Here in New Mexico the autumn light is golden, sweet, and brilliantly clear. It illuminates, heightens, pierces. It leads me to reflect on the theme of working with light in the practice of energy work.

Mostly in SourcePoint we work with energy and information, with points and structures. However, when we visualize the points and structures, almost always we work with golden light; we imagine gold points and lines. People, of course, are free to work with whatever colors of light they choose, and often people will see different colors when working with the points. However, over and over, we work with gold: the golden rectangle points, gold points in the chakras, the golden line, the golden egg.

Golden light reminds us of the light of the sun. It enhances and nourishes the life force. Think of it metaphorically, remembering the imagination is a useful avenue to understanding the world of energy. The sun awakens the life inherent in the seed planted deep in the earth. The seed grows toward the light. In working with golden light we awaken the potential for healing, that in us that is oriented to the light, to that information of health which causes us to grow in a balanced way, and equilibrates us when we are out of balance.

©2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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  1. Duffy Allen says:

    Here’s a question for you: I’m encountering a lot of inflammation in my own healing as well as in a few clients. I’ve been working with the rectangle points, hoping that would help. Do you have other suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Donna Thomson says:

    Very good question. The guardian points come immediately to mind. They are good for almost everything and last winter I did them for myself every day for a period of time, and not only did I not come down with flu or cold for the first time in years I noticed a diminishing of aches and joint pain. One person anecdotal evidence, but that’s my experience. At one time we were recommending a less frequent use of the guardian points but with experience it seems they are fine to use more frequently, and that regular use is helpful. Often inflammation and stress are related and so the navel point would also address that.

  3. Duffy Allen says:

    Thanks, Donna. Yes, cold and flu season is here, and now that I’m exposed to kids (my own and others) every day, I’m working those guardian points a lot. Easier said than done with a wiggly baby, though. Good health to all of us!

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