Meditation can strengthen your immune system.

So in this time, as we approach the solstice, the return of the light, why not meditate with the transformative light, energy and information of the mandala realm? Why not invoke the guardian energies of light to help you stay healthy through the winter season?

In this meditation you invoke Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, the fundamental information from which all life arises, the foundation of health that we refer to as the blueprint. Your mind and body can experience a direct connection to that information of the blueprint, or, we could say, to those guardian energies of mandala realm.

Take a moment now, after you have read this, to close your eyes and imagine in front of you, in a field of white light, a golden circle, a golden triangle and a golden square.

If you visualize easily you can actually see these figures. If you don’t, you can simply sense them, or tell yourself that they are there. Let the mind dwell on each form: the circle, the triangle, and the square. Imagine the square as order, the triangle as balance and the circle as harmony. Repeat the words, order, balance, and harmony to yourself.

After spending a few moments with these images, allow them to dissolve away into golden light. They become fluid, flowing golden light that flows around you and into you, surrounds you and permeates you. Repeat to yourself the word flow. You can feel that flow fill your body. This is the light and warmth of life, the vital life force. It is the light of the sun. It supports, strengthens and nourishes you. Perhaps the particular figure becomes a wave, or a spiral. Allow that wave to flow over you and into you. Breathe it in, feel the energy of it. The order of the universe, of health, is not some fixed and static state. It is a flow coalescing into form, moving through and in form.

Body and spirit are not two; body and mind are not two. What is called mind is in every cell of the body. That is why imagination, visualization and thought are so powerful in activating the body’s self-healing capacity. Right now at this very moment, even before you close your eyes and try this meditation, even as you read the words, that light is active.

You can experiment with imagining these figures in front of you, appearing in a field of light. You can imagine them around you, drawn in the ground. You can play with them and make them three-dimensional. Combined, they create cones and pyramids, cubes and spheres, and many other multi-dimensional structures. The golden circle, triangle, and square are doorways to the mandala realm with its healing light, energy and information. These geometric forms with their inherent order and balance are representations of ordering energies that are tied to no one culture, time or place. They are universal forms that reflect universal principles.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

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  1. Soken says:

    Hi Donna,

    I have a question about the guardian points: When holding them for a client, how do I know when to disengage. I have my way of doing it, but I wonder if you have anything to add.



  2. Donna says:

    Hi Soken…Interesting you should ask! Yesterday morning after reading an article about homeopathy and reflecting on the idea “less is more” I said to Bob that perhaps we should make our next post about how long to hold the points, and, in the flow, here’s your question. I’ll be posting in more detail next week about this. Bob says, listen to the body. There’s not a formula. For me. it’s, feel the point. It lets you go when it’s finished. I’d like to hear what you’ve discovered.

  3. Soken says:

    Hi Donna,

    I kind of do both depending on what’s happening with the person. If the points are more clear I go with the points. If the body is more clear I go with body. I had a fantastic session yesterday with a 1 year old. He was an active guy, so I was following him around the room, holding points as he walked, but he responded fabulously. It was visible to the mother as well. He had come in with a kind of restless, anxious energy and left happy to just sit in his mom’s lap, sweet and baby-like again. I think that these kids are up against some really intense fissures in the earth’s energy field and I am really happy to be offer something to help. The stick figure and naval point were especially helpful in this case. Interestingly he really resisted the guardian points around the temple and wings of the sphenoid. I often find that one set of the guardian points lights up more than the others, depending on the person. Thanks for the response. Best, Soken

  4. Donna says:

    Hello, Soken: Bob just posted a response to the question which is pretty much what you just said! That’s really interesting about your experience with the one year old. I think there’s so much potential for SourcePoint with children and babies and its definitely something I want to explore more. I think the navel point is gentle but powerful for them, especially babies after birth. I can imagine the navel point would be very calming because it is reconnection. It’s like their bodies recognize instantly that connection and it would be familiar and reassuring. The stick figure is interesting to think about with babies, helping to strengthen that central organizing principle or line as a child grows would seem to me to be very helpful! And, yes, I notice when I do the guardian points for myself there are different ones that I want to dwell on at different times. There are no formulas, only continual awareness of what’s happening….Thanks! Donna (Also on the topic of babies, there’s a new comment on the Pregnanacy and SourcePoint post from a midwife who is using SourcePoint with newborns that you might find interesting)

  5. Marianne says:

    I just bought a Mandala coloring book Something to do when I’m too tired to read but not sleepy. Now I’ll have a different point of view when coloring.. Marianne

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