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The stars invite us to explore greater dimensions of consciousness and energy. When we look at the night sky we feel the wonder of the cosmos, our connection to a Mystery beyond our ordinary comprehension. The North Star guides us, orients us in our earthly existence. Stars traditionally are portents and signs. An eight-pointed star was the symbol of the ancient goddess Inanna. A star guided the Kings to the manger in Bethlehem. And so on, through myth and history, day and night, we find the presence of the Star.

In SourcePoint one of the energy patterns we work with is the eight-pointed star. It is the configuration that is formed by the Diamond Points combined with the Golden Rectangle Points. Draw a line connecting the Transformation Point to the Grounding Point, and then from the Source Point to the Activation point. You have a cross. Then connect the Golden Rectangle Point at the top left to the bottom right, and vice versa. You have the eight-pointed star.

This is a powerful configuration to work with in meditation or visualization. When Bob is working with a client and asking for the information of the Blueprint to come in, he visualizes the eight-pointed star as shown above. It’s a simplified version of the more complex structure of all the points, the oval and the rectangle and diamond, also shown above. The Star manifests the perfect Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the Blueprint as well as the radiant life force energy of Source.

Please understand that these structures are not “symbols” as we tend to think of symbols. The energy patterns that we work with, which manifest the information of the Blueprint into this dimension, are living realities that underlie and permeate our visible reality. In modern life these archetypal forces have lost their charge. They’ve become “symbols” or metaphors. With SourcePoint Therapy® we are recharging that connection to what is now thought of as “symbolic” or “mythological,” to realms of experience and information and energy that are every bit as alive and active and powerful as our every day reality.

So the Star we “imagine” or meditate with is not a symbol. It’s a doorway, a portal, a bridge, from one dimension to another. When you wish to journey in consciousness, to move from one frequency to another, the star guides you and opens the gate. From the earth, you can see the stars. The Star is a direct energetic connection between heaven and earth.

You can also use the visualization of the eight-pointed star as the “third point.” This is the meditation we work with that helps in “getting out of the way.” Instead of connecting to another person directly one to one, imagine the energy connection between you from your heart upward to a third point that represents a greater light, a greater consciousness, the Blueprint, and then down to the other person’s heart. You are still connected, but you are intending and experiencing that your connection to that person is through the innate perfection of both your beings. You meet in that field of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. This can be helpful in working with clients, but also in any relationship.

Some time ago I posted the image above with the simple heading “SourcePoint Therapy ® Explained,” and no further explanation. Here’s the explanation! In these images we see the “creation story” from a SourcePoint perspective. We begin with the single point, the bindu, from which all form arises. All energy and information necessary to give rise to and sustain life are contained in that single point. From the point emerges the line, first as the cross and then the star. The vertical-horizontal axes are the ground from which all other form emerges. The star radiates from that grid. It is incarnation, the light and energy of Source, grounded in the container of point and line, manifesting into the Blueprint, that particular pattern containing the specific information and pattern of the human body. The Spiral is the activity of all these forms and patterns manifesting into life, the vital life force energy grounded and directed by the Blueprint, the generative creative energy manifest through Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.

The image above also speaks about the phases of SourcePoint trainings. I’ll be talking about SourcePoint trainings, especially the advanced intensives, in my next post. And soon: an audio meditation with the eight-pointed star!

For now: the energetic structure of the Star emerges at the point of incarnation into form. It’s a powerful image for supporting intention. May the light of the Star – which is no other than the light within you – guide you always home. Happy 2012 🙂

©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei