Holding the Points


One question that keeps recurring is, “How long do I hold the points?” Here’s what Bob has to say about this:

Like any other discipline this is a learned skill that takes time and awareness. Practice!

Here are some general guidelines that apply whether we are talking about the Guardian Points, the Diamond Points, the Navel Point, or the Golden Rectangle Points. In the workshops I emphasize that holding the points is also a process of learning to listen and sense. In holding the points we are learning to listen to two primary activities: the activity of the point and the activity of the body.

In holding the points, our first attention is listening to the activity of the point. The image that I use a great deal is that of a tractor beam (for you Star Wars fans). There is a palpable sense of when the point releases you.

In my experience, holding a point may vary from 2 seconds to 5 minutes, with an average of 1 to 2 minutes a point. In Module 3 we work with holding the Source point for a much longer period of time, but that is an exception.

Remember that less can be more. Just because you are holding point for a longer time does not mean that it will be more effective. “Less is more” is an important principle in energy medicine. In the energetic domain, time is functioning quite differently than our normal linear clock time.

The second level of listening or awareness is that of the body. While a point may release you, the body may request or require additional time for the information to penetrate the density of the body. Under certain circumstances it may require extra time for the body to recognize that the activity of the points has been re-established and that the information of the blueprint is available once again.

See if you can begin to distinguish between the two. You can ask yourself, am I sensing the activity of the point or of the body? Generally, these are the same, and you are unlikely to go wrong by simply listening to the activity of the point.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei