Blueprint and Source

Here’s my comment on the question I posed on the previous post: What is the Source we connect with when we use the Source Point? Is it identical with the Blueprint? Why do we as practitioners need to reflect on this? Oversimplifying things for the sake of some brevity:
Source is the energy of all possibilities from which all phenomena arise. Life and death, healing and illness, good and bad health, are not separate from this Source. There’s a universe full of all kinds of information that arises from that Source. When we connect with the Blueprint we access specifically the information of health for the human body. We access that information of order, balance, harmony and flow that nourishes the human body and its life, health and well-being.
In using the Source Point, yes, we contact that primal life vital energy, but it is filtered through the information of the Blueprint and its ordering principle. The Blueprint directs the energy where it needs to go to be most effective.
As a practitioner of SourcePoint it is important to be clear that when you use the Source Point you are not somehow channeling or radiating the divine Source energy or light to the person you are working with. You are connecting to the Blueprint and allowing it to do its work. Your work is simply to hold the point with the intention of connecting to the Blueprint.
More soon on light and dark in healing, and a brief look at chaos, order and SourcePoint.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei