Healing and Love


Sketch by Bob Schrei


Dear Friends,

Due to some circumstances I’ve been experiencing, I’ve had the opportunity these last months to reflect a lot on the Blueprint. Connecting with it consciously and regularly. Feeling it at work in my life. 

Those of you who have been to workshops have heard us say the fundamental nature of the Blueprint is  – Love.

The Blueprint nourishes and sustains us, holds us always, gives rise to life, takes care of our health and well-being… that sounds a lot like what we call love. It’s also unconditional.  It’s there in each of us as our fundamental nature, what it means to be human.

We say also the breath is the messenger of the Blueprint in the body.  You can feel it. Sit quietly and become aware of your breath. You can feel how the breath loves you.  The breath is the tender touch of love, palpable. The breath vibrates with what we call love. It nourishes. It supports. It calms and soothes.

Emerging from an extended period of illness, I am aware of the heightened awareness such an experience can bring. The breath is so precious. Life is so precious. Each one of us is so precious, so unique and unrepeatable, so exquisitely who we are.

And I have a heightened awareness of how precious to me the information of the Blueprint is, as I have experienced it through the practice of SourcePoint for myself and others.  I have had the opportunity to move more deeply into the experience of its essence, simplicity, and the light it brings, to know more deeply the Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow it brings to my inner state of being in difficult circumstances, and to the dance of my life.