On New Years Eve Bob and I meditated for a while and then asked the greater Awareness for some words on intention for the new year. Here is what came. I’m including both the audio and the transcribed version, to listen to as you wish or read and contemplate. I recommend listening. There’s an energy that comes with the spoken word.

The topic of intention seems timely for this eve of Epiphany, the day when it is said the Sages found the Divine Child, guided by the light of the star. That guiding light resides not only in the heavens but in ourselves, and that is the theme of these reflections/meditations.

Intention is not a matter of will. Deep intention is an energy you align with, not something you decide to do with your ego mind. You are born with your intention imprinted in your cells. There is no division between body and soul. The body is the expression of the soul and when aligned with its true nature, carries out the intention of the soul.

When we sit quietly, breathing, letting the mind settle and free itself from discursive thought, then there is space for that intention to work in you and through you. You connect with your intention. You do not set intention; you enter into it: you connect with it. It is already there, waiting. You may not even know consciously what it is, but sitting quietly, you enter its flow, begin to move with the wave, you are in the rhythm of that deep inherent intention.

That individual deep inherent intention that is your birthright is connected to and aligned with the deep inherent intention of the universal energy, the earth energy, the sky energy. You are never alone in your intention when you are aligned with yourself and therefore these greater energies.

When you connect to the Blueprint through the Diamond Points, you are connecting with your own deep intention, that energy pattern in the universal energy field that bears the information of your greatest potential.

So take a moment now, sit and bring your attention to your breath. Feel the breath rise and fall. Be aware of the inhalation and exhalation. Experience the rhythm of your own unique being. Imagine the Diamond Points around you. The Source Point to your right, at the level of the navel, about 18 inches out from the body, a tiny golden seed of light. The Grounding Point below your feet, the Activation Point to your left side, and the Transformation Point above the head, and back to Source. As you bring your attention to each point, you connect with your deep intention, and it connects with you.

At this time of long nights, the winter dark, it is possible to enter into deep silence and experience the rhythm of your being communicating with you, nourishing you. It is possible to enter into your own deep intention. Intention is an energy. It is energy-information that you connect with, that you feel, that you align yourself with through inner silence and attention. Intention is a palpable presence; it is that which informs you. As you enter into it and dwell in it, goals, visions, desires, directions may emerge.

Take a moment and feel deep inside yourself: you know where you are going. Your whole being is imprinted with the knowledge of where you are going and what you are doing. Allow yourself to settle into that knowing, silently, without words, simply by feeling your breath, being aware of your breath. You know. You know.

Allow yourself to let go of needing to know in your conscious mind. Enter into the state of knowing. Rest in that wordless knowing that is your nature. The more you let go of the need to know in the usual sense, the more your inner knowing can manifest.

At this very moment, you are surrounded by intention, embraced by intention; you breathe in intention and you exhale intention. This entire universe is an expression of intention: the intention to be, to manifest, to take form, give birth. You are a part of that. You are a manifestation of divine intention.

The deepest intention can never be put into words. It is simply there: Be. Manifest. Arise. Live. Grow.

When you focus your mind you experience your entire being as focused intention.

You become a bindu, a seed point, a point from which your life flowers as a manifestation of your soul, your spirit, your essence, your deep intention.

Attention, intention. Attention, intention.

Yes, yes, yes.

When you enter into intention, you receive the blessing of Source that says:

You are never separate from me, you are always one with me. Remain aware of yourself as energy, as intention, as love, as manifestation of the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of Source.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

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  1. Mary Scott says:

    THANK YOU for this gift Donna & Bob!
    The place that this meditation brings me to feels spacious & grounded.
    I am wondering how ‘you’ chose the word ‘intention’.
    It feels akin to the term ‘higher self’; is that the ‘intention’? 😉

    I wanted to express that I feel that the word “intention” is a word that describes more of a mental process of creating & not as much an intuitive, organic experience that is closer than ones own skin. I looked up the definition of intention: “an aim or plan”. I remember speaking with each of you over the years & speaking about ‘a master blueprint’ or ‘akashic record’ for/of each of us which certainly could be referred to as a ‘plan’. I realized that there is a component of your work that is simply allowing oneself to let-go into the process AND also that our human words are quite limited to express the energetics of the 3rd dimension and beyond. To this end I suppose I am simply mincing words but as we all develop a vocabulary for the energy journey, I would love that the hallmark words used to guide us are as clear in purpose as possible.

    Big hug to both of you & hope to see you in Boulder in 2011 !

  2. Donna Thomson says:

    Hi Mary — The point here is quite simply that intention is not necessarily a mental process. We have come to think of that way. Intention according to my dictionary is “a plan of action,” a “design,” “an aim that guides action.” It is inseparable from action. It is the design that underlies our actions, and this isn’t something we have to “figure out.” In this meditation I’m encouraging people to experiment with experiencing intention as focused state of awareness that is the fundamental nature of our being, not a mental process. To open the door into a connection with and experience of that universal energy that is filled with its intention to manifest, to create; as we connect with that energy/information field our plans and goals and directions change and grow and take on a life and energy of their own. I like to play with words, to reflect on them and enter into them and see where they take me. I would love it if words were clear too, but… they are open to infinite interpretation…. and change according to experience. Intention is to me exactly what you describe: an intuitive, organic experience that is closer to me than my own skin. Thanks!

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