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In SourcePoint Therapy® we work with a scan of the body to locate blockages that are impeding the free flow of information from the energetic Blueprint of health. Recently a question arose, along these lines: “When I use the scan with clients, why am I consistently finding a blockage in the same location on the body in many different clients?”

Here is Bob’s response to that question:

I would like to share a little history here. Some of you may remember that I say in class that I simply made a choice at some point to scan everyone that came into my practice for two years before I felt comfortable and accurate with what I was perceiving. So remember, you are learning a skill that takes time, just like learning to play the piano or a new language takes time. There is the “10,000 hypothesis” which says it simply takes 10,000 hours of practice to learn anything well, be it running, tennis, an instrument or a language. Your particular chosen discipline–be it Rolfing, Acupuncture, or SourcePoint– is no different. Time and dedication and discipline are necessary. The great jazz pianist Keith Jarrett still practices every day, basic simple scales and basic structured practice. Personally I have been engaged in some form of dowsing, which the scans are, for 40 years. I feel that it has taken at least 30 of those years to get to a place where I feel that I am relatively accurate 85% of the time.

One of the things that I observed in my early years, in myself and in others, was that one’s current interests definitely influence the results. When I was interested in chakras, I found all causative factors at that level; when I was interested in homeopathy I found that that was usually the most appropriate treatment, etc. etc. etc. So it is important that you take the time to clear yourself of all preconceived notions.

Sit quietly for a couple of minutes with your client before doing anything. Develop a way that you can check with your own self whether or not you are clear enough to scan accurately; you will get an inner sense of what that feels like. Withdraw projections, and have a very clear and accurate inquiry in mind. In SourcePoint we are asking one question: Where is the primary blockage that is inhibiting the flow of information from the Blueprint?

It might help to remember that we are relating to the body as an energetic structure, a body of light, and secondarily we are holding the intention of bringing a greater level of order into the body. We are not thinking about organs, nerves, tissues, meridians, chakras, or systems of the body. I rarely find the primary blockage in an organ. But it does happen, very rarely, and similarly for the cranium.

If you notice that you are having repetitive results in your scanning there is a pretty good chance that there is something in the way you are wording the question that is not clear or that there are things in your own being that are influencing the results. When I say in class that I have noticed that a lot of blockages and entry points seem to be in the extremities, I do not mean that I see that in client after client on a repetitive basis. I mean that looking back over a dozen years of working this way, that there is a high proportion of scans that have exhibited this, not that client after clients had the same scan results. I have also said in class that I felt that it took me 25 years of exposure to cranial work before I was able to do a good cranial session. It just takes time and practice for a lot of these skills. If you are attempting to learn many skills at once, the need for time and practice levels increases.

In the end, if you are interested in energy work, it is a process of constantly working on and looking at yourself. The great osteopath, A.T Still, said that the human being is triune: Spirit, Body, and Mind. We need to be paying attention to all of these levels in ourselves as well as our clients. It is an exciting path and we are simply learning from each of our clients. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be taught in this way.

One final thought is just to remember that from the SourcePoint perspective we are not trying to clear blockages. We are simply bringing the information of the Blueprint to the blockage, just as we bring two hands together to pray and give thanks for our blessings. They are many.

Note: The video above also makes reference to scanning for the entry point. In this post we are referring specifically to the scan for the primary blockage.


©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

SourcePoint Therapy ® Advanced Intensives

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small 2 contemplation

The Single Point.

This one phrase describes our advanced trainings for the coming year. Look at the points on the spiral in the image above. Each one of those points is an Advanced Intensive.





All of what you learned in the basic three modules is contained in each of those points. The field of the Intensive allows you to go deeper into what you have learned. The single point expands infinitely.  As Bob and I continue to explore the Navel Point, for example, we are amazed at what emerges, at how much can come from the practice of simply holding the Navel Point with a simple question and then scanning. What you are doing doesn’t look any different from the outside, and certainly the actual holding of the point is easy to learn. What’s actually happening there, at many levels simultaneously, is complex, open to expansion, and worth exploring further.

Simplicity is the key word of SourcePoint Therapy, and simplicity is a challenge. People want to learn more, and they always want to know more. There is a difference between learning more and knowing more. The Intensives will help you to know more, to understand what it is you are already doing. You will experience more of the ongoing process of getting out of the way. We’ll work with the integration of SourcePoint into your daily life and professional practice.  And we’ll go deeper into that Awareness that is the Source from which SourcePoint arises.

Our intention in the Intensive is to support, affirm and nurture the growth of each person present, to focus on specific individual issues and questions, and to bring Awareness to your unique path. In daily Awareness sessions we’ll explore how you can develop for yourself your own way of working with the principles and practices of SourcePoint Therapy. What doors can it open for you? Where can it take you? How does it become a part of you rather than something you’ve learned?

All this is possible because we will be working in a small group. Bob and I will be both be there, and the maximum attendance in Santa Fe is eight people. That’s a lot of individual attention, and lot of support from your fellow practitioners.

Our vision is of a community of practitioners that support each other, guided by, but not dependent on, the original teachers, with a common love of exploring health, energy, and consciousness.

Those of you who have completed Module Three know that you can’t be in the field of the Blueprint without experiencing transformation. With the Intensives, we want to provide an environment where the personal transformative process continues in the context of loving, supporting community.

I can’t give a daily schedule or a list of new techniques you will go away with. I can say, there will be regular anchors and activities: Awareness sessions with time for questions, as well as demonstrations, discussions, lots of practicums with feedback, meditations, and time to process and share.  Depending on the group, here are some possibilities of what we’ll cover: further work with the Navel Point, the Third Point, and the Guardians; continued exploration of the Blueprint and how it works. How ancestral patterns and belief systems obstruct the free flow of information from the Blueprint. The mandala of the body and the energy worker as artist. We can look at issues that arise when working with energy: psychic protection, clearing space, grounding yourself, to name a few. And, we’ll take your questions ahead of time so we can integrate them. I will be in touch before the training to find out what you hope to experience, what questions you have, and what you would like to focus on.

I’m writing this in response to people who have wanted more information about these advanced training, and also for those who have not yet completed the basic modules, to invite you to continue the exploration.

I return you now to the image above, where the spiral growing from the triangle represents the path of SourcePoint training. I ask you to reflect on your own journey with SourcePoint, beginning with the three points of the first three modules, the triangle.  Feel the generative energy of the triangle, and how it gives rise to new life, continued movement. There are many points on the spiral. There isn’t a set linear curriculum for Advanced Intensives. Each one is unique. Yes, there will be some repetition of information you already “know.” And yes, you will be challenged to know more, always.

Or as Bilbo Baggins said “The Road goes ever on and on.”

Practical details. The two Intensives scheduled in Santa Fe for 2012 are full; we have a waiting list and may schedule more if there is interest. Contact us through the contact page of the website, or personal email or Facebook, for more information. The cost of the Intensive in Santa Fe is  $750 for the 5 days and we are open to making arrangements to pay in installments. The Intensives in October in Laguna Beach and in Europe in autumn of this year still have openings and are not only for Structural Integrators. Contact Information can be found on our website.

©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei