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Gravity as an Ordering Force


Ida Rolf said, “Gravity is the therapist.” Recently some Structural Integration practitioners have asked about the relationship between SourcePoint Therapy®, the Blueprint, and gravity, so here are some reflections on this topic.

Gravity is a force that defines our orientation in the material world. Structural Integration, with its emphasis its emphasis on gravity, orients people in the world of space, time, physicality, locality and structure, all elements of the material world.

Practitioners know that resistance to change in the physical body can be very strong. You can re-orient the person in gravity, but the ancestral, karmic and other conditioning forces of past experience can pull people right out of orientation again. Connecting directly to the Blueprint information through the Diamond Points helps in keeping the client oriented and shifting deep resistance.

Structural Integration and SourcePoint Therapy are a powerful combination. When the forces of the material world are in harmony, they reflect the natural Order of the Blueprint. “As above, so below.” The Blueprint is an ordering force. Gravity is an ordering force at this level of reality. Both Sourcepoint and Structural Integration seek to align with ordering forces.

In today’s world it’s easy to get stuck in the world of gravity, physicality, locality, gravity, and time, to think that’s all there is. Then you lose the connection to the world of non-physicality, non-locality, non-gravity, beyond time and space. For example, shamanic journeying assumes a realm with different characteristics than the material, not defined by gravity, time and locality. The Blueprint dimension is not limited by time, space, distance, or any of the defining characteristics of the material world. When the focus of healing work is only on gravity, physicality and locality, there is the danger of losing sight of the dimension of non-physicality and non-locality. Then you are cut off from the information that is available from that realm. It’s possible to become more of a mechanic. The Newtonian universe (with its emphasis on gravity) is often described as a mechanistic universe. The reverse is also true; many energy work practitioners get removed from this world of gravity, density, and matter. Ida Rolf was tuned into the non-duality of the energetic and material realms, and the relationship between them in terms of producing healing at the material level. This is very clear from her writings, her research, and her lectures.

I close with an excerpt from an earlier post, Ida Rolf: Structure and Spirit. In her book Rolfing and Physical Reality Dr. Rolf speaks about how you can’t, as a human being, ignore the force of gravity, or the fact that you are a physical body and not spirit only:

“Well, a spirit is in charge of the situation, but not in the way many people think. The spirit is in charge to tell the individual that he can so organize his body that he is now in line with a supporting force.”

SourcePoint Therapy is a system of energy medicine, but we know you have to take the material world and its forces into account. Change isn’t going to occur at a “spirit” level alone. But there is “spirit” and, according to Dr. Rolf, it tells the individual how to organize his (or her) body. In other words, spirit contains the information of a greater Order. This is really the perspective of SourcePoint Therapy. When we connect with the information of the Blueprint we are connecting with the information of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow that re-organizes the body so it is in alignment with that Blueprint and therefore in better alignment with the forces of the physical world such as gravity. If we make a division between energy and matter, spirit and body, we are in trouble. If we forget spirit, we aren’t going to be as effective as in our practitioners. If we ignore the realities of the physical body and material world, we aren’t going to be as effective as practitioners.

©Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2012