Your Own Reason and Experience


People sometimes have questions about the points: what do I do when? Do I always do the Diamond Points first, or do I do them last? Do I have to do the Diamond Points when I do the Guardian Points? Or the Golden Rectangle Points? Or the Navel Points? What are the basic SourcePoint Therapy protocols and what sequence do I follow with using the points?

In one of my favorite stories of the Buddha, he says to his gathered disciples: “Take nothing I say on faith alone. Put everything to the test of your own reason and experience.” I have always loved it that the Buddha trusted me, personally, to use my own wisdom, understanding and experience of life to examine his teachings for myself and integrate them into my life. It’s both a blessing and a profound challenge from him.

The same principle applies to the practice of energy work. In SourcePoint, there really aren’t set formulas. There are specific methods, but there are many ways of integrating and combining them. There are guidelines and possibilities. In Module One, Bob teaches this basic sequence: Diamond Points, Golden Rectangle Points, Navel Point. You can always do that sequence. It’s a good one. You could also do the Navel Point first, and then the others.

The Diamond Points are the foundation. You can always just do them. You don’t have to scan, but you will find your use of the points much more effective if you do. The Navel Point can be used all by itself, either on clients or on oneself. You can try using the Golden Rectangle Points all by themselves, and you will probably experience that they just naturally want to be done in the context of the Diamond Points. The Diamond Points provide a container for all the other work. What we are providing is a set of tools; each one is potentially complete in itself, but in interaction with each other, they are going to be more effective.

SourcePoint Therapy is not treating symptoms. Its focus is not the individual symptom; it’s the connection to the Blueprint. Therefore there are never going to be set specific protocols for different specific conditions.

We are very open to questions. The more the better. If you have any specific questions or doubts at all about what you are doing with the points or what someone is experiencing in the work, or what you are experiencing, please let us know.

Dr. Bach, who discovered, created and shared the Bach Flower Remedies, was asked how he knew what the particular energies of the different flowers were. He replied something to this effect: “The flowers told me.” If we’re aware, tuned in and letting go of our preconditions and judgments, the points will tell us what to do. It sounds too simple to be true, but it’s so. In order to trust the points to do what they need to do, you also have to trust yourself and your own experience and perception.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

The practice of energy medicine is an ongoing practice of the balance of reason and faith, knowledge and intuition, skill and surrender.