In a complex world, simplicity has great power. This is one of our themes in SourcePoint. However, as most of us know, in a complex world, simplicity can also be complicated.

The Buddha elucidated many habitual tendencies of the mind. One is the tendency toward proliferation. One thought leads to another leads to another. As human beings we always want to improve on things, to understand things better, to build a better mousetrap, or a better anything. The creativity of the mind is awesome. However, that tendency of the mind to proliferate and elaborate has created big trouble for us humans and our existence here on earth. Anyone who has ever meditated for even a few minutes knows how powerful that tendency is. Simplicity of mind is a huge challenge.

We are experiencing the challenge of keeping SourcePoint simple. There are the basic points, a few other basic protocols, and really that’s all that necessary. Probably the Source Point alone is all that’s ultimately needed. Probably our minds alone are all that’s really needed. But we’re not there yet as practitioners or clients, or in our desire to heal ourselves. We need help to enter into the stream of universal energy, we need help to open up and receive the energy and information that surround us at every moment. We need help to live in the Flow of Order, Balance and Harmony that is manifesting around us and in us all the time.

So as we continue to practice and teach SourcePoint, more information continues to emerge. Some of this information emerges in response to people’s questions and experiences with the basic three training modules. We are in the process of creating advanced modules to share our continuing explorations with those who have attended the basic three modules. Some of these will be in place by 2011. Always, we keep the word simplicity in our hearts and minds. We work with the question: How do we respond to the need for more information and exploration without falling into the trap of elaboration?

Working with the intention of simplicity is powerful. When meditating with the Diamond Points, or working with the Guardian Points, or scanning for the blockage, go into it with the underlying intention of simplicity. Just the phrase, “Keep it simple,” is a useful reminder. Watch the mind’s tendency to complicate things, to analyze, project, judge, opinionate, manipulate, control, and, above all, know ”“ how things are supposed to be and what is supposed to happen. Letting the information of the Blueprint do its work is much easier said than done.

Recently Bob and I had dinner with a good friend who is a gourmet cook. We were talking about the trend toward elaboration in trendy restaurants, increasingly exotic and actually kind of weird combinations that can arise from a chef’s almost painful determination to be innovative. Our friend had just returned from France, where she goes frequently, and she talked about the simplicity of really, really good French cooking, describing her delight at the “perfect boiled potato” she had at dinner one night. I asked her to describe its perfection and she found it difficult to put it into words. It was just perfect in its simplicity and “potato-ness.”

I’ve been reflecting on this potato as a lovely and tangible metaphor for a session of energy work. It takes what we do out of the realm of the esoteric into everyday life, which is where energy medicine belongs. In our energy work, in any given session, when is the potato perfectly boiled? When is it enough? Is more needed? Can we be content with a very little butter and salt, or will we end up adding more ingredients and spices that will mask the flavor and the essence of the potato? Will we throw in a lot of our own ideas and opinions and questions and doubts? Do we feel the need to innovate, to do “something new?” Will we elaborate and complicate?

Can we appreciate simplicity, and let it be? Or are we, in our culture of today, so geared to elaboration that we can’t leave well enough alone?

©2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei


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  1. elizabeth sullivan says:

    Peter and I just had a similar discussion around food last night, and your above discussion holds close to my internal debate about SP and Pregnancy and the stages we as humans map out for western medicine verses keeping it simple. Helpful blog as I debated before sending you my last email about pregnancy and SP…so we enter simplicity and see what emerges in terms of what we “need” to know to work with pregnancy.
    As for our dinner discussion last night, I came home to sauteed shrimp and hash browns instead of simple noodles…Peter told me think of it as some chef’s strive for “an unlikely pairing!” Alas.

  2. Donna Thomson says:

    Yes, keep it simple is such a basic ground — well, let’s not say rule. Guideline. Principle. The power of SourcePoint Therapy lies in the connection to the Blueprint. The basic premise is, that information knows what to do and when and where to do it. We allow it to work.
    At the material level, there are many complex decisions to be made in the course of a pregnancy and birth. I think simply connecting with the fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow helps to guide us through those complex decisions of life. The natural order can come up with some “unlikely pairings” too — but, yeah, I’m not sure about shrimp and hash browns 🙂

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