Showing Clients the Points

Here’s a good question that arises in a lot of different forms.

“What specific SourcePoint Therapy protocols do we have permission to teach our patients and, if OK, do you have any caveats and/or recommendations for how to do this, for example, can we copy your handouts, etc? I have clients who could benefit by doing certain SourcePoint protocols on a daily basis. I have shown some people how to do the Diamond Points and wonder if it is ok to teach a partner in a couple how to do the stick figure and sacral protocols and guardian points?”

It’s our intention for SourcePoint to be simple enough for practitioners to share with their clients, especially the material in Module One. By all means share the Diamond Points and Navel Point with any interested patient. We ask that you tell them where it comes from and encourage them to read about the principles of SourcePoint Therapy on the blog and in the introductory articles on the website, in addition to introducing them to those principles briefly as you show them how to do the points. The most important “points” about the Points are the concept of the Blueprint and the fundamental prinicples of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The “SourcePoint Audio Meditation” on the blog is good for clients who want to work with the points themselves. The manuals are meant for workshop participants. We’d prefer you referred people to the website and blog for background information.

With both the Guardian Points and the Stick Figure, it’s best to show them to the person who needs them and let them work with these points, themselves. The Guardian Points can be easily and effectively done on oneself. The Stick Figure is a powerful visualization tool and I’d say it will be more effective to let your clients do it for themselves rather than teach it to their partners. The Guardian Points are most easily remembered if you show them to your clients and have them practice them on themselves.

It’s good to wait a while after learning the Points before sharing them. Make sure you have worked with them and tracked their effects, especially the Guardian Points.

The Sacral Hold is taught at the workshop, and I think with that you are better off telling people that it can be very healing and supportive to have someone with whom they feel comfortable simply place their hand below the sacrum and cradle it, and let the lower back relax into it, rather than teaching the sacral hold.

In general we’d say to practitioners who want to show their clients the Points, just remember that you are sharing the process with them, not teaching them how to do it. The difference is this: people come to workshops to learn SourcePoint Therapy, and the protocols are taught in a context. There’s a particular energy field of information out of which SourcePoint Therapy arises, and a workshop is an intensive experience of entering into that field. When you practice it in your office, you are connecting with that field and so it makes sense that it works to share the points with people who have experienced that field with you. But it is a different experience than working actively with those points for two days or more in that field. People may have varying experiences working with them on their own, so if you share them, track what’s happening.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei