Winter Solstice Meditation (audio)

Jung, Mandala, and SourcePoint

From TheRed Book by C.G. Jung “Only when I began to paint the mandalas did I see that all the paths I took, all the steps I made, all led back to the one point, that is, to the centre. The mandala became the expression of all paths.” C.G. Jung From 1913 to 1930 Jung […]

The Blueprint by Any Other Name….

There is always discussion among practitioners about the meaning of the word “Blueprint” in SourcePoint Therapy. Recently I was involved in helping to find the right word for Blueprint in Portuguese, as Bob and Ray will be teaching in Brazil in June. The literal translation was “photograph of a house” and that obviously wasn’t going […]


Join us in the coming weeks for further discussion of the Blueprint and the Mandala Realm.


Ancient Alchemical Symbols The Blueprint can be understood as an archetype, a universal symbol, a pattern in the collective unconscious that holds the specific information of health for the human body. The archetype is the original model. Specific archeytpes contain specific information. The Blueprint could be said to be the archetype of the original human, […]