Dots, Lines, and the Mandala Realm

I said I’d talk next about intention. I am not so good at sticking to announced agendas. I promise I will spiral back within the week to talk about it more fully. However, any talk about intention in SourcePoint Therapy needs to be grounded in experience of and connection with the blueprint. That information of […]

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For fifteen years Bob and I have been exploring and testing the principles and practices of Sourcepoint Therapy. We now meet weekly to continue this exploration; going more deeply into the information we’ve already received, bringing up the questions that constantly arise, refining our understanding and practice. SourcePoint Therapy in its very nature can’t be […]


When we do energy work, bodywork, or any other form of work with people it is important to look at whether that work energizes and recharges us, strengthens us, or whether we feel drained by it. This is where the integration of SourcePoint Therapy into other modalities can be very helpful, because it is a […]