“The growing interest in the field of Energy Medicine indicates a desire for an integral approach to healing, one where the physical body and the human energy field are recognized as aspects of each other, where energy and matter are experienced as one, where the energetic is not neglected in favor of the physical, or vice versa.

“SourcePoint Therapy offers this integral approach. The primary assumption in this work is that there is an energetic template or Blueprint of health for the human body that can be accessed to restore and maintain the health of that body and connect people to their natural state of order, harmony, balance and flow.”
– Bob Schrei



The intention of SourcePoint Therapy is to re-connect the individual with the energetic Blueprint of health, the matrix of healing energy containing the information of order, balance, harmony and flow that sustains all life. SourcePoint Therapy training gives practitioners a thorough grounding in the theoretical foundation of the approach, exploring the concept of the Blueprint from the perspective of many healing, philosophical and spiritual traditions.

Scanning for Energy Blockages

The practitioner learns techniques of scanning the energy field to locate the energetic blockages that obstruct the flow of information of order and balance from the Blueprint. SourcePoint Therapy teaches specific points (the Diamond and Golden Rectangle Source Points as well as the Navel Point), off the physical body, located in geometric pattern around the body, that facilitate the connection to the Blueprint and the removal of blockages.

Guardians of the Body

Another fundamental principle of SourcePoint Therapy is that the body has its own guardian energies, manifested in the physical body as the immune system, which, when activated, profoundly support the healing process. Specific points (the Guardian Points) on the physical body are taught which invoke these energies. In their study of the Guardians of the body, students of SourcePoint Therapy can also learn techniques for identifying and drawing out foreign energetic intrusions that may be affecting the health of the client.

Energetic Structures

In addition to the basic Source, Diamond and Golden Rectangle Points students learn many other techniques utilizing energetic structures corresponding to sacred geometric pattern to bring the body to a state of order, balance, harmony and flow.


The sacrum is also an area of focus in facilitating the flow of life force energy in the body, and techniques of working with the sacrum are taught.

Who Can Benefit

SourcePoint Therapy can be integrated with any form of manual therapy and is appropriate for use with massage, acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, healing touch, rolfing, and physical therapy, for example. Once the energetic blockages have been determined and the basic points in the energy field have been held and activated, the practitioner’s own modality can be used to release the blockages and facilitate the flow of information from the Blueprint. The fundamental practices involve no physical touch and psychotherapists can also use these techniques.

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SourcePoint Therapy: An Energetic Approach to Structural Integration,
by Robert Schrei, Ray McCall, Donna Thomson, 2010 (published in the International Association for Structural Integration Yearbook 2010)
[ PDF ]

This article will be published in the International Association of Structural Integrators Yearbook 2010, which will be available in March 2010. The article accompanies a workshop to be given by Bob Schrei and Ray McCall at the Association’s Symposium 2010 May 7-9 in Denver, CO. For more information: http://www.theiasi.org/event.php

Working with the Blueprint, by Donna Thomson (from Massage & Bodywork Magazine, September/October 2008)
[ text ]
[ PDF ]

Guardians of the Body, by Donna Thomson, 2007
[ text ]
[ PDF ]

Healing in Today’s World, by Donna Thomson, 2006
[ text ]
[ PDF ]

The Blueprint, by Donna Thomson, 2006
[ text ]
[ PDF ]





From Rolfers and Structural Integrators:

“SourcePoint has enhanced my Rolfing skills to a whole new level entirely. It is a HUGE piece that was missing for me these past couple of years. I have a much deeper understanding of Rolfing and work with ease now. I SEE so much better as well, possibly because the results are far more obvious and dramatic when working with SourcePoint. I now understand how we SHOULD be moving, not just the IDEA of movement I am trying to evoke. I loved traditional Rolfing but was becoming pretty frustrated with it. I didn’t feel I was making as big of an impact; the clients felt better but in comparison people now rave about my Rolfing work. I would say it’s doubled my clientele in just the past six months. I am not even sure how I got by those other two years now knowing what I know. I would never work any other way. It’s too big a difference and I would feel blind without it. SourcePoint has allowed me to evolve into the Rolfer I was hoping to be.”
– Kelly, Certified Rolfer

“Today another stunning day with SourcePoint. I feel like it’s allowing me to become more the Rolfer I aspire to be, to work from a place of considerably more depth and listening and allowing versus “doing”, really being able to ease up on the reigns and allow the client’s system to lead the way. The connection with the client is deeper and the conversation between us nearly effortless, which is more enjoyable for us both, not to mention more efficient and effective overall.. So, well, it’s usefulness to me as a Rolfer is an absolute no-brainer. So many thanks for this work!”
– Jill, Certified Rolfer

“SourcePoint Therapy really helps me to understand the relationship between energetic structures and physical bodies. Both SourcePoint sessions and workshops beautifully demonstrate the process of manifesting the body from the energetic field. The information shared in SourcePoint Therapy training is, I think, essential for practitioners of all kind of modalities, and it is such an advantage to appreciate the complex process of life in this simple way.

