Last week I spent a lot of time watching various videos of Ervin Laszlo.  A thinker, philosopher and complex systems theorist who started out as a concert pianist, he is the author of more than 80 books, including one of my main resources for SourcePoint-related quotes, Science and the Akashic Field.

In one video he spoke about what happens when a complex system becomes disturbed. He said there is “discontinuity.” The system inevitably changes. It can’t go back to what it was before. You can’t just patch up the system to try to get it to function as it was. It has to find a different way of continuing.

I thought of the relevance of this to SourcePoint Therapy®, and to the healing process of body and mind in general. The system can’t go back to what it was before. It has to find a different way of continuing. How many of us have experienced that knowing at a crisis point in our lives? The disruption could be illness, loss, or trauma. In a way all we long for is to return to what was, but deep inside is the knowing that can’t happen, that we will never be as we were before. As we open to that and participate in the transformation our healing accelerates. Healing involves a certain degree of discontinuity, allowing the system to find a new way of being in the world.

 The disruption to the system becomes the ground for transformation and growth. In SourcePoint we emphasize the importance of maintaining the focus on health, the fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow that is the ground of our being, through strengthening our connection with what we call the BluePrint of Health for the human being, present in all of us. Connecting with this Blueprint does not return us to some static “perfect” state of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Rather, the information of perfect health present in the Blueprint is constantly interacting with the constant disruptions we experience. Health is not some static state to be attained or returned to but rather a constant movement of balance and imbalance, order and disorder, harmony and conflict, flow and fixation.

Laszlo goes on to equate this process to what’s happening in our world right now: we are a very complex system experiencing drastic disruption on a global scale, and the implication is we are experiencing a very necessary discontinuity with the past. We certainly can’t continue as we have, and we have not yet found the new way of continuing. I find this perspective enormously helpful in understanding my experience of day to day life right now, with all its uncertainty, acceleration; with the sense that old ways and principles no longer apply.

We are living at the heart of a profound discontinuity.

And the principles and practices of SourcePoint Therapy® have a lot to offer in such a time.  What better time to connect with that information of fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow and let it guide us into our future, in the midst of increasing chaos in the outer world?

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei. Drawing by Bob Schrei.