We are facing lots of health challenges these days unique to the modern era. It’s in the nature of life to continue, to find its way, to survive. It seems like life itself is asking us to become more conscious in the use of our energy, in our awareness of our resources, inner and outer. If it’s true what Chief Seattle said, “What we do to the web we do to ourselves,” and I believe this is true, then the reverse is also true: what we do to ourselves we do to the web. This is one of my favorite reassurances to myself because it means there’s the possibility that by paying attention to my own balance, harmony and flow I can make some contribution to the larger balance, order, harmony and flow.

One of the ways I pay attention to my own equilibrium is with the guardian points and invoking the guardians of the body. I love the guardian points. We’ve found over the years that it is possible to use them more frequently than we originally did, especially if people are using them on themselves. For me they are so helpful in strengthening and stabilizing my energy. I know this from personal experience. I do them almost every day, with just a brief touch at each point, always followed by visualizing the four points around myself with the little mantra “Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.”

If you haven’t learned the guardian points (in Module 2) there are many ways to invoke the guardians of the body. Research shows the body responds to imagery, thought and language. Imagine those guardians however you like. Maybe you tune into the myriad biochemical mechanisms that protect us daily. Maybe you visualize guardian angels, or feel yourself surrounded by rainbow light or white light.

Lie down, close your eyes, surround yourself with an egg of golden light, and place the hands cupped over the navel area, with the palm of one hand over the navel and the other on top. Invoke the guardians of the body. Say out loud “I call upon the guardians of the body to protect and strengthen this body.” Then visualize, feel or somehow connect with your imagery for the guardians. Rest and breathe in that golden egg.

At the very least when doing the guardian points or in some other way invoking the guardians of the body, I am focusing my attention on strengthening and stabilizing my energy, with the intention of supporting my health. I am involved in my own health and wellbeing in a positive way. And that’s at the very least. I personally believe that I am also connecting with and activating those energies of healing, cleansing and protection that are inherent in the body and in the larger energy field.

This isn’t instead of taking whatever steps you feel you need to at the physical level. People need to pay attention to their immune system and protecting themselves at the physical level according to their chosen medical guidance and their own research and understanding. These practices I’m talking about provide a ground, a container and a support for what you do at the every day physical level.

© 2009 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei