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SourcePoint and The Horse

Source Point Trooper 15Bob holds the Sacral Point for Trooper, who hangs out with James Cassese at Equine Energetix

The exploration of SourcePoint Therapy for horses continues. For those of you who have been following this, I’m happy to offer some further information about the Diamond Points and the Sacral Point in relation to horses. Also there is new information about the Heart Point that I had seen when originally looking at the question of how to use SourcePoint for horses, and also about using the eight-pointed star when working with horses. Much of this information emerged in an Awareness session with Monica McKenzie, a SourcePoint student and practitioner who works regularly with horses. She had also discovered this Heart point in her own explorations, and together we were able to refine our understanding of the function of this point. Here is a summary of what has emerged recently. I speak about “the horse” in its archetypal sense, the spirit of the horse, which emerges in all individual horses. It also means each individual horse you might encounter and work with.

The Eight-Pointed Star: In SourcePoint Therapy we use this energetic structure as a “placeholder” for the Blueprint, another way to connect with it. It is a useful configuration for visualization. It can serve as the “third point” in the therapeutic triad, a focus for the practitioner’s attention, to help maintain the focus on the Blueprint. It seems the horse has a strong connection with this pattern. Indeed, often horses have a kind of “star” on their foreheads. In the horse, this pattern relates to their third-eye chakra, which is very strong. Horses receive a lot of information through this chakra. From the SourcePoint perspective, it seems to be a large area extending in a column from between the eyes upward into the forehead and opening out at what I believe is called the forelock, the top of the forehead. People can facilitate their communication with the horse by following this practice:

Imagine an eight-pointed star in your own third-eye chakra. Then imagine a ray of light going up to an eight-pointed star above you, between you and the horse. Another ray of light goes down to the third-eye chakra of the horse, where you also visualize or imagine an eight-pointed star.

This approach not only facilitates communication with the horse, it can help people open their third-eye chakras. Because that center is so strong in the horse, if you spend time simply being with the horse, with no intention other than to open your third-eye and develop your capacity to sense and feel, this visualization can help you to open your own intuitive ability.

The Heart Point: This point is on a plane with the Source, Grounding and Activation Points, directly in front of the horse’s chest and the area of the heart. Its function is not to connect to the Blueprint, but rather to establish the human-horse connection. Horses have a strong attraction to humans, but at the same time many have been wounded in their relationship to humans. This point re-establishes trust and opens the way for further work. It is the entry point for horses.

The Sacral Point: In both humans and horses, the sacrum holds ancestral and evolutionary memory. The Sacral Point is important in treating horses; it calms, soothes and relaxes the nervous system and helps the horse receive whatever work you are giving.

The Diamond Points and the Blueprint: There has been much discussion about the location of the Diamond Points in the horse. We encourage people to continue to work with them and to see what your experience is, and to share that with us. We see that the Source and Activation point are located in relation to the navel. They are at the mid-line of the horse’s trunk, so therefore perhaps a little above the navel, but directly out from the navel. The Grounding Point is out from rear of the horse on the same plane as these two points. The “Diamond” tilts upward around the shoulder area, and the Transformation Point is located out in front from third-eye area of the horse’s head, from the forehead to the top of the forehead (not the crown). The Transformation Point may be held from the front with the hand vertical and slightly cupped, pointing straight up in front of the horse’s head.

With the horse, it isn’t necessary to hold the points for very long, especially the Transformation Point. If the horse shies away when you are holding this point, it simply means that a second may literally be enough since horses are so sensitive in this third-eye area. Horses are naturally connected to the Blueprint. When you treat people, you are reminding their whole system of its connection to the Blueprint that has been forgotten and weakened. Unless a horse has been abused, you are simply acknowledging the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow in which the horse dwells. You are attuning yourself to the field the horse knows well, and this is experienced by the horse as a great relief, as it is usually having to attune itself to the human.

In general here is one possible SourcePoint Therapy protocol for horses:

The eight-pointed star practice to facilitate communication

The Heart Point to establish connection and trust.

The Sacral Point to calm, soothe and relax.

The Diamond Points to connect to the Blueprint.

(Whatever other work you may wish to do)

Close with the Sacral Point.

All this is offered in the spirit of exploration and possibility. It’s the process by which SourcePoint continues to evolve. We encourage people to work with what’s here. See what works and doesn’t work. See what emerges for you. Share your experience, and we’ll keep learning.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012