SourcePoint Therapy is different from other types of approaches because it focuses on the foundation, archetype, and blueprint of the body rather than the symptoms or current state of the balance. Because of this intention SourcePoint Therapy enhances the effectiveness of other modalities. It is very helpful for both practitioners and clients to know the reference point of the body and the place we can go back to as a home. If you know where the North Star is, you do not get lost in the ocean. It is the same for the body. If you know the source and can stay connected to the blueprint, then you do not get lost in the body that is constantly changing in response to environment, interaction with other people, and the inner activity of the body and mind. This shift in perception is unique to this method.

I cannot imagine how my life and practice would be without SourcePoint. It has been a supportive and loving doorway to a new realm for me personally and professionally.”
– Hiro, MS
Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Rolfer, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Certified SourcePoint Therapy Instructor for Modules One and Two

“I have been practicing SourcePoint Therapy for about nine years. What I appreciate about the practice is that I have a framework in which to place myself and my client as well as a clear intention for what is to happen. By connecting with the Blueprint, my work has a clarity of mission. The scans keep the session focused. And yet there is still room for the unexpected to happen and for the session to feel like it is unique to me and to my way of working.

I also have the benefit of working with students of bodywork and with students of SourcePoint Therapy. What I notice about those that have the SourcePoint background is that they have a method that brings them present to what is actually happening with the client and the session. This is in contrast to practitioners trying to conduct a session based on abstract models or on the myriad of dynamics that arise between client and practitioner. SourcePoint Therapy allows the practitioner to learn how to be out of the way of the work and the process of healing. The result of this is that the relationship between the client and the Blueprint is strengthened and the resulting work is more profound.”
– Duffy, MS
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Rolfing Instructor, Rolf Institute.

“Sourcepoint Therapy has made a tremendous impact on my life. I can say with certainty that without it I would not currently practice Rolfing. As an empathic person, I am incredibly sensitive to my clients and at times take on some of their energies. Without Sourcepoint I feel drained, irritable and completely out of touch with my body. With it, I feel energized, vibrant, clear, calm and peaceful.

I also use it with my clients in every session. I find that it immedietely calms down their nervous system, which allows their body to integrate the work more fully. They are often so peaceful by the end of our session that they want to find out more about Sourcepoint Therapy and how they can use it in their daily life. I teach them the meditations. It is so clear and simple that anyone can begin implementing it into daily life. I am eternally grateful.”
– Rachel,
Certified Rolfer, NCBTMB

From Acupuncturists:

“I highly recommend training in SourcePoint Therapy for acupuncturists.

Patients come to me for a variety of reasons. Some are experiencing profound energetic disorders that manifest as medical pathologies, some come for imbalances in energy such as an imbalance of yin causing hot flashes, some come for disharmonies such as wood invading earth and some come because their energies not flowing, for example headaches as a result of stagnation.

The techniques of SourcePoint Therapy have given me another powerful way to address these (and many more) issues with my patients. After the training, I was surprised at how easy it was to integrate into my acupuncture practice. I have found that, once the needles are in, I simply access and hold the Source Points off the body while gently mentioning to the patient that their energy is ordered, balanced, harmonized, and flowing. This further aligns me with my intent to bring healing to the patient and gives both my patients and me a genuine, overall feeling of wellness.

Because the vast majority — 95%– of my patients now are specifically asking for SourcePoint Therapy while the needles are in, I know that they do feel the positive effects. Since I have starting using SourcePoint Therapy, some of my patients have experienced significant shifts in energies and some are now asking to learn how they can access the Source Points themselves.

I have found that the philosophic underpinnings of SourcePoint Therapy are entirely in accord with what I learned about Chinese Medicine. This is that the prenatal chi (ancestral chi) is a combination of chi from the heavens and chi from the earth, (parents) that combines to make the unique individual. I have interpreted the universal Blueprint of health that is accessed in SourcePoint Therapy as being present, operative and a necessary precursor to the generation of post-heavenly chi and the flow of chi in the body that we acupuncturists are trained to assess.

By employing SourcePoint Therapy within the hour or so of an acupuncture treatment, I am able to bring to my patients the potent combination of an embodied experience of calm and enhanced energetic flow together with the imagery that aligns the mind with the experience. This is very helpful in healing and helps my patients to carry the benefits forward between sessions.

Patients like it and so do I!”
– Nancy Ann Miller, Licensed Acupuncturist
M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.




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