Universal Language

I’m sorry the posts have been so sporadic but I’m returning to posting on a weekly basis. Many fascinating (to me and I hope to you) topics have been emerging that I will explore, along with issues and themes readers might bring up. So come back soon!

Bob and I have been in Europe for 2 weeks now, teaching with Ray McCall in Leipzig. Module One and Two are just completed, and Module 3 begins tomorrow. At the first training we had Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Italy and Germany: International SourcePoint. This is appropriate as the language of pattern and the dance of energy transcend nation and language. We all understand Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Our bodies know that language!

I’ve written before that health is about communication, and I truly felt all last week the truth that the language we speak is only one form of communication. We are always receiving messages, sending messages. I cannot put into words in any language the delight it is to be in a space with people for days where the communication is just the simple language of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. There’s a field created, drawn forth, entered into, that is so supportive, nourishing and transformative. Thanks to all the wonderful participants and Bob and Ray as the primary teachers, and to Kathrin Grobelnik for the use of her beautiful studio and her efficient organization. I’m looking forward to more participation in workshops in the future. I love being in that field. One of the participants quoted a Rumi poem I love that goes something like “Beyond the idea of right and wrong, there is a field…meet me there.” That’s where I’ve been, in that field.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei