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hand-petroglyph-southwest_~u16552370 “Also, this brings up for me the question of how-if at all-you work to evoke/invoke the blueprint. For example, in the advanced rolfing training we talked a lot about evoking the line as both a kind of manifestation and an antanae that attracts the blueprint. Your article helps me to make sense of this thought. It seems to me that the line is a manifestation of the blueprint, and that the blueprint is sort of attracted to itself, so that where it is present it becomes more likely to be more prersent. Is that your experience? Also, are there situations or experiences where the blueprint is less likely to be present? ”

This question came in after the last post and I think the answer is of general interest.

First, I think one of the hardest things to grasp about SourcePoint Therapy is how simple it is. How to evoke or invoke the blueprint is to hold the points. It’s pretty Zen-like. The answer to a lot of things comes down to, hold the points.

There was the Zen master who, when asked the usual “what is the way” question, replied “attention, attention, attention.” Evoking the blueprint is paying attention to it. So certainly working with the line does this.

I think that greater consciousness-information field is always present, and we just have to become more present to it. That’s another way of saying what SourcePoint Therapy is about, becoming more present to the presence of order, balance, harmony, flow that is always there.

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