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Dots, Lines, and the Mandala Realm

I said I’d talk next about intention. I am not so good at sticking to announced agendas. I promise I will spiral back within the week to talk about it more fully. However, any talk about intention in SourcePoint Therapy needs to be grounded in experience of and connection with the blueprint. That information of order, balance, harmony and flow is, in its nature, focused and intent. In SourcePoint our intention is to connect with the intention that is already there! Maybe deep intention isn’t a creation of our human minds, maybe it’s alignment with the intention of the energy-information field we are connecting with through the source point. So let’s immerse ourselves a little longer in that field.

Take a look at the video we’ve posted. It’s all about how form evolves from dots and lines, and how the blueprint we talk about is not a fixed, static pattern, but one that is constantly re-forming itself from its elemental structures of dot, line, and wave, to name a few. The video is a visual metaphor for the dance of pattern/information we call the blueprint. It’s a basic premise of SourcePoint Therapy that form emerges from these energetic patterns. Sometimes this can sound abstract and impersonal. It isn’t. Those dots and lines, ribbons and waves, shapes and sounds, geometric patterns, are pulsing, living, vibrant realities. When Bob and I talk about this dimension, it’s not just words to me. I see it, feel it and dwell in it for a time. It’s as real as you, me, or the chair I’m sitting on. It is you, me and the chair I’m sitting on! We’re a part of it; it’s a part of us.

As we talk about the blueprint we enter the field of that healing energy, light and information. The more time you spend with the blueprint, feeling it, imagining it, discussing it with others, exploring the concept, playing with pattern and mandala, the more that connection to the blueprint gets established for you, and the more established it becomes, the more you feel its support. It reminds me of Indra’s Net, a metaphor used in the eastern traditions to describe the nature of consciousness and the universe. Imagine a net extending in every direction, with a mirror at every corner of the net. Every one of those mirrors at every corner is connected to and reflecting to every other mirror.

I like to think of the field of energetic pattern that contains the blueprint as the “Mandala Realm.” The root meaning of the Sanskrit word mandala is “containing the essence.” Mandalas have been used in virtually every culture for healing and meditation, ceremony and ritual. What if mandalas are not creations of the human mind, but rather reflections in the human consciousness of patterns that exist in what physicist Ervin Laszlo calls the Akashic Field?

Ceremony and ritual utilizing mandalas have traditionally been performed to maintain and restore balance, order, harmony and flow in this plane of existence by connecting to the order, balance, harmony and flow of the greater cosmos. At this juncture in human history when traditional religious and cultural forms are changing it’s important to find new ways to connect to that information of balance, order, harmony and flow. We need a deeper connection to and understanding of the blueprint and the larger field we are calling the Mandala Realm. Like Laszlo says, we have to apprehend our “informed universe” with our hearts as well as our brains and, I would add, our imaginations as well as our intellects.

(The book referenced here, which we refer to often, is “Science and the Akashic Field” by Ervin Laszlo)

©2009 Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson