The Crescent Moon is a wonderful and simple meditative practice that radiates support and grounds the energy of an individual in the earth plane.

The Crescent Moon may be helpful as an energetic support for an expectant mother as it brings a strong connection to the archetype or blueprint of the Mother. The Great Mother in many traditions is often shown with the crescent moon under her feet, or on her head. The waxing crescent moon is considered the symbol of the transition from Maiden to Mother. The crescent moon strengthens and supports the power of the Mother, in the universal sense and in the individual. When it is held beneath the feet, it represents the connection of heaven and earth, the bringing together the dimensions of subtle form where we find the blueprint, and the material dimension.

An expectant mother may find this a pleasant and nourishing meditation. Just lie or sit quietly and be aware of the rhythm of your breath. Cup your hands gently around your womb, in the pelvic area. This in essence forms the configuration of the crescent moon. Feel your hands on your womb, cradling the baby within you, nurturing yourself, and know that as you hold yourself and the child this way, you are connecting with the nourishing light, energy and information of the crescent moon, the archetype (blueprint, mandala) of the Mother. You are one with the Great Mother, that power of the feminine that gives birth to and nurtures life.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei