SourcePoint Therapy® 2013 Workshop Schedule


For more details and registration information contact Donna Thomson

505-983-7213 or through the contact page

Our 2013 schedule is not complete. Currently scheduled:

January 14- February 5: Module One-Three and Advanced Intensive, Sao Paolo, Brazil

February 21-27: Module One and Two, New School for Structural Integration, Laguna Beach, California

March 8-10: Module One, Santa Fe, New Mexico

March 22-24: Module One, New York City

April 5-11: Module One and Two, Osaka, Japan

May 6-12: Module One and Two, Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado

May 18-20: Module Two, Santa Fe

May 31-June 5: Module Three, New School for Structural Integration, Laguna Beach

June 20-24: Advanced Intensive, Santa Fe

June 28-30: Module One, Esalen, Big Sur, California

July 20-26: Module Three, Santa Fe

August 8-12: Advanced Intensive, Santa Fe

September 6-11: Module One and Two, Leipzig, Germany

October 5-9: Advanced Intensive, New School for Structural Integration, Laguna Beach

October 26-November 1: Module Three, Santa Fe