The Dreaming Goddess of Malta

The Dreaming Goddess of Malta

The New Year: time for dreaming what’s possible, time for vision that brings color to the dark night, time for music, song, story and poetry. Here’s a poem-story for you, to awaken your dreaming. Imagine a fire, and a circle around the fire. Imagine the Great Goddess comes to speak to you of dreaming. *



She comes. She comes as night, deepest night clothed in stars. She comes as midnight, the dark hour before the dawn. She comes as the hand that gently soothes, the womb that nurtures life and the arms that embrace. She comes as night, clothed in stars, She who is without end, infinite, vast. She comes as dream, vision, and rest. She comes as the darkness from which the day emerges, the dream from which the mind emerges, the vision from which the world emerges. She says:

In the depths of night I give birth to day. In the depths of darkness I give birth to light. In the depths of dream I give birth to you, to the world, to the universe.

My daughters, join me in my dream. Come now, dream with me. Together we can dream a different future for this world. Together we can dream a world of love, of peace, of conflict that is not carried into hatred and aggression but resolved through communication and understanding. We can dream a world where male and female are equal partners, where spirit and human are equal partners, where the divine intelligence and the human intelligence are inseparably united in a great cosmic flow of Being. We can dream a world where again where animal, plant and human, rock, water, air, fire, dwell in right relationship to each other.

Dream with me, my daughters. They say it is impossible, that this dream is a foolish fantasy, an imagination. Do not believe that. Dream. Envision. Imagine. Allow that dream to form your actions. I come to tell you, the dream is real. It is as real as your daytime world, no more, no less. The dream does not have to become a reality: it is a reality! The dream simply has to move from one world to another. You are the gateway through which the dream enters this world.

This dream I ask you to share is the dream of all eternity, all time, and all that is beyond time. As you dream, you join your sisters who also dream. Together we dream. And because day is night in another part of the world, someone is always dreaming.

Somewhere always, there is a woman dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

*From The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today’s World by Donna Thomson (c) 2005

Note: in the Gnostic tradition the word “daughter” refers to the human soul in search of its home. So this is addressed to all. I wrote this book several years ago; the messages came to me in meditation. This one of the dream is one of my favorites, so … Happy New Year!

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei