SourcePoint Therapy® Workshop Schedule 2018

All the following workshops are taught by both Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson, the co-founders of SourcePoint Therapy®, except where otherwise indicated. Any module may be taken together with others or separately, as long as they are done in sequence. For workshop details contact us through the contact page or by phone, 505-983-7213.

March 22-26: Advanced Intensive (Advanced Level 2),  Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 6-8: Module One, Boulder, Colorado

April 27-29: Module One, New York City, New York

May 18-20: Module One, Santa Fe, New Mexico

June 30-July 6: Module One and Two, Liverpool, England

July 15-21: Module Three, Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland

August 3-5: Module Two, Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 14-16: SourcePoint Awareness Meditation Retreat (with Donna), Santa Fe, NM

September 20-24: Advanced Training (Advanced Level One)  Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 28-30: Module Two, Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 13-19: Module Three, Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 25 -November 8: Advanced Training Level One and Module Three, Osaka, Japan

December 1-7: Module Three, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Currently only two other people, Hiroki Sato and Andrea Clusen, are certified to offer any modules of SourcePoint Therapy® basic training.

2018 Module One and Two in Europe with Andrea Clusen

Module One: January 26-28, Langenargen

Module Two: March 2-3,  Pirmasens

Module Two: March 23-25, Langenargen

2018 Module One and Two in Japan with Hiroki Sato

Module One: April 21-23, August 8-18, Osaka

Module Two: June 16-18, September 15-17

SourcePoint Therapy® Certified Instructors

Hiroki Sato has been teaching Module One and Two in Japan since 2016. Hiro completed the basic Module One, Two and Three SourcePoint training in 2009. In addition to his SourcePoint training, Hiro is also a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Rolfer, and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. He  received certification from us as a SourcePoint Therapy Instructor to teach Modules One and Two in March 2015.

Andrea Clusen, has been teaching Module One and Two in Europe since 2016. She is a Certified Advanced Rolfer who completed Module Three in 2011 and has used SourcePoint Therapy professionally since 2009. Over the past eighteen years Andrea has studied and experienced other methods of energy medicine and has assisted in numerous Rolfing® trainings. In September 2016 Andrea received her certification as a SourcePoint Therapy Instructor for Module One and Two.

See below for information on the content of the three basic modules and the Advanced Training and Advanced Intensive. 


SourcePoint Therapy® Workshop Schedule 2017

January 27-Feb.2: Module One and Two, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Bob)

February 18-20: Module One, Osaka Japan (Hiroki Sato)

February 24-26: Module One, Lindau, Germany (Andrea Clusen)

March 3-17: Module One, Two and Three, Santa Cruz, California (M1 Donna and Hiro, M2 Bob and Hiro, M3 Bob and Donna)

March 10-12: Module Two, Lindau, Germany (Andrea Clusen)

March 18-20: Module Two, Osaka, Japan (Hiro)

April 8-14: Module One and Two, Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland

April 20-26: Module Three, Lindau, Germany

May 5-7: Module One, Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 20-24: Advanced Level One, Osaka, Japan

May 27-June 2: Module Three, Osaka, Japan

July 10-16: Module One and Two, Columbus, Ohio

August 11-13: Module Two, Santa Fe, New Mexico

September 1-3: Module One, Pirmasens, Germany (Andrea)

September 15-17: Awareness Meditation Retreat, Santa Fe (Donna) Open to all, including those with no prior SourcePoint training or meditation experience. Only prerequisite is to have read “SourcePoint Therapy:Exploring the Blueprint of Health.”

September 16-22: Module One and Two, Berlin, Germany (Bob)

October 7-9: Module One, Osaka, Japan (Hiro)

October 12-16: Advanced Level One, Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 21-27: Module Three, Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 3-5: Module One, Fort Collins, Colorado

November 3-5: Module Two, Osaka, Japan (Hiro)

November 10-16: Module One and Two, Santa Cruz, CA








Bob Schrei is approved by the National Certification Board for Theraputic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. Seventeen CE hours are available for these workshops.

After completing Modules One, Two and Three, students receive a certificate of completion stating only that they have completed the three basic modules of SourcePoint Therapy training. However, SourcePoint Therapy can be utilized in one’s professional practice, or for family and friends and self-help, beginning immediately after the completion of Module One.

Module One: The Blueprint: Fundamental Principles and Practices of SourcePoint Therapy®

Introduces the theory of the Blueprint of health, teaches energy scanning techniques for locating blockages in the physical body that are obstructing the flow of information from the Blueprint, and instructs the student in the principles and use of the fundamental Source Points (the Diamond, Golden Rectangle and Navel Points). These points are located in the body’s energy field and connect the body to the Blueprint.

Module Two: The Inner Temple: Sacral Therapy, Guardians of the Body and Energetic Structures

Focuses on points located on the physical body that open, relax, and support the sacrum, as well as guardian points to activate the natural guardian energies of the body. Students learn to work with energetic structures in the body’s energy field to bring balance and order to the flow of energy in the physical body.

Module Three: Drawing Out, Releasing, and Re-Structuring: The Golden Rectangle, the Guardians and the Navel Point

Explores the advanced use of the navel point and scans for addressing blockages at the specific levels of trauma, karma and emotion. Also in-depth work with the Guardians of the body; drawing out and clearing foreign energies from the physical body. Review and integration of the information from previous modules, advanced practicum and work with integration of other modalities as needed. At the completion of this module, students receive a Certificate of Completion of basic SourcePoint training.

The Advanced Training is a five day course with a set curriuculum and specific new information for those who have completed the three basic modules. It is the prerequisite for the Advanced Intensive. An Advanced Intensive constitutes the ongoing advanced level of SourcePoint training. It is limited to 5 participants and the curriculum is co-created with participants based on their requests. For more detail, contact us.



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