This week I’d just like to tell you a simple story. You could consider it a bedtime story if you also listen to the track above while reading 🙂 I found the story in F. David Peat’s book, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. He attributes the story to Richard Wilhelm, the original translator of the I Ching.

A certain village in China, at a certain time, was experiencing a drought and when no rain had come for a long time, they called in a rainmaker. When the rainmaker appeared, however, he immediately retired to the small hut that had been given him for accommodation, and remained there. He performed no ceremonies. After a while it began to rain.

According to the old man, he did nothing to cause the rain to fall. Arriving in the village he had perceived that a state of disharmony was present, and the natural Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow (my words”¦) were not operating. He was affected by this and “retired to compose himself. When his internal harmony was restored and equilibrium established the rain fell.”

The resonance here with SourcePoint Therapy: the old man didn’t cause the rain to fall. He didn’t even attempt to “restore” harmony to the environment. There was no magic involved, no manipulation of forces. I imagine in his own way, the rainmaker simply aligned himself with that fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. And it began to rain.

So, as we align with and connect to the Blueprint, the fundamental information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow, through the use of the Diamond Points and the other points, we aren’t doing anything. We aren’t “causing” healing to occur. We aren’t channeling energy or manipulating anything. We’re opening ourselves to being restored to our natural balance in the presence of our natural balance.

Peat views this story as an example of synchronicity, an “acausal connection with the environment.” Certainly there’s no linear cause and effect in the way we view it. We can’t say: Well, yes, but could he make it rain every time, because he wasn’t “making” it rain. It’s the wrong question, and it’s the one science is always asking in relation to phenomena it doesn’t understand. Western science, up to now, anyway, has placed a great value on predictability. The universe that we perceive operating in synchronicities, dreams, and our energy work isn’t predictable in the narrow sense of the word; it isn’t linear, and the web of cause and effect is so complex and wondrous it seems to me almost impossible to quantify and describe.

So I like the simplicity of the rainmaker. He sensed disharmony and “retired to compose himself.” Our world today needs people who can find a state of internal harmony, and help others to do so. I am sure that everyone reading this has that aspiration. May we all support each other in that process.

©2011 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei