No matter what teachings I receive or what practices I follow, the question for me is always: how do I integrate this into my daily life? How does this become a part of who I am, not just something I experience while meditating or working with a client or in a workshop or retreat?

So, how can the principles and practices of SourcePoint be applied in everyday life? You can practice it by using it in your work with clients, family or friends. You can visualize the points to experience connection to Source. But how does it help in those every day situations of stress and conflict we all experience?

Look at things from the perspective of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. Take time to question: what does this situation need to bring a greater balance to it, a greater flow? An answer may immediately appear. More likely, you will just hold the question in your mind and let it guide you. Once you have asked that question, your deep intention becomes to act in alignment with that fundamental flow, and that will have its effect. The question itself opens a door into insights, into awareness. To be able to stop and ask the question in the midst of a conflict is a moment of detachment, of awareness.

In any given situation, you can ask yourself: how do I stay connected to Source in this particular situation? How do I ground myself? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I activate that information of Source in this situation? No matter what the circumstance, you can take a moment to visualize the Diamond Points around yourself. Ask yourself: what point does this situation need the most? Is it connection, or grounding, or activation? Any difficult situation wants transformation, that’s a given, but which of the other three points do you need to dwell on, spend some time with, in order to bring that transformation? As you visualize the Diamond Points for yourself you bring that energy into the room, into the situation. Human health isn’t just a matter of individual health: it’s the health of a relationship, a community. As you visualize the points for yourself you remind yourself of a simple fact: change begins with you, not with what the other(s) may or may not do.

The activation point is very helpful in a common pattern: when we know what we should do, or want to do, or have learned we need to do, but we stay stuck in acting according to the same old patterns. The information required for transformation is there, but it still isn’t activated. In these instances you might find yourself moving quickly through the source point, pausing a little longer at the grounding point, and spending a long time with the activation point before moving onto the transformation point. This can be done in meditating with the points for yourself or doing them for someone else.

Source, Grounding, Activation, Transformation: these points are not abstract concepts. Every day I feel them creating an energetic structure that supports me in so many different situations: the loom upon which I weave the patterns of my life.

© 2010 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei