unite the changing phases of our lives with the wholeness that is our true nature.

©2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei