Not everyone “believes” in reincarnation but I have experienced in my work with people that there are often stories we carry that, if accessed in some way, help to release deep old emotional and physical patterns. One can explain these stories in any number of ways. You can think of them as past life stories, or as stories in the collective consciousness that one has tuned into, or as metaphor and archetype, or perhaps they come from the same level of consciousness as dreams and simply have information for us. However we describe these stories, they can affect us profoundly in the present, and addressing them can remove blockages to our realizing our potential in our present life.

In SourcePoint, we don’t have to know the story. In Module 3 we learn to scan for blockages at the karmic level, and in addressing those blockages directly, we address those karmic patterns without having to access the exact story.

And yet, the stories are fascinating! Here’s a little boy whose parents didn’t even believe in reincarnation — but have changed their minds.

Yes, the source is Fox News 🙂