SourcePoint or SourcePoint Therapy?

Here’s a question we just received (posted in the comments to the “Questions” post) that comes up frequently: You talk sometimes about SourcePoint rather than SourcePoint Therapy. What’s the difference?

The basic answer is simple: we talk about it so often and are so used to it that we just use the term “SourcePoint” interchangeably with “SourcePoint Therapy.” It’s just an abbreviation. With either term we are talking about work done according to the SourcePoint (or SourcePoint Therapy) principles, the SourcePoint Therapy approach to energy medicine.

However, if we examine the use of the word “therapy” as we are using it, we see that we are not using it in its technical meaning of “treatment of disease.” We don’t treat or claim to cure physical symptoms or disease. We recommend always that people seek help at the physical level from appropriate healthcare providers for their physical symptoms. We focus on supporting the inherent health of the body through connecting at the energy level to the Blueprint of health for the human being, assisting the natural order, balance, harmony and flow of the body. So why the word “therapy?” Because it implies a specific set of procedures, and SourcePoint does work with very specific and precise methods. With our work, these methods are not methods of treating disease, they are methods of supporting and maintaining health at an energetic level. But there is a method, there are specific ways of working with energy that constitute SourcePoint Therapy and differentiate it from other energy therapies.

As I think about this more, I begin to realize that there is also a “SourcePoint” approach to life that is not only about these methods, but how I align myself from day to day with those fundamental energies of order, balance, harmony and flow. SourcePoint, for me personally, in my day to day life, can move beyond the methods we practice. It’s not only about a series of techniques that are useful in many situations, but about my understanding of the nature of self, universe, and healing. The SourcePoint principles are providing me with useful guidelines in many life situations.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei